How Men Can Benefit Greatly From Whitney Wolfe’s App

For those that are involved in online communities, there may be tons of complaints from men about the dating game. Many men complain about so many different aspects of the dating game. Among the common things that they complain about is that they have to approach. They also complain about rejection. They say that the problem is even worse with online dating apps. Many men feel like they have to give up on dating. While this is an option, Whitney Wolfe has put together another option that is helpful for both men and women.

Whitney Wolfe has a lot of experience programming apps. The industry that she is very passionate about is dating. Since she has seen success with Tinder, she has decided that she could make a few tweaks to her Bumble app. The tweak prevents men from initiating content. Instead, women are urged to make first contact. They way they are urged is by being shown a match. They are also given only 24 hours to respond to this match before it disappears for good. This is one aspect of Bumble that men dream of. The pressure is taken off of men to make the approaches.

Whitney Wolfe gives women the chance to experience some of the things men go through when it comes to dating. Men get to be the ones deciding whether or not they want to go out with a date with this person or not. This is the one key difference between this app and all of the other dating apps that people have signed up on. However, men need to understand that this is just one factor among many others that they have to take care of so that they can improve their likelihood of getting someone to go out on a date with.

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