Handy Revenue Hits $1 Million a Week in Bookings

The advancement in technology has revolutionized how is businesses run. The mobile cleaning and home repair industry has not been left behind either. Handy which is a cleaning company has effectively adopted the use of technology, and they are expected to make an announcement on its impact on their operation. It is no doubt that the company has had a positive effect of technology.

After just about two years since its inception, it is encouraging to note that the company has reached booking of $1 million per week. It is by all standards is phenomenal and is a great step towards realizing their goals. According to their Chief Operating Officer, Umang Dua, their run rates have increased to $ 52 million up from $ 3 million.

With the new Business model they have adopted, Hanrahan and Dua who are co–founders believe that it is good for both consumers and the company. The model is demand driven, and customers would put in requests that the company responds by solving their problems. The company has developed, which is very useful for clients in placing their request. Handy has made life easy for people with cleaning needs and Hanrahan believes that it is like an ATM in the pocket of consumers. It is because your needs will be attended to immediately.

Cleaning professionals engaged with Handy are competitively remunerated. Their average wage range is $18 per hour. Hanrahan maintains that employees are at liberty to pick the number of times they would want to work per day. The ability to choose coupled with a healthy wage rate makes life exciting for the employees.

An increase in revenue has been as a result of strategic measures that have been put in place by the company. The strategic steps have redefined operations and made them easy to run and reach potential clients. According to NYC Techmommy.com, they have introduced new branding for the company as well as developing new mobile applications for clients to contact the company quickly.

Over time, consumers are getting comfortable using the mobile applications to book services from Handy. It is because they do this from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else instead of the traditional methods that required them to visit their offices physically. Cleaning professionals employed by Handy are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they would offer the best services and that they would not jeopardize the relationship with clients. It is a means of creating confidence among customers. Hanrahan has a vision that Handy would be like a remote for customers at their homes. All consumers would need to do is use the application and services would be at their disposal.

Over time, Handy is expected to improve their revenue streams to beyond home cleaning. However, at present home cleaning is the primary source income. According to Hanrahan, 85 percent of their income is from home cleaning and 15 percent is from plumbing services to their clients. Handy is fast expanding its operations with outlets in 25 cities in the United States, two cities in Canada and some services in London. They currently employ over 5000 cleaners with about 200,000 new job applicants.


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