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Sunday Riley Makes Heads Turn With New Cleansing Formula

If you are a cosmetic lover, you already know about Sunday Riley. Her latest Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser is approved for all skin types and is used by a number of staff members who work for Allure Magazine among other magazines.

As most people have learned, The Allure Beauty Box is home to a variety of cosmetics and skin agents to use in order to gain that beautiful skin that we all just dream about. So what is everyone so stoked about? What is it that makes this brand the best to use? Well Allure has the answer to that, Sunday Riley is what makes it the best.

The latest change to the cosmetic wash has heads turning because of the difference in the compounds of the brand. It is the addition to the beauty box that has fans flocking to their mailboxes to get their latest addition. Prior to the change, Sunday Riley (@sundayriley) had already been known for creating a facial cleanser that made your face as smooth as a baby’s bottom. When the new formula debuted, there were 3 different types of clay being used as well as 2 other formula’s for those individuals who have a more sensitive complexion. The once upon a time cleanser that was a cream based gel with a high aroma smell is now this silky smooth water based hydration formula with a small taste of neroli.

The main basis for the changing of the formula was to help everyone be able to use the latest formula. It was not for the sole purpose of allowing all skin types to be able to use the formula but also because the change in formula removed all but just one of the essential oils used in the old formula. It is now the Neroli essential oil that remains. With this sole oil being infused in the cleanser, the cleanser is allowing for more people to experience hydrated skin than ever before.

Those people who loved the old stuff but can’t wait to try the new stuff, not only did the brand start a new formula, they changed the old bottle appearance and made the product 10 dollars cheaper even.

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Krishen Iyer: Incorporating Analog Marketing Techniques into Digital Marketing

Born and raised in Carlsbad, California Krishen Iyer is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Managed Benefits Services, a digital marketing company working with health and dental insurance companies and service providers. Krishen Iyer gives an insight into the significance of incorporating analog marketing into digital marketing. Even though the future of marketing lies in digital technology, the analog objective of brand name awareness is not changing.


The rate at which technologies are evolving is very high such that within a few years, even the most erudite advancements today will be analog techniques. With his understanding of general marketing using numerous sources, Krishen Iyer advises companies to look into their options on both digital and analog marketing. In his company, he advises his clients to point out the most efficient marketing channels for their products and service and concentrate on making them better.


According to Krishen Iyer, many people today have problems dealing with advanced technologies, and while they come with benefits, these technologies may cause problems to the users. Some consumers may have issues dealing with multiple interfaces. Some devices are only compatible with older versions of  tech. According to Krishen Iyer, people who plan and execute the advancement of the technologies assume that consumers will immediately upgrade and use their new product. This to them means more money concerning sales.


Krishen Iyer pinpoints that digital home assistants designed as speakers allow all generations to relate with them since speakers are considered to be analog technology. As much as consumers are enthusiastic about technology advancement, the line between technology and privacy is fragile with the use of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and many others. The sites often request for location, microphone, and camera access. Also, the terms and conditions for such sites may have withheld rules that give access to personal information without the user’s knowledge and consent.

Guilherme Paulus- Succeeding As A Business Person In Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is a man who has done a great job in Brazil. He has started one of the most successful businesses in the country known as CVC. This tour company is one of the best in the world. It has made Brazil a top tourists’ destination. CVC is now a multi-billion dollar company although it was started with very little money. It is also a publicly traded company, and its annual revenue is estimated to be about $5 billion. Paulus is currently holding about 27 percent of the company after he sold 63 percent of his shareholding to Carlyle Group. He, however, remained involved in the operations of the company. Every year, this company is adding 100 stores to support its marketing operations.

Guilherme Paulus started CVC when he was 24 years old. The idea was brought to him by a friend. Carlos Vicente wanted to build a tour company, but he needed support to accomplish that mission. He found the partnership he needed in Guilherme Paulus. He was ready to work in tour company. Before he started the company, Paulus was working as an intern for IBM. Since he did not have sufficient funds to maintain the operations of this company, his friend offered to provide the capital while Paulus dealt with the daily management of tour company. Just like that CVC was born. From 1972, the company is still growing, and it is now the largest company in the region.

Guilherme Paulus has done a lot of work in ensuring that his ideas have come to fruition. He has worked hard to see the company become a multi-billion establishment. It is through hard work that he has become a billionaire. He is an example of a good business manager. He has transformed how the business operations in the country were run by showing others that it is possible to overcome the challenges related to government interference in the business environment.

Guilherme Paulus is also the founder of GJP Hotels and Resorts. Through these establishments, he has created job opportunities for hundreds of people in Brazil. Paulus loves giving back to the community. Through the wealth he has created, he is trying as much as possible to change the lives of others. He is supporting charitable causes around the country and is making sure that the operations of the country are done in the right manner. Paulus is supporting educational and healthcare initiatives.

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Medicine to Business

Former physician Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has transferred his medical expertise to the art of selling vehicles. Now Chairman of CAOA, a Brazilian carmaker/distributor, Dr. Carlos has the distinction of 1,000,000 vehicle sales. Born in João Pessoa, the capital of the State of Paraíba (PB) in Brazil, Dr. Carlos began a medical career reaching the North and Northeast of Brazil. His ownership of CAOA began in an unusual way. While practicing medicine, he bought a Ford Landau from a Campina Grande (PB) dealership which declared bankruptcy before delivery. As a condition of sale, Dr. Carlos negotiated the acquisition of the dealership in lieu of the vehicle. It worked. CAOA was created and was soon the leading Ford dealership in Brazil. Its initials stand for its founders name: Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade.

By 1992, CAOA was the official Brazilian importer of the French Renault though a few years later Renault obviated the import agreement. By 1998, CAOA was designated official importer for Subaru and tripled national Subaru sales. Dr. Carlos then acquired the Hyundai brand, Tucson model, which led Brazil’s imported cars sector. By 2007, CAOA Automobile S/A, Goiás, was built to manufacture Hyundai vehicles, and became the first Brazilian Hyundai automobile factory.

Several personal and business accolades followed.

  • Recognized as 2007 “Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry” by IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine
  • Recognized as “Good Doer Company” by IstoÉ Dinheiro
  • Recognized as “Distributor of the Year” by Hyundai’s parent company
  • CAOA Plant Recognized as the “Most Admired” company by the weekly magazine Carta Capital

JD Power Institute ranked CAOA #1 in pre/post sales both in 2014 and 2017. Dr. Carlos has most recently partnered with Chery to create CAOA CHERY, a new Brazilian-based auto manufacturer. After 40 years in the automobile business, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade continues manufacturing position viability for Brazil.

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