Papa Johns Is In Good Hands With Steve Ritchie

There are so many corporations out there that have lost their reputations or in worse cases closed down due to unhappy customers and bad press. This is never an easy thing to go against, but Steve Ritchie is doing his best with Papa Johns. Papa Johns didn’t exactly have any major incidents, rather some bad comments from a former company executive. Because of this, Papa Johns reputation has been put on the line and it is going to take some hard work in order to get things back on track. Steve Ritchie is a hard working individual that has spent more than 20 years working for the Papa Johns corporation and he believes he knows exactly how to repair the companies image and make them a leading pizza restaurant once again.

Since taking up his position as CEO, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has issued two apologies to the public on behalf of the Papa Johns corporation in the hopes of shedding some good light on the situation. There are good things coming for Papa Johns, outside of Steve’s good leadership. Papa Johns is keeping the public updated with news on a regular basis per Steve Ritchie’s words since he promised to be completely transparent with the actions that Papa Johns will be taking in order to improve the business. There are tens of thousands of employees working for the Papa Johns corporation and many of these dedicated individuals are working hard to represent Papa Johns in a good way.

There are going to be many changes coming for Papa Johns in the future through outside help. According to Steve Ritchie’s statements, Papa Johns has hired the help of various industry experts in customer service, food, and business management to help raise the standards of the entire restaurant chain. The future is looking bright for Papa Johns and they have taken all the right steps in the past several months to build their relations with the community and their customers.

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