How Victoria Doramus Became A Premier Marketing Consultant

Victoria Doramus is many things and among them is her title of creative marketing consultant. Doramus has established herself over the years as a top-notch digital and print media consulting professional. Over her years of work in the industry, Doramus has partnered with many creative minds in various fields. From her work with Peter Berg (Hollywood Director) to her consulting for Stila Cosmetics, Doramus has been busy pretty much all of the time. As a successful marketing consultant with experience in both print and digital media, Doramus has learned a lot over the years and now she is willing to open up about her techniques, thoughts, and past work.

Victoria Doramus graduated from the Boulder branch of the University of Colorado. She left school with a B.A. in both journalism and mass communications. While attending the University, Doramus fell in love with art and art history and she would study ancient Grecian artwork in order to round out her appreciation. Understanding and appreciating art history may not seem like a big deal, but as a creative consultant for marketing, this is a subject that served to benefit her professional marketing career in its own ways. After school, Doramus got right into the industry and she’s been working in that capacity ever since.

Nowadays, Victoria Doramus is focused on expanding her philanthropic outreach by way of donating and giving her own personal time to the facilities that mean the most to her. From the Amy Winehouse Foundation to the Best Friends Animal Society, Doramus has showcased what she cares about most by putting her time and money on the line. Doramus is an advocate and proud of her charity and she considers it an essential aspect to her career. The aforementioned non-profit charities that we highlighted above are all dedicated to giving back and aiding the most vulnerable among us, from addicts to pets in need.

As an entrepreneur, the one thing that Victoria Doramus wants the world to hear is that failure is simply a part of the job. Failure doesn’t mean giving up, it just means learning from your mistakes and leveling up your abilities in response.

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