Fashion forward with the Academy of Art University!

The New York Fashion Week is notorious throughout the country for displaying some of the nations top designers newest styles and trends. This year the San Francisco Academy of Art University had several students whos designs and garments created quite a buzz.

The University of Art Academy is an urban campus in the heart of San Francisco that allows students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to study what they are passionate about. You can get your degree in Fine Arts, Photography, and more. The students that had pieces in the New York Fashion week this year were Jelly Shan,

Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, Carlos Rodriguez and Saya Shen. All these young designers had original pieces that were unique and turned many heads. They worked hard and it payed off. Thier pieces were shared, seen and talked about and photographed. They manipulated and played with colors and fabrics. Some used bold contrast and some used futuristic silhouettes. They poured their hearts and souls into these designs and it showed. Some of these designers were from other schools.

This school allows you to enhance or further develop the skills you already have. These students all started from ground zero, and now they have collections that are being showcased in the New York Fashion Week. It does not get any cooler than that! Imagine seeing a piece you designed on a professional model strutting her stuff down the runway. It was one of the best moments of their lives, and this is what this school can offer you! A chance to make your dreams come true is an investment we should all make. The pieces that were displayed were catchy, edgy, some were girly and some were masculine. But do you want to know what they all had common? They were masterpieces!

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