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Benefits Earned By OSI Industries After Expanding Its Business Operations In Spain

Setting up a business in a new geographical area especially an international one can be very risky but most businesses still view it as a worthy risk. However, it is always wise in the field of business to carry out research on that place and do some considerations. For instance, Spain is one of the European countries that hauled behind when other countries in the continent were overcoming the recession period. However, despite the economic crisis in the country, there are numerous unexpected benefits such as well-developed infrastructure, the presence of a globalized market and improved business strategies. OSI Industries is one of the companies in the United States that saw the brighter side of the country and went ahead to establish their business in Spain.

OSI Industries acquired a new food facility in Toledo, Spain with the aim of increasing chicken production in the region. According to José María del Río, the managing director of OSI Food Solutions in Spain, demand for chicken products had increased tremendously both in Portugal and Spain. He remarked that the demand had reached a growth of 6 percent per annum a few years ago, but it has grown further to 8 percent every year for the past three years. Being positive that the trend will continue he highly supported the acquisition of the new plant in Toledo.

The new plant line lies on a 22,600 square feet space holding a new product development kitchen that is expected to help fulfill the diverse needs and preferences of customers. Other facilities held in it include refrigerated rooms designed to store waste containers, an employee lounge, shipping and receiving areas, supply storage area and a production area. David McDonald serves at OSI Industries as the COO, and he said that the new facility in Spain would help the company to increase their food products and services. He also said that this is a development that will enhance the growth and reputation of the company at large and benefit residents through the creation of employment opportunities.

The facility in Toledo Spain is expected to double chicken processing and increase chicken products from 12,000 tons per year to 24,000 tons. This growth in capacity is expected to meet the increasing demand for chicken products in the country. Also, with this production capacity, OSI Industries will increase its total production of pork, chicken and beef products combined to about 45,000 tons. The company had previously employed 140 people, but with the new production line, twenty more people will join the team including a new product development manager. Other companies may view Spain as a risky business region to venture in but based on the success of OSI Industries in the country, all is not lost, and any business can flourish as long as due diligence is applied in the process.

A Close Look at Freedom Checks’ Legitimacy and Approval

Every form of Investment comes along with its potential return and possible risk; therefore, there is no need for rushing while making an Investment Decision. To come up with a wise Investment decision that assures you the highest reward at minimal risk requires taking time to analyze the previous and current trends of investment you are tending to make and also confirm its legitimacy. Therefore, using Freedom Checks, the robust Investment program developed by Matt Badiali becomes the appropriate decision. It has been ascertained that it is a legal investing strategy because it compiles to the United States tax codes. Also, Matt holds the most significant number of these Checks which are worth$114,287 as stated in one of the adverts that he featured. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Most people decided to write off these Freedom Checks because of several reasons as follows; they lacked a proper understanding of these Checks, this being the primary cause. The other grounds is that they were not familiar to Matt, they also doubted to whom authority does he work for and even his qualification to talk about Freedom Checks was dubious. Also, the legitimacy of these checks was questionable among the average people because they did not want to involve themselves in a losing investment.

Freedom Checks has been confirmed to be a form of investment, therefore, distinguishing them from other scams. The process of distributing them is not that ambiguous because it does not differ with different kinds of investment procedures of gathering returns. Therefore, it is mailed to an investor’s house, and in return, he makes payment to complete the cycle which is usually via his bank account or one’s broker. Investing in these checks has many advantages that come with it such as; the investor is assured more gains because they are income tax-free since the government refers to them to return on capital.


Matt Badiali, the gentleman who invented Freedom Checks, is a senior financial analyst and his also among the best geologist ever known. This because of the great basis he has laid for himself, starting with the education he has excelled in his undergraduate studies as well as postgraduate studies from different institutions. While continuing with his geologist training, this was when he learnt more about investment by interrogating the CEOs. Read this article at Money Morning.

Stream Cares: The New Face Of Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Efforts

Stream Energy has been a customer favorite in the Dallas, Texas, and surrounding area for their energy services, virtual doctor visits, home security services, and the utility services offered. But the real hero of the Stream Energy family is the philanthropic efforts that each Stream staff member supports. Almost all staff are actively involved in charities and volunteering efforts. So much so that Stream Energy created an organization to combine everyone’s efforts under one roof. And now those efforts are being documented in an article on

Stream Cares has been making a positive effect in Texas communities. For example: When Houston received over 56 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey people were displaced from their homes. Stream Cares stepped up right away to offer monies and assistance to help individuals get back on their feet quickly. Stream has a longstanding association with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, offering aid and working on projects together when needed.

A strong philanthropic standing in the business community is what more companies are realizing is needed to strengthen the bottom line. Consumers have become more savvy and want companies to have a connection to community. The staff at Stream Energy have been helping their community way before it was a strong bottom line company decision. Stream cares works with various organizations in Texas and across the country such as: Hope Supply Co., an organization that works with homeless families to provide items the children might need for school or home. Recently, Hope Supply Co. teamed up with Stream Cares to provide a day at the waterpark for hundreds of homeless children.

Stream Cares works with Veterans organizations also. Operation Once In A Lifetime works to support and provide Armed Forces Veterans with much needed mental and financial support. Last Christmas, Stream Cares teamed up with Operation Once In A Lifetime to provide holiday dinner for families and an American Girl event for Veterans daughters. Stream Cares is leading the way in how businesses should treat their customers and community.

Founder of Bumble Whitney Wolfe Subjected to Neo-Nazi Attack

Whitney Wolfe never expected to reach the online notoriety that she has, and she wishes that it wasn’t in the way that she has. The founder of the feminist dating app Bumble has been in the public eye since she left Tinder after being the alleged victim of sexual harassment at the company. The alleged perpetrator of the incidents was her ex-boyfriend and former boss who would call her derogatory names while harassing her through text messaging.

This wasn’t enough to stop Whitney Wolfe and she continued on with her spirit of entrepreneurship by creating Bumble. With the help of a few friends, the app that has now reached users across the world has helped women initiate the conversation with potential partners instead of waiting for them. It is truly an app with feminism in mind. Read this article of Whitney Wolfe at Deadline

Unfortunately, there are many people that have a problem with her style of feminism. Whitney Wolfe recently found herself the target of neo-nazis who released the information of herself and many other women at the company on the internet. Their names, faces, and phone numbers were posted all over some of the darker parts of the internet and people were encouraged to take down the staff due to their feminist status.

The attack took place shortly before the infamous neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville that made headlines across the world. After receiving numerous threats of death and sexual attacks, Whitney Wolfe no longer felt safe. She hired bodyguards and increased the security presence at the offices of Bumble to keep herself and the staff safe from attack. While the website where the information was initially posted was taken down by the FBI, the damage was already done. The data had already propagated across the internet and was seen by thousands of people that didn’t have the best intentions.

The incident has affected the anxiety of Whitney Wolfe, but she knows that she must keep pushing forward. Despite being offered hundreds of millions for the company by Match, she decided not to sell. She is doing everything that she can to ensure that both her mental health and company are doing well.

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The Aspire: A State of the Art Apartment Complex Built by Boraie Development

The Aspire is one of the most recent projects completed by Boraie Development. The building is located near the city center of New Brunswick, New Jersey, and it is among the first structures by Boraie Development to be built within the city. Boraie Development and the city government of New Brunswick have signed a partnership contract which will transform the city into an economic powerhouse. The city has been considered as one of the best cities to live in back in the mid-20th century because of the prevalence of factories and offices offering a lot of jobs to the population. However, the city went into extreme decline after its population went into a massive exodus, leaving the industries in New Brunswick. Today, the city decided to go under a rebirth, and they have contracted Boraie Development to build more projects within the city hoping that it would attract investors and new residents.



New Brunswick is not the only city that is being developed by Boraie Development. Newark and Atlantic City are also being transformed by the company, and they are also building newer residential and commercial complexes within the downtown areas to attract investors to do business in the city. Boraie Development tapped New Brunswick to become one of the cities that they will develop because they knew that there is a lot of potential to the city. The first thing that Boraie Development did is to locate the best place within the city where they will be constructing the apartment complex. They chose to construct the building near the city center so that the residents could have access to facilities offered by the downtown, like the restaurants and bars, among others. After The Aspire opened its doors to the public, many inquired about the units and a lot of them were sold. The residents who are now living inside the apartment complex are satisfied with the services and the facilities offered by the building to the people living inside. For more details visit




According to NJBiz, Boraie Development knew that the residents inside their apartment complex would want to live in a comfortable and highly secured property, so they invested in hiring security personnel who would be taking in charge of monitoring the property. The developers also built a fitness center inside the apartment complex, and made it sure that the materials that will be used inside each unit will be of high quality, with an experienced interior designer taking in charge of how it will be designed. After the success of The Aspire, Boraie Development announced that more projects will be built within the city.



HCR Wealth Advisors Can Help You Make Volatility Beneficial with Personalized Financial Solutions

The financial sector has changed very much over the last 20 years. In many cases, the entire field of finance has changed over the last 5 years. Within the finance sector, the ability to synthesize a number of modern developments and act on information gathered is of great importance. As well as increased change in the financial sector, there have been new opportunities to gain exposure to new segments of the financial markets. Within the financial sector, information transfer is instant, and wealth can be either gained or lost very quickly as a result.

In recent years, there is now a more thoughtful and focused analysis of data that is of great importance. Nowadays, it is important that financial data is applied to a number of individual situations. At any given time, there is a lot of financial data which needs to be filtered to specific financial needs and goals of various investors.

Today, there is a lot of optimism about the economy. According to economic data, there has been improvement on a number of key metrics which indicate the United States economy getting stronger. Along with America getting stronger economically, there are other parts of the world that are thriving as well. During the year 2017, the S&P 500earned a return of 21.7%.  Along with the stock market thriving, the Federal Reserve has raised the interest rates which will likely be well accommodated by the economic conditions. Learn about HCR Wealth’s Top Holdings here.

For institutional investors and individuals looking to capitalize on the financial markets, they should consider working with a financial advisory firm. HCR Wealth Advisors is a SEC-registered investment advisory firm located in Los Angeles, California. With this firm, investors can get financial advice and strategies designed to best accommodate their particular goals and needs.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that works with clients on a number of investment strategies. These strategies can offer clients different investment opportunities that vary in both level of risk and potential returns. One of the things that has distinguished HCR Wealth Advisors from other firms is its close relationships with clients. The firm provides clients with education and information about investment opportunities to help client make investment decisions more independently. HCR Wealth Advisors believes that it’s clients first and always first.


HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Todd Levine Uses Creative Strategies in The Courtroom

The ability to have passions that you can incorporate into your career as Todd Levine does is a rare talent and one that should be appreciated. Todd Levine is an attorney in south Florida that has taken his career to new depths. With an extensive background in the legal industry, he allows his excitements to bring out emotions and desires in the courtroom.


He has a history of excellence and after he graduated from the University of FL Levin College of Law and the University of Florida, both with honors, he has taken his career in the litigation field seriously so he can help those in need as well as being creative with his approaches. Todd Levine can take on many different style cases and loves to handle different disputes. While he is taking on the courtroom with his passions, he also uses his strong intellectual skills to enhance the proceedings.


With many years of experience, he continues to surprise his clients and cases with profound knowledge and a different style of thinking that many would overlook. He has the ability to take on a case that may look as if it would fail, and win, many times over. He has talents in many different fields that only helps him in court and allows him to connect to a new and appealing level with his clients.


Todd Levine takes on different cases with different styles of clients, but no matter how different they each are, he instills his unique style of thinking in order to observe and win the case. He represents clients of different backgrounds, such as real estate brokers, investors, homeowners, property managers, and even contractors. However, he does not just stop there, he can handle business disputes and complicated cases that are detailed oriented. He is an attorney that has a passion and desire to help. He loves playing the guitar and using his skill in the art industry to his advantage in court. We can only expect to see creative and rare talents come from him in the future.

End Citizens United’s Election Financing Fight Continues In Opposition To Governor Rick Scott

The PAC, End Citizens United has been fighting for changes to be made to regulations in place following the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. Despite many political experts fearing the goals of the PAC were too narrow, ECU President Tiffany Muller has grown in three short years to become one of the most influential political campaigners in the U.S. The latest complaint filed by the PAC is against former Florida Governor and current U.S. Senate candidate, Rick Scott.

The latest issues surrounding the former Governor revolve around the formation of a Super PAC described as failing to work within the boundaries of its guidelines. Governor Scott created the New Republican Super PAC in a bid to bring young people into the political spectrum of President Donald Trump. However, End Citizens United recently filed a complaint with the Federal Election Committee stating the former Florida Governor is using funds from the New Republican Super PAC to pay for his campaign for the U.S. Senate during the 2018 Midterms. Visit End Citizens United on Twitter for more updates.

End Citizens United has stated the Governor has a history of fraudulent financial irregularities following his disgrace as the CEO of Columbia/HCA. The Medicare fraud case tried in 1997 saw Rick Scott take a “fifth amendment” plea and resign his position in disgrace. After announcing his campaign to be elected to the U.S. Senate as his second term as Florida Governor comes to an end, Scott is facing accusations of using more than $70 million raised to bring awareness to young people about the policies of President Donald Trump.

The focus of PAC’s and Super PAC’s is clearly stated upon their establishment, which saw End Citizens United include the stipulation no donor can provide more than $5,000 per election cycle. The need for political independence is easy to see with ECU as the group is battling the power of dark money passing into U.S. politics. The independence of the New Republican PAC is in doubt as Governor Scott was still listed as the President of the PAC months after announcing his candidacy for Florida’s Senate seat.



How Sussex Healthcare Helps Elderly People In Its 20 Homes

For the past 20 years, Sussex Healthcare has been providing a home for elderly people and other adults unable to care for themselves.

They operate a chain of homes along England’s southern coast where people with age-related conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can find a place with a caring staff and plentiful opportunities for leisure activities, socializing, and learning opportunities.

Sussex Healthcare opened a gym in early 2018 which is available to the residents in all of its homes. It’s a good sized gym with elliptical trainers, treadmills, medicine balls, stationary bikes, and other equipment. It also includes a pool to exercise in as well as a spacious hot tub to relax in. The staff is comprised of experienced specialists who can develop exercise programs for each individual based on what they need and are able to do. They can customize the speed of the treadmills, for instance, and help people on the elliptical trainers enhance their flexibility and strengthen their joints.

Sussex Healthcare offers its residents swimming classes where the pool is set to predetermined currents. This helps the residents increase their stamina and become more flexible in their movements. Additionally, they have an underwater treadmill that the residents can use to increase the strength in their hamstrings, stomach, calves, and quadriceps.

One of Sussex Healthcare’s homes is called Forest Lodge. This is located just outside of the village of Uckfield on an estate that is eight acres in size. The home is surrounded by a picturesque garden and fountains. The people that stay at this home are elderly people, many with age-related mental conditions. In order to help these people the staff lead several indoor cognitive activities designed to help them mentally. There is also a cafe and country store for the residents and visitors to enjoy.

Horncastle House is another home Sussex Healthcare operates, this one outside of East Grinstead. This home is located on 15 acres and has a large orchard, a huge lawn, gardens, and fountains. 28 people can stay at this home at any time and both shared and private rooms are available.

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Entrepreneur William Saito Talks About Advancing Russia’s Tech Industry

Entrepreneur William Sato is a Japanese-American who has become a globally recognized expert when it comes to cybersecurity and other technological subjects. He taught himself how to program when he was just 10 years old and started his first company in the tech industry when he was still in college. This business, I/O Software, became a critical component of the Japanese software industry and worked with Sony to build authentication tools like fingerprint recognition. He sold this business to Microsoft when he was 34 years old.

William Sato grew up in Walnut, California, which is pretty close to Silicon Valley. He grew up when personal computing was first becoming popular and he became very enthusiastic about it. A number of years ago he moved to Japan and has worked as a consultant for that nation’s government since that time. He ended up writing a book about his experiences which is called, “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur”.

It was while drinking with some Sony engineers at a bar that he came up with the idea of fingerprint recognition. He brought up that they had a high-resolution camera that could easily identify individual fingerprints. William Sato said that all they had to do was modify the lens, write the code of some pattern-matching software, and the result would be a portable way to read fingerprints.

EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

He has also been a consultant to the Russian government. He says that country has been trying to break into the global technology sector. For the past several years the only Russian software anyone was using was the security program Kaspersky. Most people and businesses are no longer using that program, though, ever since the Department of Homeland Security sounded the alarm on it.

William Sato says that the Russian government knows they are far too reliant on providing energy to other nations and so wants to develop other industries, such as technology. As a consultant, he advised that they start to fund tech startups and modernized their national architecture so that they could further advance this industry. He was a big part of one Russian tech firm being established which is Slovolko.