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How Hussain Sajwani Managed to Penetrate in the Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is a prominent name in the real estate and food industries. He is the chairman and the President of DAMAC Properties. He is also a committed philanthropist who founded Hussain Sajwani-DAMAC Foundation. The charitable organization is a jointly owned company between Sajwani at his capacity and DAMAC Properties.

Hussain Sajwani Education Background

According to, Hussain Sajwani is from a very humble background, but he was a very bright student while in high school. He, therefore, got a scholarship from the government of the day to go and study at the prestigious American Universities. He chose to join the University of Washington. After successfully going through his course, he left the US with a bachelors degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. The qualifications prepared him for great opportunities and were able to get his first job as a contract manager. He was able to learn things at a reasonable speed and was able to rise to significant levels within a short period.

In 1982, after his graduation, he decided to start a catering business. Today, the company is the leading food distributor in the middle east and parts of Africa. They have been able to manage more than 200 projects and at the same time serving more than 150,000 meals every day. They managed to penetrate the real estate world whereby they have achieved to create significant business ties. The reputation made them secure significant clients including the US military.

How Hussain Sajwani Started DAMAC Properties

In 2002, the government of Dubai passed a law that would allow foreigners to own and develop properties in the city. That is when he decided to venture into the industry after identifying that gap. Hussain (@hussainsajwani) bought a plot and built a 38 storey residential building. That was the first structure to be registered under DAMAC Properties.

He has subsequently built several hotels with the aim of hosting all the foreign investors who visit the city. Within a very short period, the company became a leading real estate developer in the region. According to Forbes, the Chairman is currently leading as one of the wealthiest Arabs in the World. Sajwani also has a partnership with President Donald Trump.

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Steve Ritchie: Choosing The Right Words

When a large corporation speaks directly to its customers, the right words make all the difference. No matter the situation, it’s crucial the words selected be done so in a careful manner. While some companies attempt to do this and come up short, Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Ritchie did not. Based on reactions from business communication experts, the open letter Ritchie recently sent to customers did an excellent job of explaining not only where the company is at the moment, but where it plans to be in the near future.

In using the letter, Steve Ritchie laid out a clear vision of the company’s future expectations to customers, employees, and franchise owners. To begin with, he touched on the areas of inclusion, diversity, and overall company culture, and let it be known Papa John’s would soon be bringing in outside auditors and consultants to conduct independent assessments of the company’s various practices. By doing so, company strengths and weaknesses can be identified, and new goals and strategies developed to help the company go forward.

Along with this important step, Steve Ritchie also pointed out in his letter to customers that his company will also be sending top-level executives to various Papa John’s restaurants throughout the country, in an effort to gain a greater understanding of not only daily operations, but also concerns of employees and customers. By taking this extraordinary step, Steve Ritchie believes the company will be made stronger, and will be better able to implement new and innovative strategies aimed at positioning the company for sustained, long-term future growth.

But perhaps most importantly of all, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns noted in his letter that as the company moves forward, it will be transparent every step of the way, and will expect customers, employees, and franchisees to hold the company accountable for its actions. By making this pledge, Steve Ritchie lets everyone know he is serious about taking what he and other executives hear from employees and customers, and using it to make the company stronger top to bottom. In doing so, it appears to have the ingredients for success. Follow Papa John’s on Twitter.

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Herbalife Provides the Tools for a Healthy Body

Herbalife has many different products to help you get the most out of your workout. They have a complete line of products for before, during and after your workout routine that will help you to build muscle, stay energized and to help replenish the fluids that your body needs.


Formula 1 Sport is a product designed to help you maintain muscle mass, sustain energy, and it also supports the immune system. Prepare is a unique formulation that supports fats twitch muscular contractions, supports healthy blood flow, and maintains performance and focus.


Restore helps to alleviate inflammation caused by exercise and supports a healthy immune function. Rebuild Strength tastes great and helps to rebuild lean muscle. It supports a healthy immune function and delivers sustained amino acid. Achieve is a high-grade protein bar that delivers protein on-the-go.


It contains 20 g of milk and whey protein and long-lasting energy. It is also derived from whole ingredients. CR7 Drive will fuel your workouts as well as keep you hydrated. It has 320 mg of electrolytes and has glucose which helps to fuel the brain. It contains carbohydrates which are easy to digest and helps to fuel muscles as well as keep your energy high. It does not contain artificial sweeteners and is lightly flavored.


All of Herbalife products provide nutrition to even the hardest working athletes throughout the entire day, and their products have undergone exceptional industry standards to guarantee high-grade and high-quality products. Their product line is customizable to meet the different needs and training levels of different people.


Herbalife products have been developed in a lab and have been tested in real life to ensure their high-quality standards are met. Their products have been analyzed and have gone through testing t ensure that they do not contain any banned substances and are in compliance with the standards set by the USADA, NCAA, and NFL.


Their products are naturally derived and do not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. It is important to feed your body when you exercise or live an active lifestyle so that it can replenish itself and thrive.

A Look At How The Real Estate Guru, Jim Toner Makes His Day Productive

Jim Toner, a man of many hats, has enjoyed a long-standing and incredibly successful career mainly as a real estate investor. However, he likes empowering other people with what he knows and help them improve their lives with his rich knowledge, which is why he is also a renowned speaker and radio show host.

Toner has been a key player in real estate for close to three decades and has traveled all over the country to deliver talks with some big names such as Bill Bartman, Frank McKinney, Sharon Lechter and many others. Through his unique advice, Jim has helped transform real estate by making it more friendly which is why most entrepreneurs go the extra mile by paying hefty air tickets to be part of his programs.

Besides empowering people with knowledge, Jim is a man with a big heart and a unique rags to riches tale. In respect to this, he does all he can to give back to the community and is an active member of various charity organizations such as the Frank and Nilsa McKinney Caring house project foundation and many others.

During a recent interview with, Jim gave the world an in-depth view of his life and how he came to be the successful person he is today. For instance, he reveals that the famed “ Band of the rebels” is not just a name but the attitude of the team of entrepreneurs who are part of it. According to Jim, they have that attitude because they’ve risen against the odds hindering entrepreneurial activities to become the best and they are still doing so, despite the challenges lying ahead of them.

On his facebook account, Jim Toner said he is an early bird and his starts off by hitting the gym as early as 5.30 A.M because he believes that the only way he can achieve his goals is if his body is in good shape. During this time, Jim Toner works out not only physically but also mentally by listening to podcasts. He later moves on to the activities of the day which mostly involve working on his next sales copy or book, traveling across the country to attend seminars or check one of his offices. In other words, Jim Toner’s day is not dictated by to-do lists. Instead, he rides along with what the day has to offer. He also takes 20-minute naps in between his day to rejuvenate his body and keep himself productive.


Review of NewsWatch TV

News watch is a well-known television show that allows the viewers to see upcoming breakthroughs in the world. Topics range anywhere from health to celebrity news.

Nathalie Van Wijkvliet with Ockel used NewsWatch to support crow funding for a Windows PC that would fit in the consumer’s pocket. Wijkvliet said the company had complete success with NewsWatch media. Wijkvliet goes on to discuss that NewsWatch was the leading reason in Ockel’s success with the device. Not only did Ockel succeed with the media advertisement, but also everyone associated with NewsWatch was friendly and helpful. Ockel is working on other products and will continue using NewsWatch in the future for success.

NewsWatch began in 1989 with a variety of different topics to cover. Several celebrities have appeared on the show. There have been more than 1,000 episodes since the shows start date and continue to grow.

Anyone can go to the NewsWatch website and easily navigate around to find the upcoming news in the world. You do not have to be an expert to get through the website. NewsWatch makes it interesting and provides a variety of articles and topics to scroll through and learn about. This includes not only news, but reviews as well.

NewsWatch is age friendly and does not limit to any specific crowd or age. NewsWatch is highly recommended by everyone that has used them in the past, including Nathalie Van Wijkvliet.

So as you can see, NewsWatch has been around for a long time, has proven success for their clients, and shows an interest for all ages.

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Jim Toner: Success Is Just 1 Decision Away

A good career can make for a healthy life..

As an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Acclaimed Author, it’s no secret that Jim Toner is the full package. His dedication and devotion to his work and his clients have been his drive for the past 20 years. His desire to donate to those less fortunate them himself and not just offer instant help, but long-term solutions, are what makes Jim Toner a successful Philanthropist and an endearing person.

Give a man dinner and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man how to cook and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. This is a philosophy that Jim Toner has adopted and perfected at the cost of his clients. On a normal day, you’ll find Jim Toner recruiting for a new career in real estate investing. His belief is that this can be a career that will not just be fruitful monetarily but also can be uplifting by the life it demands. Everyone feels good when they accomplish something, especially when it has a good payout. His idea is that with real estate investing, its simply platform can make for an easy path for anyone to take when looking for a new life-changing career.

Entrepreneur Jim Toner’s vision for real estate investment is undeniable. He has published multiple books on real estate investment including The Consumers Guide To Investment Real Estate and Send In The Wolves. Jim Toner has achieved the ability to relate to his audience by showing how he has achieved success in the same way that he is asking his audience to try, and this is given in both of those books listed above. His reputation has named him a life coach by many, and has forced him to share his concerns and solutions for life. His dedication to his followers cant be ignored, he has even created a program, The 12 Little House Plan, that has an audience of thousands of people benefitting by his financial secrets and guidance to success.

Success isn’t instant, it comes with hard work and time, but it also shouldn’t just be a career, it should be your way of life and life can be rewarding. So by linking the two together can be a recipe for a prospering and happy life.


Guilherme Paulus and his Entrepreneurial Journey.

During the 2017 Top Seller Event, the organizers set the theme as Entrepreneurship. The annual event is organized by RCI Brasil. The sponsor of the event aims at empowering more entrepreneurs. Due to his vast experience in the business world, he was qualified to talk about the topic. Guilherme Paulus is the pioneer of a tour operator popularly known as CVC. At first, it was a partnership between him and another Brazilian national before the partner left to focus on other business interests. He also chairs the board meetings of the company. The travel firm is the most popular in Latin America. It is viewed as a market leader in the tourism industry due to the innovative travel packages that the management led by Guilherme Paulus has developed over the years. Visit to find out more.

The new packages have led to the growth of the tour operator’s earnings. Most of the hoteliers in Brazil still offer the traditional travel services despite the fact that the customer needs keeps changing from time to time. He is also the head of the GJP Hotel Networks. The group is considered as one of the most developed in the country. He manages several hotels. At the Top Seller Event, he talked about how he came up with the ideas behind CVC and the GJP network of hotels. He explained to the attendees how he has managed to run the two organizations and transform them into some of the best in the industry.

Guilherme Paulus started his career as a trainee in IBM. According to him, the opportunity to work as a marketer for tourism products gave him the exposure and experience to start and run his company. He pointed out that by reading the newspapers, he realized his dream career. He got the idea from a trip he went where he realized that most of the services offered to tourists do not guarantee the value for their money. The trips were boring to most of the travelers. Therefore, Guilherme Paulus set out to come up with better products that all the tourists would love. He is an inspiration to many new entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. Learn more:


Michael Hagele and The Outstanding Service He Offers To The World of Start-up Tech Investments

The business solutions that have come to be applied these days may only be provisional and contextual, and so their application may not be that much of use later on. However, we also have business leaders who understand the importance of being conservative in applying these ideas because reality differs in theory and practice. One of these erudite business leaders today whose stories are worth reading is the business career of Michael Hagele. Read more about Michael at

The Investor and Counsel

We have business leaders who are timid, but powerful, and we also have logical leaders but are demagogues when making decisions. The best thing about Michael Hagele is that he is both of a logician and an open-minded believer of the idea that what doesn’t make sense doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t. If that’s too complicated to understand, maybe it’s because only business leaders like him who are practicing in the field could get it.

Right now, what takes up most of the time of Michael Hagele is the fact that he offers outside general counsel to a diverse group of tech companies in the internet, defense and biotechnology industries. His ability to also invest in early-stage technology companies have also been advantageous on his part. You can also see his name under the supportive roles of various companies in the hospitality and restaurant industries.

Broad Experience and Mindset

What also makes Michael right now stand out in the competition is the fact that he can manufacture creative ideas in license distribution, development agreements and negotiation drafts that help give the companies he supports the kind of traction and push they need to scale up.

It should also be probably relevant to say here that his law degree at the University of California at Berkeley and his B.A. in the University of Iowa could be one of the big reasons today why he is so invested in the world of supporting various tech companies. We can also see in the career of Michael Hagele the experience he had working for Fenwick and West LLP, in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. Learn more:

The Go-To Person For Live Sound Engineering: Clay Hutson

Clay Hutson is an established producer in the music industry. He has a wide range of knowledge and this has made him him a go-to for many artists. His services are heavily sought after. Clay has experience in many sectors of the music arts. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee and got a bachelors degree from The Central Michigan University, in Theater Designing. Clay Hutson proceeded to then further his education and get his masters degree at The Steven M. Ross School of Business. He played the role of many important positions. He began as a project coordinator and then sound engineer for many different genres of music. Proceeding his exposure to all of these types of music, Clay Hutson knew that the genre of Rock ‘n’ Roll was where he had a desire to work with. The world of music enabled Hutson to see many different places overseas and all throughout North America and Australia as well. With all the experience he had, it was time to move forward and start his own business. He founded his a production management company that has grown tremendously since it’s birth. He is a leader that shows others his ways by leading by example. These days his focal area of work is concert production. He is a huge fan of the live performance so everyday is fun to him. The work he does, doesn’t feel like work to him; He states.

Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock are presntly working on The Red Blooded Rock ‘n’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour together. He is Kid Rock’s stage manager and has proven himself to be an asset in the tour’s success. The two have worked together before and it was the success of that venture that led to this current one. Some of the big names that Clay has worked with are Kelly Clarkson, Guns’N’Roses, Prince and P!nk to name a few. As a live sound engineer, he realizes the obstacles that may arise and has the experience to deal with them accordingly. His services has also extended into the corporate world. Clay has assisted with the olympics and other major events. The go-to guy for live sound engineering has paved the way for himself and many others. Learn more:




Neurocore is a corporation based in Michigan and Florida belonging to DeVos and his husband. The company’s primary objective is to retrain by showing moving to the patients. The company is under electroencephalogram hence its name EEG Biofeedback. Neurocore uses tests and checklists in their diagnostic evaluation processes. This checklists and tests, therefore, give room for client patients to develop a clear picture of their personal experiences. The suit of checklist and tests include industry gold standard interactive lists that shield ADHD, anxiety, depression among other symptom domains. Corroborated sleep surveys and sustained motivation and show tests are as well put in place. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Moreover, Neurocore conducts 19-channel complete cap QEEG hence creating a brain map. The brain map critical in-patient gaining an indulgent of the current environmental happenings at brain capacity by linking it to an age-normed databank. By evaluating the extent of the brain working, therefore the primary cause of the brain ailment is realized. The amalgamation of consistent, dependable and authenticated testing allows for a holistic look at clients anxieties. With the critical data and a detailed report can be delivered to doctors. Read more about Neurocore at


Neurocore company offers a range of job opportunities and responsibilities. They have the client advocate position whose duties is to attend clients on a daily basis guiding them on their concerns. The client must be entitled with excellent communication and demonstrate a high level of professionalism. The client advocate should have a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and be in good standing records in meeting the client needs.