Securus Snags GovPayNet and Expands

Leading provider of governmental communication services, Securus Technologies, has decided to fortify its strengths by purchasing GovPayNet and putting that company under its umbrella. The directors of both parties are delighted about the acquisition. Mark Mackenzie, the CEO of GovPayNet, is looking forward to joining forces with Securus. He says that he is excited about the business’s expansion and all that can happen when the two companies join forces. Robert E Pickens of Securus is equally ecstatic. He says that he is delighted to add it to the list of offerings that it provides to the community. The company’s longstanding expertise compliments Securus’s, and it seems as though everyone in this deal is excited about it.


Securus provides communication services to a vast number of organizations such as jails, government facilities, public safety units, law offices and more. The acquisition of GovPayNet will allow it to take payments in a way that’s easy for its customers to comprehend. GovPayNet currently services about 2,300 agencies in more than 30 states, so Securus will be able to upgrade its current services in those locations. Furthermore, the company will be able to take over GovPayNet’s current system by which it allows people to pay fines for traffic tickets and more. This is a big move for the company, and it seems as if it is going to be a win-win situation for both of them, as well. The newly combined company will provide services to more than 40 million citizens. Those citizens will be able to pay for a vast assortment of products and services through this system.


Securus is a communications company that has been providing a way for people to connect for years. Many correctional institutions use their services to get in touch with loved ones around the world. Securus first opened its doors in 1986 and is now the proud employer of more than 1,000 people. The company has garnered many positive reviews from people who use its services to communicate with their family members and loved ones.


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