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Jim Toner: Success Is Just 1 Decision Away

A good career can make for a healthy life..

As an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Acclaimed Author, it’s no secret that Jim Toner is the full package. His dedication and devotion to his work and his clients have been his drive for the past 20 years. His desire to donate to those less fortunate them himself and not just offer instant help, but long-term solutions, are what makes Jim Toner a successful Philanthropist and an endearing person.

Give a man dinner and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man how to cook and you’ll feed him for a lifetime. This is a philosophy that Jim Toner has adopted and perfected at the cost of his clients. On a normal day, you’ll find Jim Toner recruiting for a new career in real estate investing. His belief is that this can be a career that will not just be fruitful monetarily but also can be uplifting by the life it demands. Everyone feels good when they accomplish something, especially when it has a good payout. His idea is that with real estate investing, its simply platform can make for an easy path for anyone to take when looking for a new life-changing career.

Entrepreneur Jim Toner’s vision for real estate investment is undeniable. He has published multiple books on real estate investment including The Consumers Guide To Investment Real Estate and Send In The Wolves. Jim Toner has achieved the ability to relate to his audience by showing how he has achieved success in the same way that he is asking his audience to try, and this is given in both of those books listed above. His reputation has named him a life coach by many, and has forced him to share his concerns and solutions for life. His dedication to his followers cant be ignored, he has even created a program, The 12 Little House Plan, that has an audience of thousands of people benefitting by his financial secrets and guidance to success.

Success isn’t instant, it comes with hard work and time, but it also shouldn’t just be a career, it should be your way of life and life can be rewarding. So by linking the two together can be a recipe for a prospering and happy life.



Neurocore is a corporation based in Michigan and Florida belonging to DeVos and his husband. The company’s primary objective is to retrain by showing moving to the patients. The company is under electroencephalogram hence its name EEG Biofeedback. Neurocore uses tests and checklists in their diagnostic evaluation processes. This checklists and tests, therefore, give room for client patients to develop a clear picture of their personal experiences. The suit of checklist and tests include industry gold standard interactive lists that shield ADHD, anxiety, depression among other symptom domains. Corroborated sleep surveys and sustained motivation and show tests are as well put in place. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Moreover, Neurocore conducts 19-channel complete cap QEEG hence creating a brain map. The brain map critical in-patient gaining an indulgent of the current environmental happenings at brain capacity by linking it to an age-normed databank. By evaluating the extent of the brain working, therefore the primary cause of the brain ailment is realized. The amalgamation of consistent, dependable and authenticated testing allows for a holistic look at clients anxieties. With the critical data and a detailed report can be delivered to doctors. Read more about Neurocore at


Neurocore company offers a range of job opportunities and responsibilities. They have the client advocate position whose duties is to attend clients on a daily basis guiding them on their concerns. The client must be entitled with excellent communication and demonstrate a high level of professionalism. The client advocate should have a bachelor’s degree in health sciences and be in good standing records in meeting the client needs.


Third Longest Charter Memories Sets Stage for Chainsmokers New Release

Despite the Chainsmokers moving on to a different sound, their old sound is apparently still as popular as ever. The duo, which according to Alex Pall, decided they wanted to stop making dance music early on. Their debut album, “Memories… Do Not Open” had brought them much success, becoming a number one on the dance charts. To remain relevant the duo decided to evolve. Although since then they have had many charting singles and EPs, their one-and-only album has never left the top five.

“Memories… Do Not Open” has held the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart concurrently since 2016. Billboard’s charts measure the most popular label records for every musical genre out there. “Memories… Do Not Open” is currently enjoying its thirty-fourth non-consecutive turn in the No.1 spot of the dance category. “Demon Days” a popular album by the Gorillaz is also holding this spot. The two albums are currently tied with each holding the same thirty-four turns. Memories shows no sign of slowing down, but Demon Days looks like its may have reached its peak. Many speculate that pretty soon the Chainsmokers album will hold third place alone. It is too soon to wonder if the album will go farther. The question is will the Chainsmokers?

The duo has released three singles in preparation for a new album, the album is called, “Somebody” and it has every possibility of following Memories’ lead. At present the duo is reeling from the success of their singles, “Sick Boy”, “You Owe Me”, and “Everybody Hates Me”. According to the band and numerous sources the singles are leading up to their second studio album titled, “Somebody”. The three singles are examples of the groups new sound, each containing a darker message aimed at present society. The songs’ messages are not typical of EDM, but the Chainsmokers have never been typical. Andrew Taggart took over lead vocals in 2016 with single “Closer”. Most DJ’s do not sing their music so his vocals were an innovation. The duo also takes part in songwriting, which is another innovation.

Fashion forward with the Academy of Art University!

The New York Fashion Week is notorious throughout the country for displaying some of the nations top designers newest styles and trends. This year the San Francisco Academy of Art University had several students whos designs and garments created quite a buzz.

The University of Art Academy is an urban campus in the heart of San Francisco that allows students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to study what they are passionate about. You can get your degree in Fine Arts, Photography, and more. The students that had pieces in the New York Fashion week this year were Jelly Shan,

Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, Carlos Rodriguez and Saya Shen. All these young designers had original pieces that were unique and turned many heads. They worked hard and it payed off. Thier pieces were shared, seen and talked about and photographed. They manipulated and played with colors and fabrics. Some used bold contrast and some used futuristic silhouettes. They poured their hearts and souls into these designs and it showed. Some of these designers were from other schools.

This school allows you to enhance or further develop the skills you already have. These students all started from ground zero, and now they have collections that are being showcased in the New York Fashion Week. It does not get any cooler than that! Imagine seeing a piece you designed on a professional model strutting her stuff down the runway. It was one of the best moments of their lives, and this is what this school can offer you! A chance to make your dreams come true is an investment we should all make. The pieces that were displayed were catchy, edgy, some were girly and some were masculine. But do you want to know what they all had common? They were masterpieces!

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