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Beneful for Beaux

Being the proud owner of a 12 year old German Shepard named Beaux I am always glad that my local PetSmart has a wide selection of Beneful’s delicious and nutritious dog foods. Whether it be dry beef or chicken flavors, Beneful’s prepared meals, Chopped Blends Senior formula or healthy weight food I am looking to feed Beaux this go around, I always get it from PetSmart.

I personally enjoy supporting a pet supplier with my purchase rather than other large retailers. Also the prices are unbeatable, at my local Pet Smart I can pick up a bag of Incredibites for only $6.79! Or 12.5 lbs or grain-free food with farm-roasted chicken for $19.99. Beaux’s favorite bag weighing it at 31.1 lbs of Purina Beneful original beef flavored adult dry dog food costs me less than $24.00! That gets me almost as excited as Beaux does when I walk his Beneful in the house from my car. And on top of all that, there are so many coupons to discount the cost even further.

Sites like Groupon, and the PetSmart website itself are a good place to start when looking for deals and coupons. Always remember to ask a store customer service representative for coupons when you visit PetSmart. Since I started feeding Beaux Purina Beneful he is always so excited for meal time and all around much more happy of a dog, he also has so much more energy and is looking better than ever. I know he wouldn’t want me to switch back to generic dog food, and I never will.


How Men Can Benefit Greatly From Whitney Wolfe’s App

For those that are involved in online communities, there may be tons of complaints from men about the dating game. Many men complain about so many different aspects of the dating game. Among the common things that they complain about is that they have to approach. They also complain about rejection. They say that the problem is even worse with online dating apps. Many men feel like they have to give up on dating. While this is an option, Whitney Wolfe has put together another option that is helpful for both men and women.

Whitney Wolfe has a lot of experience programming apps. The industry that she is very passionate about is dating. Since she has seen success with Tinder, she has decided that she could make a few tweaks to her Bumble app. The tweak prevents men from initiating content. Instead, women are urged to make first contact. They way they are urged is by being shown a match. They are also given only 24 hours to respond to this match before it disappears for good. This is one aspect of Bumble that men dream of. The pressure is taken off of men to make the approaches.

Whitney Wolfe gives women the chance to experience some of the things men go through when it comes to dating. Men get to be the ones deciding whether or not they want to go out with a date with this person or not. This is the one key difference between this app and all of the other dating apps that people have signed up on. However, men need to understand that this is just one factor among many others that they have to take care of so that they can improve their likelihood of getting someone to go out on a date with.

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Tammy Mazzocco on Overcoming Fears in Real Estate

Tammy Mazzocco, a real estate agent that is a fan of Dr. Seuss quotes and Dr. Phil books, knows a whole lot about the real estate industry. She has built a career in real estate and selling to a plethora of different potential homeowners even though she is shy. Mazzocco has stated that her move from a secretary to a real estate agent has been a challenging one. Many people do not know that she is shy, but she has stated that she has had a challenging time communicating with people about finances.

What Tammy has done over the years to increase her sales productivity in the real estate industry is simply set goals and look for ways to break down those mental thoughts into goals. She has created tasks that are done on a daily and weekly basis. She sets goals that she wants to reach each month and she believes that this is one of the most productive ways to grow as an entrepreneur.

Tammy Mazzocco believes that in order to succeed as an entrepreneur that there are some fears that one has overcome. She has stated that she has studied scripts from other real estate agents in her ability to overcome her shyness. She has taken a look at what other agents have said to potential clients and used these words to help get comfortable with the act of showing real estate to clients.

Now that she has become comfortable with selling homes she makes sure that she stays in contact with the clients that she has put in homes. This gives her the opportunity to build her business through referrals. Tammy has stated that as much as 85% of her business comes through Facebook referrals. This is quite an impressive relationship that she bills with her clients. Do a quick Google search to learn more about Tammy Mazzocco.

Samuel Strauch: Next Elle Woods?

Samuel Strauch is the prestieged founder of Affinity Realty, a brokerage firm based in Florida. Unlike other agents who run underneath an agency looking for just commission, Strauch runs his own caliber. As CEO, he manages himself. In an era of investments and investment companies gone wrong, Samuel seems to know just which chords to strike to the element of his newfound and longtime wealth, lasting fifteen years.

Affinity Realty was started in 2002 after Samuel graduated Harvard University, living out the Elle Woods fantasy many of us aspire. Samuel Strauch is at the top of his own game, singlehandedly selling more houses and better profits than the average estate broker to date. In fact, according to HomeLight, he ranks within the top 13 percentile out of nearly six thousand agents.

Strauch’s life is busy and stressful, no doubt. The most riveting thing, he says, is that no two days are alike. “The nice thing about what I do is that my typical days are always different,” he claims in an article printed by IdeaMensch last month. “The key to my business is always meeting new people and strengthening relationships with our clients, investors, partners, brokers and other colleagues in the industry.”

As a business man, Strauch can be as serious as anyone. How might he cope with the stress? An easy at-home remedy. Meditation. According to IdeaMensch, he suggests meditation for everyone to de-stress, and it helps focus on both personal and professional affairs.

In addition to meditating, Samuel Strauch is a giant fan of both cycling and photography. Being an investor, it won’t be surprising to learn Strauch has easy access to multiple forms of income. Strauch seems to be quite comfortable in where he is, as it should be.

The Stem Cell Therapy of Lung Institute

The primary objective of the Lung Institute is to enhance the quality of life for those patients who are in distress from chronic lung diseases. For the patients diagnosed with a respiratory illness such as pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial lung disease amongst other chronic diseases, their quality of life can be drastically affected, both physically and mentally. When suffering from the lung diseases small tasks such as taking a walk to the back yard can be tough, challenging the idea of an ordinary life. The Lung Institute has come up with a treatment option with the aim of treating the lung disease not just affecting the symptoms.

The traditional treatment option often came with adverse side effects, the primary goal of the traditional treatment is to relieve the symptoms, rather than address the progression of the disease. It is for the reason that motivated The Lung Institute to develop the stem cell therapy, a mechanism for treating the lung diseases with the aim of treating the chronic illness, not just the symptoms.

What is a stem cell? According the Baylor College of Medicine, a stem cell is the foundation of life and an essential to every living organism. They have the capability to renew and replicate and form any tissue in the body. Through the quality known as plasticity, the cells from one part of the body have the ability to transform their core functions to another type of the tissues this is because they are undifferentiated. Plasticity is the essential characteristic of the stem cell to enable regenerative medicine.

The treatment of the lung disease starts by acquiring the autologous stem cells, cells that are derived from the patients owns body. These adaptable cells are retrieved from the tissues such as blood and bone marrow. The adult cell can form various types of the differentiated cells, such that when they are returned to the patient, they can facilitate healing of the lung tissue potentially enhancing the lung disease. Stem cell treatment is a new form treatment of the lung disease, it is inventive, and is meant to revolutionize the way we view the treatment of chronic illness. The patient’s quality of life is enhanced as result of better treatment options.

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The Investment Knowledge of Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler has been in the financial investment world for a long time. He is someone that knows about various investment strategies, and he has always made it known that investors should be more mindful of what they are doing in order to give themselves better returns on investment.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler is a man that believes in giving tips to investors that are trying to make safer investments. One thing that he has mentioned is that investors should not put all of their money into the stock market. This may seem like a very difficult thing to process if people are looking for the best returns on investment.

Everyone knows that stocks are typically going to have the highest returns on investment, but stocks are also incredibly risky Investments. One cannot put all of their money into the stock market and still look for a safe investment. Brad Reifler wants people to know that it is better to diversify in order to have a greater sense of peace.

As the CEO of Forefront Capital it is obvious that Brad has had his share of clients that are willing to give him total trust their funds. He believes that there should be a good relationship between a fund manager and the client. Numerous clients are just willing to shell out their money to a broker or fund manager and expect them to work miracles.

This is not something that the investor should do at any stage of their investment process. It is going to be a good practice to get to know who is actually managing the money that is going towards whatever type of retirement, college savings or general financial management plan that is in place. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

What Brad believes for most investments is that people simply may not know the cost involved with investing. He wants investors to be mindful of the expenses and risk that are associated with any investments before the damage is done.

There is a cost for trading stocks and acquiring any type of investment so Brad Reifler recommends that investors have a strategy up front.

The Competence of Julie Zuckerberg in offering Recruitment Solutions.

The strength of the workforce of a particular company is substantially determined by the talents of the employees. Hiring the best talents is usually difficult since one cannot notice if a person is talented by using a simple interview process. It is necessary to have a recruitment expert to assist in acquiring the best employee in various sectors. Julie Zuckerberg is a successful woman who has gained a lot of experience for the past 15 years that she has worked in the industry. She has worked for various organizations and is currently an employee of the Deutsche Bank where she acts as the executive talents acquisitions manager. Zuckerberg is a licensed attorney. She has a Juris Doctor from the New York Law School and also attended the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she majored in philosophy.


Julie Zuckerberg has accomplished a lot in her profession. She has been hired as a head of recruitments in various organizations. In November 2002, Hudson offered her a job as a candidate placement director. She served the firm up to October 2007, and her role was to recruit new employees for its clients. Hudson is a company that has been trusted for the staffing services that it offers. The primary customers that it serves include financial institutions, law firms, and renowned corporations in various industries. Julie specialized in hiring attorneys, paralegals, case managers, and individuals who were skilled in different sectors. She assisted the firm in acquiring employees who were needed on a temporary and permanent basis. Zuckerberg was devoted to ensuring that the professionals that she offered jobs were provided with excellent working conditions.


The passion of the recruitment expert drives her to want to achieve more in the industry. After serving Hudson for five years, she joined Citi Global Functions where she had been offered a better position. She served it as the executive recruiter, and her role was to employ top experts in the auditing, legal, and compliance fields. Zuckerberg also facilitated the adoption of excellent recruitment techniques such as direct sourcing, internet search, and employee referral. She assisted the firm in bettering its staff through the outstanding strategies that she used. The company depended on her to tackle clawbacks, awards, promotions, immigrations, relocation of expatriates, and equity buyouts.


Zuckerberg was also an employee of The New York Life Insurance. She served for a few months as an executive recruiter before being offered a job by Deutsche Bank. Julie has been serving as the organization’s executive talent acquisition manager and has played a significant role in bettering the recruitment criteria that it uses in global talent acquisition. She led the process of hiring top executives such as managing directors. Julie is in charge of coaching the recruitment experts that she leads. Her service at the firm has assisted it in strengthening its workforce.


Julie Zuckerberg is devoted to making contributions towards various courses. She supports human rights, civil rights, animal welfare, and economic progress. The recruitment guru is also interested in art, photography, and technology.