Stream Energy Defines Sustaibable Energy

Stream has introduced their customers to a rewards program as a part of their referral initiative at Stream. They have given away over $1 million dollars as a start. Their customers receive incentives for referring their family and friends. They ask that their network is referred as a trusted network and not for monetary gain. Their associates have the same incentive by referring other associates to their network and loyal customers with the commission. Their network is a win for everyone involved and they can earn great residual income (

There are a lot of energy corporations in Dallas fighting for customer loyalty, but Stream Energy was able to emerge as the leaders in renewable energy. Are you one of those customers paying excessive surcharges? Stream is a word-of-mouth industry who focuses on multi-leveling marketing to spread their name. They were brought to a network at a time when the Dallas Public Utility Commission was deregulating services. Their network was founded by Pierre Koshajki and Roy Snyder. Their daily operations is now overseen by once Chief Executive Officer, Larry Mousy, president of Stream (


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