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Kevin Seawright Does it Again

Development in the Newark, New Jersey city are underway and targeted to help the youth of the city in educational advancement as well as life skills. This city’s youth will now have better access to jobs, clear pay guarantees to meet minimal wage at the very least and for the entire summer of 2016. And who is behind these new interventions occurring in a geographical area where many disadvantage youths can be found?

The CFO, Kevin Seawright is leading the way in Newark, Nj., for the city’s youth to have better and secured access to summer jobs that pay or provide usable skills. The agenda unfolds as the months roll out and school will soon be temporarily dismissed for many individuals between the ages of 14 and 19.

Kevin Seawright operates as CFO of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and why this man is the perfect candidate to lead this process in the city of Newark.

The implementations being discussed is part of a larger agenda to increase the college graduation rates in the metropolitan area of Jersey’s popular city.

Residential youths who qualify for the assistance get college preparation programs, financial lessons, empowerment lectures and even on the job training to boot. This is all amidst very high expectations to improve education and vocation during the summer months.

In fact, statistics already show improvements in participation as online applications increases youth involvement substantially beyond the norm and previous years.

Even the mastermind involved, Kevin Seawright is excited about the 350 applicants who had qualified within a 30 minute time span of opening the process. Historically for the New Jersey city, this aggregate of youth employment applicants, to reach such an amount, would occur over a six-week period.

There is certainly progress made and a lot more to see in the coming weeks.

Summer is near for students of all grade and education levels. Partnering in this endeavor are TD Bank and Santander Bank who will be providing the literary services in finance that students will have access to during the summer season. The convenience of these new developments likely play a large role in participation and will pave the way in the near future.

Taking this initiative to higher planes and levels is done by none other than the well credentialed Mr. Seawright. Kevin serves on the singular development agency for economics in the city of Newark which is New Jersey’s largest city to date of 2016. He stands positioned with years of financial education, training and a 13-year-long career. But Kevin is also a huge lover of music, and has a SoundCloud account dedicated to that passion.

Martin Lustgarten Became Successful Providing International Investment Banking Services in South American

Martin Lustgarten is known across South America as a strategic financier and investor who provides investment banking services. He received his experience investing into Australian and Venezuelan markets. The investment banker financed companies in Venezuela and owned companies in Panama, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has dual citizenship in Australia and Venezuela and currently resides in South Florida. Most of his international business transactions are conducted in South America.


Now that Lustgarten owns a home in Miami, Florida, he continues to offer professional advice about South American markets in Austria and Venezuela. He also has a resident in Panama, where he owned companies. He knows international trading laws in his dual citizenship countries, as well in the United States.


Lustgarten has managed millions of dollars in markets of Australia, Panama, and Venezuela. He may be considering providing investment banking services in the United States, now that he’s living in Miami. Advisors in the U.S. are required to register with SEC and FINRA to offer services. Martin could very well expand his business to the United States after receiving years of experience in South American markets; helping distress South American companies; and purchasing companies to keep the economy afloat. His stay in the U.S. could be an investment strategy to enhance his international investing portfolio and participate in future American markets. Visit his Vimeo page to see some cool videos he’s into as well.

Feminists Aim to Close the Wikipedia Gender Gap

More than 90 percent of Wikipedia’s editors are male. Less than 5 percent of its superusers are female. Recently, Arts+Feminism held an edit-a-thon to boost the online encyclopedia’s coverage of women in the arts. Half the people who came to help improve Wikipedia’s content had no experience as editors, so it began with a Power Point presentation on how to do that. A Wiki Education Foundation employee explained the site’s concept of notability. This means the site wants a topic to have significant coverage in other sources. Arts+Feminism has been sponsoring these events since 2014.

Everybody’s who’s ever accomplished anything and everybody who ever hopes to accomplish something, needs a Wikipedia page of their own. Every business needs to make a Wikipedia page. That may sound outrageous, but that’s only because we’re so conditioned to think of ourselves and our businesses as small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. We may not be the president of the United States and our businesses may not be Apple, but we’re still important to ourselves, and so are our online reputations. When a prospective employer or client searches for you on Google, wouldn’t it impress them to see you create a Wiki page? Of course it would. Unfortunately, too many people and businesses fail to use this tremendous resource for enhancing their online reputations.

One good reason for that failure is that it’s not an easy, do-it-yourself project. You can fill out your own LinkedIn profile and set up your Facebook Fan Page, and if you make a few mistakes, they’re not fatal. But Wikipedia, with good reason, is fearful of people using it for self-promotion. They need to protect their reputation for accuracy and avoiding spam. Therefore, you need to hire Wikipedia experts from a professional Wiki editing service who know the site’s policies to write the page and submit it to the site for you. It may read a lot differently than your website, but that doesn’t matter. Having a Wikipedia page is what’s important. And once you have it up, you need to monitor it because your business competitors may maliciously edit the page. If you do business with customers around the world, you can also get your Wikipedia page translated into their languages. Therefore, check out what the Wikipedia writers for hire from Get Your Wiki can do for you.

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Does Wen by Chaz Really Work?


Chances are you’ve heard about WEN, and have seen the commercials featuring celebrities endorsing the products. Wen is a natural hair care line that includes oils and extracts from plants. Want to know if Wen by Chaz really works? Bustle’s Emily McClure tried the conditioner for seven days. Here’s what she discovered.

McClure was surprised that so much of the conditioner was needed for just one application. However, she followed the bottle instructions and immediately noticed a change in the texture of her hair. She shares on that her hair is naturally thin, and the conditioner made it feel thicker right away.

She did notice, however, that her hair was particularly oily. By the fourth day, she didn’t have time to wash her hair in the morning, and felt like her hair was heavier and noticeably greasy.

By the end of the week, McClure’s facebook friends complimented her on her smooth and shiny hair. Overall, she concluded that WEN by Chaz is ideal for women who have thin or dry hair who want a quick hair transformation.


Stray Animals In NYC Are An Issue And Need Your Help

It might come as no surprise that the number of homeless animals is on the rise this winter. The problem of stray animals in New York City has become so big that it has caught the attention of a local New York City attorney. Esquire Ross Abelow has started a campaign using Go Fund Me to help the animal shelters in New York City. The money raised is being used to help the homeless animals. The goal of the Go Fund Me is to raise five thousand dollars.

Ross Abelow started the campaign around January 13th because the cold temperatures were starting to set new records highs. Homeless animals are at risk because there is no protection form the cold weather. Because these strays do not have anyone to care for them, they need things like food, medical care, vaccines and more. The shelters need funds to pay for these items.

Ross Abelow is an attorney who cares about the community he lives in. Ross understands that helping people and animals is what life is all about. Ross helps people n his law practice everyday.

Ross is a partner in Abelow & Cassandro LLP and works in the areas of family law, entertainment law and commercial litigation. When not practicing law or helping with the animal project, Ross is active writing for legal blogs and he own, personal blog. If you want to get to know Ross Abelow better, you can follow him. He has a Facebook page and is also on Mashable.

As for the Go Fund Me, it is easy to donate and each animal lover can do their part to help these animals with ease. With the ever growing need of costly animal care and no protection in sight, every little bit helps. You can help prevent un-needed animal deaths and help to provide for these animals in their time of need. Mr. Abelow will make sure that the money gets to the shelters and provides the operating funds that they need. The money from the Go Fund Me can help to make sure that the shelter is there to help the hungry, sick and cold animals who might die without this much needed help.For more information or to give a generous donation, please visit

Video Visitation Makes Communication A Breeze

Staying in contact with a loved one who is incarcerated can be challenging. Thankfully, Securus Technologies offers us the solutions we need to stay in touch during these difficult times.

I love the new video visitation software that Securus released. This software allows me to quickly and easily contact my family whenever I like. I am able to initiate a video call from the comfort of my own home. I only need an internet connection and a quiet room to start my call.

Securus recently released two mobile applications that make this process even easier. They have an Android application as well as an Apple version. They are proving to be quite a success. The Android app has already been downloaded 60,000 times. The Apple version has only been released for a few weeks, and it already has over 5,000 downloads. I have used both the applications and have had positive experiences. They allow me to chat from all my mobile devices while on the go. Download the Google Play app here to get started on your video calls today!

Securus provides communication solutions for over 2,200 facilities across the nation. They provide a wide range of services such as inmate phone calls services, email services and video visitation.

Securus also provides excellent customer service. They have been prompt in answering any questions I had about my account. Another nice thing about Securus is their convenient payment programs. The offer direct bank debit as well as various credit card payment options.

Securus has proven to be an invaluable service. The flexibility their products offer and excellent customer service make them my top choice. Don’t let incarceration impact how you stay in touch. I strongly recommend you check out Securus video visitation today.

QNET: Creating Opportunities For Women

The workplace is as full with women as it is with men, which is creating a scenario that changes the dynamics of their home life. This has created the need to look for better opportunities that give us a preferable work-life balance. Starting a business that allows us to become our own bosses is one of the ways this is being remedied. Due to the high cost of starting a traditional business, many of us have opted to seek other options. Direct selling is one of the ways available for us to have our own businesses that don’t have astronomical start-up costs. The low cost entry provides a low risk way to access the business world.

In celebrating International Women’s Day, QNET, a key player in the Asia direct industry, is continuing in its bid to develop entrepreneurship in young women. The United States Agency International Development (USAID) says that the development of women leaders is very important. It says its the only way a society can thrive is by allowing women equal rights as men and opportunities to become the breadwinners in their families. 

QNET offers women an opportunity to join as a direct seller and work at their own schedules. This flexibility allows them the potential to earn, but they can only achieve their goals if they’re dedicated.

Believe, and you can achieve. #QNET #SuccessTips

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About QNET
QNET is a leading direct sales company in Asia, our focus is on assisting people at the grass-roots level rise through entrepreneurship. Our model is based on the need to improve the lively hood of our Independent Representatives (IRs) who are QNET distributors by providing business opportunities. Through our IRs, QNET impacts families and communities making them self-sufficient.

QNET is founded and driven by RYTHM and In-Service philosophies. RYTHM is an acronym that stands for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. This stands for helping others in their quest to succeed for us to be successful ourselves. QNET is inspired by Gandhi whose life and work made him a great leader and derives its principles from his example.

THIS IS OUR WHY – New #QNET Mandalay Office Donates Food To Monks: #billionhearts

Posted by QNET (Official) on Monday, March 7, 2016

In-Service is an aspect of a leader that encourages humility as we serve others. Our founders built the company in recognition of our greatest assets, people. Through people, the organization grows and enlarges its footprint on those it can affect positively.

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