How Securus Technologies is Making a Prison Safer

When I show up for work as a corrections officers in our state prison, I know that I am putting my life on the line. These inmates would welcome any opportunity to take out their frustration on an officer, and many do. Those who are affiliated with a gang or have life sentences have nothing to lose, so they will often try to hurt an officer to gain respect with the other inmates. This doesn’t even include inmates who overdose on drugs and have violent outbursts, it is all part of the job.


To try and keep things from getting out of control, me and my fellow officers will start the day by searching inmate cells for any types of contraband. We then move to the visitor center, where we take each inmate and guest and search them for anything illegal. This year we were given a new resource that has increased our overall ability to make the jail a safer place to work. Securus Technologies was asked to install their call monitoring system in our prison, and it allows officers to carefully monitor inmate telephone calls more easily than ever before.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas, has one-thousand employees, and their CEO says that the company objective of making the world safer is something all employees are striving to meet. Once the LBS software was installed, we got down to work. It was hours later we got to see the full potential of this system. One inmate was describing how to hide drugs in a letter to be mailed to him. One inmate was talking about how to conceal prescription drugs at the visitor center. We even heard an inmate bragging to his family how he does drugs in his cell when the other inmates are sleeping.


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