Dr. Chris Villanueva Changed the Dentistry Profession Forever

Ever since the invention of the dentistry profession no one has enjoyed going to the dentists. In fact, a dentist’s appointments have become synonymous with dreadfulness and pain. In order to improve the reputation and impression of dentists and the dentistry profession Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental. MB2 Dental is an organization that enhances the networking and managerial activities of dentists across America. In order to improve the efficiency and productivity of dentists Dr. Chris Villanueva created a system that allows dentists to refer patients to other physicians that are specialized in certain techniques and procedures. Some procedures require expertise and advanced medical equipment that not all dentists have on hand. In the past dentists would do their best, but when the patients problem couldn’t be cured with the tools and skills on hand the dentists would apologize and send the patient to the Hospital. MB2 Dental arranges events that allow dentists to communicate and discover collegues that specialize in certain areas, which allows future patient dentist interactions to end more productively, and more information click here.


Dr. Chris Villanueva’s MB2 Dental only hires dentists who are currently practicing physicians. This removes any bureaucracy and focuses the company on helping patients through improved dentistry techniques and practices. The company was formed to help dentists improve their practices, which makes their lives easier, more productive and increases patient satisfaction their referral rates. This increases the reputation of dentists who use MB2 Dental and provides a better impression of the dentistry profession.


Dr. Villanueva is a practicing physician and CEO of MB2 Dental his impressive career began at the University of Florida where he earned his degree in Microbiology. This increased his interest in dentistry and medicine. Driven to succeed as a dentist, Chris earned his DMD from Nova Southeastern University. It was his experience as a dentist and dentist’s assistant that led him to create MB2 Dental. The lack of efficiency, contact with other physicians and terrible patient interactions made him realize the importance of the physician’s happiness in consumer satisfaction and return rates. MB2 Dental offers advisory services and resources to improve the overall customer experience through improved efficiency techniques and making the dentists lives happier and easier.


MB2’s philosophy is patients always come first. This philosophy makes sure that all dentists provide the very best treatment and customer experience. The networking capabilities of MB2 Dental make the dentistry profession more like the medical physicians profession. In hospitals doctors see patients, make a diagnosis and refer them to the right division to cure the problem. In the dentistry profession it was a much more solitary position until MB2 Dental and Chris Villanueva arrived.

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