Upwork: Freelance organizing is Key

Upwork has become a popular place where many freelancers can make extra money from clients across the globe. Some of these tasks can be quiet lucrative for the right freelancer who can get the job done. It all comes down to organization and focusing on what tasks need to be completed. That’s why it’s best to consider creating a to-do-list and know how to quickly complete it. Here are some steps you can take to master completing your daily tasks in your list.

One Area

The solution to the problem of having every task on pieces of paper, is to simply build a habit of using only one platform to create your to-do list. There are many good smartphone applications that are available where they capture your task anytime and anywhere. This relieves you of having to scribble down a list of tasks on various scraps of paper that can get lost in your desk. Another thing to avoid is using your inbox as a tool for your to-do list. You should be writing down all of your tasks from your email to put them in your list or application.


Most people who freelance and are trying to get her particular job done will use some sort of to-do list or task list to keep them abreast of what’s going on. This is a practice that can make you super productive. When we talk about time as a factor, this does not mean deadlines. The goal is to not just write down what you have to do, but place a time attribute near that particular task. This will certainly help you organize better and know what task to do in the next hour.

Batch Process

This is often done in factory work. It means to put all similar work tasks together in one pile. If you need to contact someone, this allows you to reach them quickly. Consider using ClickUp and assign a tag to the task as you create it. This speeds up your search time for a simple phone number that otherwise would take longer to find.

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