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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi As The New Leader Of The Bradesco Bank

The Bradesco Bank got a new Chief Executive Officer a couple of years ago who succeeded the retired Lazaro de Mello Brandao. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was also appointed to the leadership positions of Chairman and President of the Bradesco Bank. He has been working at the bank for more than 40 years.

As one of the leading banking establishments in Brazil, the Bradesco Bank also has a long history of more than 80 years. Established in March 1943, the Bradesco Bank now has the 2nd most significant assets and equity among private banks in the country of Brazil. There are 5 314 branches of the Bradesco Bank serving clients worldwide. The establishment works primarily in banking, financing, and insurance and it offers services such as private and retail banking, insurance, investment banking, asset management, and more. There are 108 793 employees across the globe as of 2017. The Bradesco Bank also has two main subsidiaries called Bradesco Seguros, and Bradespar and each contains several companies. The headquarters of the Bradesco Bank are in Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Bradesco bank is focused on growth and has a record of successful acquisitions. Most recently, The Bradesco Bank became the new owner of Banco de Estado de Maranhao. Before that, the bank acquired Banco Ibi S. A., Banco Mercantil de Sao Paulo, as well as the Brazilian operation of the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentina, America Expres, J. P.Morgan Fleming Asset Management and many others.

Over the years, the Bradesco bak has been at the forefront in many aspects. The established started up the most prominent Brazilian education program in 1956 called The Bradesco Foundation. A few years later, it became the first company of Latin America to purchase a computer and a few years after that Bradesco was the first Brazilian bank to launch a credit card. In 2011, the Bradesco Bank was the fourth of the 500 greened businesses in the world and took first place among the Brazilian companies. The Bradesco Bank has established itself as a leader in many aspects and continues to maintain that reputation.

After the founder of the Bradesco Bank, Amador Aguiar, passed away in 1991 at the age of 86, his place as taken by Lazaro de Mello Brandao who had been working at the Bradesco Bank since he was 16. Lazaro de Mello Brandao worked as Chief Executive Officer for a few decades at decided to retire from the post in 2017 at the age of 91. He chose to appoint a successor from Bradesco’s own pool of talent an decide among the most capable executive of the bank. The Bradesco Bank decided to promote one of their own and stick to tradition.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had been at the bank for more than 40 years. He joined as a young man at 17 and worked as a clerk at first. After proving his dedication to the bank and learning from the professionals around him, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was promoted to Marketing Director after working at several positions, lower in rank. He achieved a lot, and significantly modernized the Bradesco Bank.

After eight years at the job, he became a leader of a subsidiary company called Bradesco Vida e Previdencia. As Chief Executive Officer of the establishment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi got his first experience as an Executive. His leadership was very fruitful for the subsidiary business, and the revenue doubled.

After a few years at the post, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was promoted to serving as the Managing Director of the Bradesco Bank and then as the Executive Vice President in the following year. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was at the post for several years, continuing to receive new responsibilities during that time.


Organo Gold: In Pursuit of Greatness

Organo Gold is setting new standards in distribution and in sales thanks to its new global network capabilities. The company lives up to its own motto to “bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the world.” Organo Gold has some of the best organic products. This includes personal care items, beverages and nutraceuticals. Being such premium products, people/customers are reaching newer levels of freedom, balance and well-being. Organo Gold is offering the perfect business opportunity to distribute these premium products. One of the best things about this opportunity is that the products are exclusively sold through the company’s independent distributors. View Organo Gold’s profile on

For those who have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is the perfect opportunity to earn some extra wealth. Thanks to the company’s global network, it is able to distribute these products to over 45 countries. The potential of earning big profits is certainly there, but is will take some ambition and dedication to get the results that are worth seeking. Before we get to the actual products list, just know that these products are made with organic ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum is a mushroom that is grown on the logs of lumber in very high altitudes. This high altitude just so happen to be in the Wuyi Mountains of China’s Fuzhou region. This specific mushroom is harvested at 8 months of age, which is at its peak of maturity. Black tea, red tea, gourmet black coffee, green tea, café supreme, café mocha, hot cocoa, café latte and other products makes up this exclusive list.


Organo Gold also offers ganoderma spore powder, which can mixed into drinks. It takes a 1kg of spore to equal up to 1,000 kg of spore collection. This powder can also be used in capsule form for at least 3 times per day. Whether it’s for health reasons, or it’s for pure profits, Organo Gold could be the solution to help you get back on track. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

The American Institute Of Architects Is A Noble Organization With A History Of Strong Leadership

     In 2010, Robert Ivy was appointed to be the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which is an organization that represents licensed architects as well as experts in the construction and design fields. Ivy is also the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record and has been so since 1996. He also works with McGraw-Hill Construction as its Editorial Director and Vice President and focuses his efforts with the latter on ensuring that the quality of the publication is top-notch. For over a decade, he partnered up with Dean/Dale who was a managing partner at Ivy Architects where Ivy served as a principal.

In 2009, Robert Ivy received the Crane Award, and the very next year Alpha Rho Chi bestowed the title of Master Architect on him. Before coming aboard with the AIA, he has always advocated for architects and focused his energies on environmental issues, social issues, political issues, and other challenges that face the industry. He does the same now that he is a part of the organization. He will also now guide 206 employees at the AIA’s Washington, DC office and work with 300 other chapters that exist all over the world. In 2010, George H. Miller, the President of the AIA expressed that himself and the rest of the organization are thrilled to have Ivy on board and that his experience and leadership will greatly benefit the AIA. Robert Ivy, himself, commented, back in 2010, that he has always been proud to be a part of the AIA, and that he is committed to helping it to succeed and make the profession of architecture one that is respected and appreciated.

The AIA was founded in 1857 in New York City by 13 architects who wished to lift up the prominence of architecture. Before the organization got off of the ground, there were no schools of architecture or any way to know if someone was actually a real architect or not; simply because there was no licensing process or any kinds of laws back then related to the industry. The AIA has its main headquarters in Washington, DC but has other chapters and offices all over the globe. Some of the main purposes of the organization’s existence have to do with advocating in the government, educating the public and its own members, redeveloping communities to make the world a better place, and reaching out to the public to seek support and improve the image of the profession, overall.

Robert Ivy currently heads-up the AIA as its CEO, and earlier in life, he studied at the University of the South in Tennessee where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree. He went on to received a Master’s in Architecture while attending Tulane University, Louisiana.

Ara Chackerian Is Doing Great Things Through TMS Health Solutions

There are many people who are living with depression and who are in need of some type of treatment that will allow them to do better and to live their lives in a happier way. Ara Chackerian is someone who is working to help those who are facing depression and to change their lives for the better. Ara Chackerian is the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions, a practice that was put together to give those dealing with depression another option when it comes to treatments that are out there. TMS Health Solutions offers transcranial magnetic stimulation treatments to those who are facing a resistant type of depression.

Ara Chackerian is someone who believes that emotions can influence the decisions that a person makes. He believes that it is important for a person to know what they need to do and to do what is best for them no matter how their emotions are making them feel. He has shared that he invested in a friend at one point and that he held on to that investment even when he shouldn’t have because his emotions were involved.

There are some who are committed to education, and that can help them to find success. Ara Chackerian has shared that he believes that education is important and he has shared that educating individuals has helped TMS Health Solutions to find success. He worked on physician education and that helped TMS Health Solutions to show that it was serious about what it was doing and that it cared about doing things right. Check out his page for more.

When Ara Chackerian was questioned about something that he does again and again as he works toward success, he shared that he forces himself to look for the truth behind the ideas that he has. He shared that he comes up with ideas and gets excited about them and then he only sees the good that they will bring about. Ara is working on making himself really look into the ideas and not only see the good but see all of what they will bring about. He wants to see the truth behind whether or not his ideas will work out. You can visit his website

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End Citizens United to Endorse Conor Lamb in Special Election

     The 2018 Midterm Elections are going to have all of the eyes in the political world. Democrats will be seeking a blue wave that they can ride into Washington D.C., thus fundamentally wrestling control away from what has largely been a disastrous Republican-led administration. However, the Midterm Elections won’t be the only important elections going on in 2018. On March 13th, Democrat Conor Lamb will go up against Republican Rick Saccone in a Special Election for the vacant seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th District. Traditionally, this is a deep-red area but thanks to an endorsement from End Citizens United, as well as a surging in progressive momentum, Conor Lamb may actually have a chance.

If Conor Lamb is going to have any shot to take down Saccone, he is going to need the aid of End Citizens United to help get out the vote. End Citizens United is a determined political action committee that has been emphatic in their desire to champion campaign finance reform in order to take control back from billionaire and millionaire lobbyists. End Citizens United was established two years ago and they were instrumental in fundraising for various progressive candidates in the 2016 election cycle. End Citizens United chose to endorse Conor Lamb thanks to his willingness to stump for legislative changes regarding the 2010 SCOTUS decision surrounding Citizens United as well as his desire to push other progressive policies in his seat.

Conor Lamb is only 33-years-old but he has already won over quite a chunk of the voting bloc in Pennsylvania. Lamb has a direct connection to both mill towns and rural towns and support from the labor unions has been a huge shot in the arm. Saccone, meanwhile, has seen his profile raised thanks to an endorsement-by-Tweet from President Trump. While President Trump certainly serves to raise Saccone’s profile, it may not be what Saccone wants to hear right now. The last person to receive Trump’s full vote of confidence was Roy Moore who ended up falling to Doug Jones in a historic Special Election in Alabama.

End Citizens United has been instrumental in bringing energy to the progressive political world. Since Trump took office, Democrats have been able to flip 34 state seats compared to just 4 for Republicans. Democrats have also scored a governor’s seat as well as a Senate seat, the aforementioned Doug Jones. Now, End Citizens United and Conor Lamb will do their part to push the momentum forward.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Advice on Sustainable Corporate Environments

Lawyer and businessman Jermy Goldstein has a practice in the city of New York where he works in the leadership of a firm. As Partner and founder of the business, Jeremy Goldstein is responsible for the growth and smooth operation of the investment firm.



Jeremy Goldstein completed his education in law at the New York University School of Law, obtaining a Juris Doctor degree. After that, Jeremy Goldstein went into his career working at a number of companies and taking care of their legal matters such as mergers, equities, acquisitions, and the likes. Over his career, Jeremy Goldstein has been a part of different companies working in banking, stockholding, petroleum and oil, and several cellular businesses.



Currently, Jeremy Goldstein is a regular contributor to the New York University Journal of Law and Business and is a member of their advisory board. Jeremy Goldstein has written for many other publications on the topics of law and business over the course of his career. Jeremy Goldstein is a part of the American Bar Association Business Section, and he is on the Mergers and Acquisitions Committee of the Executive Compensation Committee serving as the Chairman of the Board.



Jeremy Goldstein frequently speaks on topics regarding business such as the latest discussions on sustainable economic environments. The corporate place needs to be productive as the productivity rate plays a significant role in the growth of any business. Employees carry the company’s productivity rate on their shoulders which is why they need and have all right t receive strong incentives in their daily corporate life. Such incentives include salaries and additional benefits, prospects for corporate growth and promotions, as well as a sustainable environment that is friendly, promotes productivity and makes them feel comfortable at their jobs.



Many factors go into achieving the ideal environment at the workplace, and even today most companies are not focusing on that. Even the largest businesses have trouble with this objective. Jeremy Goldstein brought the attention to the fact that the lack of a sustainable environment at the corporate place can lead to disruptions and cases are often take to court especially in terms of economic issues.



Jeremy Goldstein suggests using the method of EPS which stands for Earnings per Share. This payment program is based on performance and productivity goal is to make sure that employees are provided an excellent incentive to strive for their next goal and to pay the employees accurately for all the work they have put into their projects.



EPS can be included in the overall payment structure. Recent studies have shown that doing so has only benefitted the businesses that have changed their payment structure and added EPS to it. Learn more:



Fabletics Taking Over The Brand In Its Own Way

Fabletics is a top of the line brand that delivers incredible service to their customers. It takes on a new business opportunity that can help provide women with such an easy way to shop for workout clothes. Fabletics is a subscription-based program that delivers top of the line workout clothes through a monthly program, and so you pay monthly to get the best deals and the best recommendations. It’s quite a business to have that can change your day if you want to shop from the comfort of your home.


You join the site and they give you a questionnaire where they ask you everything that you need to know about you. They will want to know specific things like your interests, sports, and other activities that help keep you active. They will make recommendations on the clothes you should buy based on these aspects. They are also creating a brand new store throughout different locations with membership being very intriguing. For example, you can walk into the store and actually get a glimpse into some clothes that are just being released. You can try them on and window shop and decide to buy them online and have it shipped to you. Take all the photos you need and make the decision later on when you want to.


Kate Hudson is the co-creator of this brand. She loves playing such a huge role with the brand being the head name for it and also inputting her own style and advice into the company. What’s amazing is how the brand has continued to spark and improve itself by having her on since she can give her own set of advice to the brand. Fabletics uses Kate Hudson to be the spokeswoman for the brand, and she genuinely loves working together with the people in the office to better improve the brand and guide it to the right path.


Kate Hudson is the woman behind this brand who genuinely loves what she does, and she can’t wait to continue sharing her knowledge with the company. Hudson was only just an actress in the past, but her business-minded self wanted to dive right in when she was presented with the opportunity to help bring to life this brand. She stands behind the message to deliver top of the line workout clothing at the best prices. Fabletics is here to help provide solutions and give quality products.

Securus Snags GovPayNet and Expands

Leading provider of governmental communication services, Securus Technologies, has decided to fortify its strengths by purchasing GovPayNet and putting that company under its umbrella. The directors of both parties are delighted about the acquisition. Mark Mackenzie, the CEO of GovPayNet, is looking forward to joining forces with Securus. He says that he is excited about the business’s expansion and all that can happen when the two companies join forces. Robert E Pickens of Securus is equally ecstatic. He says that he is delighted to add it to the list of offerings that it provides to the community. The company’s longstanding expertise compliments Securus’s, and it seems as though everyone in this deal is excited about it.


Securus provides communication services to a vast number of organizations such as jails, government facilities, public safety units, law offices and more. The acquisition of GovPayNet will allow it to take payments in a way that’s easy for its customers to comprehend. GovPayNet currently services about 2,300 agencies in more than 30 states, so Securus will be able to upgrade its current services in those locations. Furthermore, the company will be able to take over GovPayNet’s current system by which it allows people to pay fines for traffic tickets and more. This is a big move for the company, and it seems as if it is going to be a win-win situation for both of them, as well. The newly combined company will provide services to more than 40 million citizens. Those citizens will be able to pay for a vast assortment of products and services through this system.


Securus is a communications company that has been providing a way for people to connect for years. Many correctional institutions use their services to get in touch with loved ones around the world. Securus first opened its doors in 1986 and is now the proud employer of more than 1,000 people. The company has garnered many positive reviews from people who use its services to communicate with their family members and loved ones.