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Hacking has become the norm. Previous years have seen movie theaters retailer reporting agencies pay the most significant price for this illegalities. It is the recent most development, however, that caught our eye. The digital hackers hacked the bank this time, yes, you heard me right. They made away with a whopping $31 million stolen from a company known as Tether. The institution is one that deals with the conversion of US dollars to crypto assets for bitcoin brokers.

This hack reminded us why cybersecurity is an uphill task. It showed us how difficult it is to counter attacks from experienced hackers according to Companies have instead come up with a genius way to stop this illegality; allowing hackers into their systems. I know you are thinking of how foolish this idea is, here is the explanation to that ‘crazy’ notion.

Like previously stated, cybersecurity is a challenging task. This ‘let them in’ idea is one grounded in the saying keep your friends close but your enemies closer. By maintaining the enemies more intimate, in this case, hackers, companies are in a position to monitor and control their activities.

The danger is never in the hacker gaining access; the threat is in them having access to critical company data on In this case, the hackers who hacked Tether went undetected for about one month. This new hacker approach will not only help tame hackers but also boost the profits for the said companies.

It was only last year that SEC took two hackers to court for hacking into the computer systems of two renown New York-based law firms. There is some irony in this; it was only recently that SEC ‘S system was hacked. This resulted in the release of confidential information into the public domain. That there, is another reason why you should not turn a blind eye to this ‘let them in’ idea.

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Jeff Yastine edits the Total Wealth Insider. He also, in 2015, worked with Banyan Hill Publishing where he held the editorial director position. It is from this job that he gained experience as a stock market stockholder and as a financial journalist.

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