George Soros cares a great deal

George Soros is one of an untold number of educated individuals around the world who are coming to believe without a doubt that President Trump has the spirit of a manipulative person and who consider him to be a childish tormenter on Of particular note is the rapid accumulation of many thousands of ordinary people around the world who are also declaring this point of view. They are fretful that contentious and self-centered individuals like Trump have no interest in supporting the people that they are elected to represent, and quite the opposite, they crave only personal aggrandizement. Soros is totally familiar with such dictatorial people as Trump, and with individuals who will unwaveringly seize the opportunity for political supremacy. Mr. Soros was determined as a young man to flee from his home and to travel towards America, evading Nazi-dominated Hungary. George escaped from the Nazi-lead Holocaust and he possesses an insightful appreciation of how wicked people can achieve domination over a nation and cause serious problems with their contemptuous attitudes over the rest of the populace.

Mr. Soros, and many other people who have dealt on a personal level with Mr. Trump, know conclusively that Mr. Trump has no inkling of the Constitutional limits of power on the President, and that in essence Mr. Trump is attempting to assemble an effective dictatorship, granting benefits and government positions on only to those he considers loyal. Nevertheless, bearing in mind that Trump is the President for the moment, nobody is assured of what he may play a part in doing. This is because Trump is famous for being easy to manipulate, unable to articulate a coherent thought, and on the whole, one who rambles incessantly, seemingly from a clouded mind.

Soros, in contrast, has an illustrious record of humanitarian behaviors. George Soros donated billions of dollars to take care of conglomerates that were bankrupt, while additionally contributing to those who were extremely poor. George is driven to providing financial assistance to people who do their best to surmount unfairness, to form equal opportunities, and to keep an eye on the people’s rights when facing radicalism. George Soros is on record as being against the “War on Drugs” initiative. This is primarily because he has witnessed how cannabis has provided relief for many health problems.

Soros also compassionately provided a very large amount of money, many millions in fact, to the support of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential race. Mr. Soros approved a $1 million fund to support the campaign of Barack Obama as President during his run for re-election. Mr. Soros is noted also as a fighter for LGBT acceptance and is on record as a benefactor to same-sex organizations.

Soros is also noted for his support of the beneficial work undertaken by a variety of legal firms on Forbes. His economic assistance has aided in the liberating of a many unduly jailed citizens, and he is firm in his objective to assist people want an education, yet find themselves unable to pay for one.

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