Edwin Miranda: The Performance Market Expert.

Currently being the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of KOI IXS in Miami, Florida, Edwin Miranda is proving to be a creative and a developer to be reckoned with in the advertising and marketing world. He also focuses on the performance marketing analytics as well as the predictive advertising.

Edwin Miranda niches also incline towards social and digital media. His LinkedIn profile speaks volume of his work as well as his involvement in technological innovation that uses the power of data to drive up sales and study consumer behavior.

Edwin Miranda states that he believes in pushing brands to deliver faster and having a team that is passionate and full of designers believing in the same dream is quite the recipe for marketing technology his company is trying to create. His passionate about business wanting to incorporate new advertising technology and he says that it is his goal to ensure there are client engagement and acquisition of customers for businesses.

He also gives insights on brand identity for studios and start-up businesses. He provides online solutions in relation to online marketing and advertising too. Edwin Miranda already has the performance Marketing Expert predictions for the year 2019. This adds to his portfolio of how an established brand strategist he is.

He states that business is more than just creativity as businesses want, are calculated and measurable quantities; Return Of Investments known as ROI. The Chief Executive Officer puts in strategy that to drive sales is more than just advertisements and the likes and the views an individual or company gets. However, the data analytics and technological innovation to acquire data are useful in the end to develop a strong message for users out there in the market and also is very vital in trying to establish the market niche.

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