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Susan McGalla is a popular business consultant who has spent time across the fashion, sports, and consulting industries. She’s now the president of P3 Executive Consulting, a popular consultancy company she founded in 2012. P3 Executive Consulting’s central focus is giving help to those in the fashion world that need the advice of a team headed by someone with more than 25 years’ worth of experience in the field – that’s none other than Ms. Susan McGalla.

Her first job in the working world after graduating from the Ohio-based college University of Mount Union was with Joseph Horn Company, formerly one of the most popular department store networks in the United States of America. Ms. McGalla kicked off her career there as a marketing assistant, though moved into middle management of the large company before leaving in 1994.

That same year, found a position at American Eagle Outfitters’ corporate office. Some decade after she was named the Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. After her November 2003 promotion to the C-level suite of the company, when she also became one of a few Executive Vice Presidents, Susan McGalla was bumped up even higher to the board of directors in the capacity of President in 2005, where she remained until 2007.

Today, Ms. Susan McGalla is on the board of directors of several companies, including a handful of such groups based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, her current city of residence. Just a few of these causes include the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute’s council of business experts, The Energy Network, and the Magee Research Institute.

While at American Eagle Outfitters, Ms. Susan McGalla undertook the creation of two unique brands for women and younger girls, aerie and 77 kids, two clothing lines that are still in operation today, in May 2018.

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