Glen Wakeman Does Business Right

When a start up business has a good idea and they need to make sure that everything goes right with it, there are many different professionals to talk who can boost the chances of things going right. One such professional is Glen Wakeman and he knows what it takes to get other businessmen off their backsides so they can get the ball rolling on great ideas. As a matter of fact, he does this everyday for a living. Lots of people do the same.


But, what makes him different from many of the rest in the crowd are his methods and results. It is quite simple, actually. Glen Wakeman likes to see others do well, just like he does. And, there is a high failure rate for businesses, especially when they are just starting out. It is because they lack structure in their execution of ideas (


So, what he does for a living gives them the discipline they lack to succeed. When it comes to the typical day of business for Glen, it starts out with a review of the previous day’s events and numbers. It then leads to the “old divide and conquers” strategy that works for so many other organizations. And, it ends with a drink.


Any many ways, he is just like any other working staff. Glen credits the success of his business due to verbal brainstorming with his team members and staff because he is smart enough to know that not every light bulb above the head turns out to be a good one. He has little to no use for a “yes” man and likes it when goods ideas come from inspiration as well as communication.


Curiosity is his ace in the hole as it as it allows him to see solutions to problems when they do not exactly present themselves to him. He is also a complicated man who feels a certain level of excitement on the subject of machine learning as a tool for solving problems in business. If he had it all to do over again, he says his one misstep is not staying in contact with all the good people he met on his way to the top (Video).


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