Entrepreneur – Malcolm Casselle

OPSKins is considered to be the number bitcoin distributor in the world and a leader in the sale of in-game virtual assets. Malcom Casselle is the CIO of the organization. OPSKins has worldwide users of followers who make cross-border micro-payment, the firm is also a prime candidate when it comes to size and user demand for a localized rule. OPSKins and their founders are recently launching a new blockchain platform for the virtual asset which they named Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). WAX can well be described as a P2P market area for trading virtual asset and it is founded upon a decentralized smart contract which allows buyers and sellers to trade the virtual asset together as well as blockchain.

The Worldwide Asset eXchange was established to solve the two major problems which are fraud and fragmentation. The method has a technology which allows their buyers and sellers to buy virtual goods by clicking a widget without clicking off their game. With the widget buyers and Sellers will be able to freely trade without any friction. WAX will also solve the fragmentation problem. When a buyer or seller use a token which does not use a common token utility they are not able to trade with other traders who do not use goods with a common denomination in differing cryptocurrencies without using middlemen. WAX will do away with forex problems which are common in the virtual market because of its character of being a common currency for all gamers.

Malcom Casselle is an American entrepreneur and the current CIO for OPSKins. Mr. Malcom is also the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange. Prior to joining OPSKins Malcom was the President of New Ventures at tronc inc which was formally known as Tribune Publishing. Digital Media of SeaChange International is another organization which Mr. Casselle worked for as the Vice President and the General Manager. Mr. Malcom is a recognized leader who has also led several start-ups in the digital sector which include Xfire, and MediaPass among many others. Malcom Casselle joined MIT and he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

Find out more about Malcolm CasSelle: http://casselle.com/


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