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Defining the Rights of a Human

Frequently, the scope of many people’s perspectives is restricted to the daily interactions they experience. The neighborhood, the state, the country in which we live consumes our attention and energy. Most of all, the personal freedom that we experience defines our expectations on the freedom that all people around the world live with. It is not always easy to understand or take action for those who live with injustice, whether through feeling inadequate, ineffective or just being ignorant of the existence of injustice. However, some people have devoted their lives to this task. The Human Rights Foundation, is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization filled with people who are devoted to extending freedom for all people around the globe. In their mission, they dedicate themselves to protecting the personal freedom of all from oppression, slavery, censorship and tyranny no matter where they live. Knowing that these injustices occur in varying degrees, on all continents around the globe, the HRF focuses their efforts on those isolated nations that remain largely forgotten by mainstream media sources. By bringing light to these examples of persecution and injustice, they prevent the perpetuation of tyranny.

The story of the Human Rights Foundation is easier to understand when you learn about the amazing story of the founder, Thor Halvorssen. Thor Halvorssen is Norwegian and Venezuelan, but his parents are active in the politics of Venezuela. This is where Thor began his quest, and gained his passion in fighting for universal Human Rights. His parents were imprisoned several times in order to be silenced by the government, however the turning point for Thor was when his mother was shot during a protest.

He began the Human Rights Foundation after this attack, in 2004. Since its inception, the Human Rights Foundation has became very active in a variety of countries around the world, writing books and article, developing briefs for the Truth Commission, creating documentaries and movies outlining injustice, and even being responsible for the release of prisoners of conscience. This promotion of tolerance, justice and freedom was born out of Thor Halvorssen’s upbringing and personal mission.

More Than Just 15 Minutes of Fame

People become famous online everyday. A great way to gain online exposure to fame is YouTube. YouTube is an online video streaming company where regular, everyday people can become “internet famous”. Some people find niches that become more famous than others.

Adrian James Holt, professionally known as Adrian Van Oyen, is an Australian candid camera and prank comedian. On his YouTube channel you will find videos he has uploaded where he is filmed pranking people. As of September 2015, his videos have reached over 110 million views. Holt has over one million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Wendy Huang, an Australian beauty blogger, is founder of The Wonderful World of Wengie. Wendy started her site four years ago when she was working for a digital marketing company serving clients in their blogs and social media. She found she enjoyed this type of work and wanted to do it for herself instead of someone else.

Now Wengie specializes in Online Marketing/Video Marketing Strategies as well as Instagram. She currently holds the 36th most subscribed channel in Australia according to SocialBakers. Wendy also is CEO of Style Alley; a Buy, Sell, Trade clothing site in Australia.

Alexis Jordan is an American singer and actress from South Carolina. Jordan achieved her climb to fame when she was a contestant on America’s Got Talent in 2006. After she was eliminated from the show, she started to record and upload cover songs to YouTube. She quickly received millions of views. This exposure got Jordan the attention of Norwegian production team Stargate and American Rapper Jay-Z, who both signed her to their joint label StarRoc. She released her debut single in September 2010, following her debut self-titled album in February 2011.

Ann Reardon is founder of How To Cook That, a website that combines both video recipes and an online shop.  Reardon started uploading one video a week for something to do while up with her newborn in the middle of the night. The videos were too large to be posted directly to her website, so she used YouTube and embedded them into her website. She quickly began to get many views, so began posting more frequently.

Kyle Bass May Not Be Trustworthy

Kyle Bass is from Argentina. He operates a hedge fund in Texas that’s been performing very poorly since he became well-known in America. He became well-known in America because he successfully predicted economic implosion resulting from poor lending practices. In 2008 the housing bubble burst, and Bass was there to dance in the soapy financial rain. There are some items surrounding Bass which may indicate his knowledge comes from other quarters, however.

First and foremost, Bass is involved with high profile socialist Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Kirchner is called a despot, though her official title in Argentina is president. The woman has made some extremely poor choices; the kind which have resulted in economic default of her country twice in the span of thirteen years. Yet despite Bass’ fame coming from the exposition of poor financial choices, he is always singing the praises of Kirchner. That doesn’t add up too well, does it?

Then, when one considers the hedge fund Bass manages has continually begun to decline, red flags begin waving. The thing is, Bass doesn’t seem without financial resources or public exposure. How could he have these things unless he were either funded from without, or acquiring assets through tangent means? Well, the former can’t be definitively proved at this time, but the latter has become an issue which has even bridged the bipartisan congress gap. Bass uses a special interest group he created to make stock less valuable. He then short-sells that particular stock, making millions.

The special interest group is called CAD, which stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD has successfully lowered the cost of several big ticket pharmaceutical companies’ drugs by factors as high as ninety percent. Naturally, this has resulted in a huge stock dive for the companies affected, and Bass was there to profit like sharks near a slaughter.

Besides Kirchner, CAD, and his hedge fund’s poor performance, Bass has continuously predicted economic decline in Japan without result. Whether or not their economy ever dips or expands, Bass has been making so many predictions he’s bound to be right eventually. It’s like attacking a mosquito with a Panzer tank.

It seems as though Kyle Bass capitalizes on the general economic misunderstanding of the public to facilitate any number of questionable enterprises geared at gleaning funds from high-profile organizations and funneling them elsewhere. Are they headed to de Kirchner? Perhaps, perhaps not; but whatever Bass is up to, it’s not straightforward, and therefore not the kind of thing cogent financiers should put any trust in.

The Different Works of Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow is not your ordinary lawyer. He is not only an expert in law but also an individual who takes charitable acts very seriously. Ross is a remarkable gentleman who has spent most of his life in New York. Having resided in the state for quite a long time, he pursued his undergraduate degree at the State University of New York, Albany. From Albany, he proceeded to Brooklyn Law School where he mastered the skills he gets to serve clients with during his practice of the law. Ross took the New York bar exam in 1989 after he attained his law degree. After successful sitting of the bar exam, he was admitted to the New York bar in 1990.

Ross has amassed a lot of experience during his long practice of the law. Since his admission to the bar in 1990, he has interacted with various legal issues which have shaped the kind of attorney he is today. Ross opted to specialize in legal issues that arise within the family set-up. He deals a lot with matters touching on the legal rights of married people and their children. He has handled a lot of briefs that relate to divorce, separation, child custody and aspects like visitation. His concentration on matrimonial issues has, however, not limited his practice to family issues only. Ross also bears vast experience in entertainment and representation or defending clients in court on commercial matters. He is currently a partner at Abelow and Cassandro, Llp.

It is not all work and no giving back to the community when it come to Ross. He has a soft spot for animals, a concern which led him to start a fundraiser for homeless animals in shelters to raise funds that will be used for their care. The fundraiser campaign that was launched in January, 2016 aims to collect $5000 that will be used to cater for medical care, food and blankets for the animals in various shelters for the animals. This is a campaign that will help keep the animals away from street corners and parks that are cold and lonely, particularly during the winter season that can be very unforgiving. The fundraiser is open to the public through its page on GoFundMe.


Thor Halvorssen Dedicates His Life For Justice

Around the world, there are people who suffer from repressive governments which deny them the right to practice their lives as free individuals. The Human Rights Foundation, or the HRF, was founded because of that. Its mission is to promote the freedom of every individual around the world, no matter who he or she is. It believes in the right of everyone to associate themselves with whom they wish, practice their religion as they see fit, and in general to live in freedom.

The Human Rights Foundation is guided and endorsed by an international council that includes former political prisoners and commentators.

The founder of the Human Rights Foundation is Thor Halvorssen Mendoza. He is no stranger to the suffering of those who live under the rule of dictatorships, as he himself hails from Venezuela and his father was imprisoned and beaten and his mother was shot in broad daylight by the Venezuelan government.

Thor Halvorssen is a film producer and is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum and the patron of the Children’s Peace Movement and On Own Feet.

In a 2013 Buzzfeed profile, he is described as someone who possesses a burning desire to right the wrongs and injustices of the world. The New York Times describes him as the champion of the underdog.

In 1999, Halvorssen Mendoza became the first executive director of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE.

Exploring the Worlds of Law and Finance

Sam Tabar, Chief Operating Officer of the FullCycle Energy Fund, has had a long career that has touched nearly all sectors of the financial world. Tabar got his start at the Sparx Group, where he worked as the Co-Head of Marketing for the largest and most active independent fund in all of the Pacific, and among the largest in mainland Asia. There he exhausted his efforts by managing all aspects of global marketing. This extended his stay in the region, particularly in Hong Kong where he was recruited by PMA Investment Advisors LTD to lead their Asset Raising Team, developing novel approaches for profit increase at the firm during his tenure there.

After making his mark on the Asian finance sector, Tabar continued his career in the United States, specifically in New York. Merrill Lynch hired him to be their Head of Capital Strategy, making him responsible for targeting investors of import to supply their buying options in the financial market, including foundations, pension funds, family offices and even endowments, giving managers at the bank an impressive portfolio to compile. In this position, indicates that Tabar also provided consultation in regards to Merrill Lynch’s operations, and assist in restructuring and efficiency of both teams in the front and back offices.

His career in finance may have taken him across the globe, but Tabar has also spent a great deal of time working in the realms of law, which undoubtedly helped him during his time in financial management. A recent graduate from Oxford University, Tabar soon continued his studies at Columbia Law School in New York City, where he obtained his Masters of Law degree. While at Columbia, he also served as editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal. After obtaining his license to operate law in New York State, he spent time as an attorney for Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom and Schulte, Roth & Zabel.

Either career track demanded a both effort and time from Tabar, but they did not limit his efforts in philanthropy and angel investing. One such example of this marriage of Tabar’s financial career and ideological leanings is his contribution to the operation of SheThinx, a company dedicated to re-branding feminine hygiene products that seeks to fights stigma while giving women a voice throughout Africa and Asia.  Sam Tabar has also created a GoFundMe page to do his own efforts for charity.

Tabar has continued his professional life in finance through hedge funds. He currently works as an investor and capital strategist, placing his resources and time on corporations that find their drive through passions that both have an international reach like he has and affect large portions of the world.

Say no to fashion and beauty rules alongside Doe Deere

Lime Crime CEO and beauty entrepreneur Doe Deere is busting makeup and fashion faux pas left and right. This self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen” is easily recognizable by her beautifully styled pastel hair and bold makeup combinations. She carries herself in a way worthy of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City and seems incapable of any wrong doing. We want her look but feel unworthy or shy of standing in the “lime” light. Deere, however, urges women to break the rules and have fun with makeup and fashion. She states that makeup isn’t only about blemish control and feature enhancement; it’s an artistic form of self-expression.

Have fun with bright and bold colors. Pair wild hair with an eclectic dress code. Mix polka dots with stripes. And wear socks with sandals. In the world of beauty and fashion, the sky is the limit, and fashionistas should go as crazy as their palette-loving hearts desire.

Now, at the risk of leaving the house dressed as a circus clown, Doe cautions against a few common rookie mistakes and shares her secrets to colorful fabulousness.

Patterns are another fuzzy area that leaves people looking like deer (unlike Deere) caught in headlights. What is Doe’s answer? Match color combos when mismatching patterns. This little trick may alleviate some fashion anxiety until you’re ready to throw all caution to the wind.

Bright hair and makeup do not, and should not, be restricted to those wearing solid, black or white toned clothing. Again, beauty is art. Free your inner diva and let her run free alongside the other unicorns.

Doe Deere wasn’t always the fashion-forward femme fatale that she is today. At one time, this powerful woman was like you and me, blundering her way through crooked eyeliner strokes and wild clothing. Now, however, she has fun and flirty fashion down to an art and guides other women to follow in her footsteps.

Ricardo Guimarães: LinkedIn Continues to Grow in Popularity


Online business networking site “LinkedIn” is increasing in utility and popularity in the business world. The number of the sites users and the frequent use of the platform by job recruiters is proof that the site is growing in popularity, says Brazilian businessman Ricardo Guimarães of BMG Bank. LinkedIn is for business professionals. The business network allows professionals to create connections with key people in specific business industries. In addition, the site allows job seekers to find job opportunities and read and share tips and the latest news relating to their business industry of choice.

Everyday day, LinkedIn is more and more being used by organizations with the primary goal of recruiting talented professionals which are available on the labor market. Just recently, “Exame” magazine conducted an analysis of the business network to determine what competences were most sought by companies in the year 2015.

Following the magazines analysis, key-words used at LinkedIn by recruiters in search of potential job candidates during the year 2015 was compiled. The data is from from nine countries, and include Brazil, the U.S. and France. The results of the report are list of 25 skills.

In the country of Brazil, the most searched employee skill set was data mining. This skill was also second place in the world most searched competence ranking, notes Ricardo Guimarães, of BMG Bank. Other competencies that are becoming more sought after in companies are ethics and transparency, corporate law and public relations, says the executive of BMG Bank.

Here are the top 25 competencies that are most sought after by Brazilian companies in the year 2015 according to data compiled from LinkedIn:

1. Data mining
2. Mobile development
3. Quality assurance and usability test of software
4. Logistics
5. Web design and middle-ware
6. Integration software
7. Data storage
8. Information security
9. Human Resources
10. Corporate law and governance
11. Work Safety
12. User design interfaces
13. Microsoft application development
14. Business intelligence
15. System revision control
16. Recruitment
17. Public and international relations
18. Materials Engineering
19. Perl/Python/Ruby
20. Java Development
21. Business Development and Management
22. Social media marketing
23. Digital marketing
24. Software modeling
25. Design processes for shell scripting languages

One important piece of career advice is not to become a professional who is outdated but one that is always aware of the changing skill sets that businesses seek. Improve your understanding and prepare yourself with the skills that companies want you to have. By doing this, you will have great chance to qualify for job opportunities by having skills that are most in demand, notes Ricardo Guimarães. Always improve your skills!

Ricardo Guimarães is from Belo Horizonte and is the son of Flávio Guimarães and grandson of Antônio Guimarães, one of the principal founders of BMG Bank.