Robert Ivy Leads AIA Successfully

     Robert Ivy has been the instrumental leader at the American Institute of Architects in leading the industry of architecture to become more friendly toward the environment and leave a smaller carbon footprint. He rightfully understands that the field of architecture has a direct impact on both the lives of human beings and the climate as well. If they can find ways to minimally impact nature this will begin helping America moved to become more friendly to green energy.

Robert Ivy took over as chief executive officer at the American Institute of Architects when he was promoted from the role of vice president seven years ago. Since then, he has begun implementing a vision that existed within the organization and have been growing in the hearts of their people for several years. They wanted to create a way where architects were capable of creating buildings to not only promoted public health but also sustainability for the environment.

In order for the organization the pull off this influential vision they would need to do two things. The first thing that was required was a complete overhaul of the strategic mission. This meant that their strategies, departments, and current outcome plans had to be re-aligned with the new vision. The second thing that was required to accomplish this vision was to gain public access in order to educate and teach both the young and old architects.

Robert Ivy was able to attend a dinner at the Clinton Foundation by a personal invitation from Bill Clinton. While he was present, he acquired the permission needed to announce to all those who were there what his organization wanted to do. After Bill Clinton introduced him, Robert Ivy took the podium and described to everybody his “decade of design.” The decade of design was initiative by the American Institute of Architects to begin using the next 10 years to create new techniques that architects can use to make sure that their buildings have the lowest impact on the environment possible.

Many people there were advocates for reform concerning nature and they gave Robert Ivy a standing ovation. Many of the corporations and nonprofits who were present invited Robert Ivy to come to their companies or organizations to present on how to make this happen. He also was given access to several online schools in order to continue training our architects to build with this new mindset.

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