Paul Mampilly Has Synthesized His Various Wall Street Experiences Into A Knowledge Base That He Now Shares With Average Investors:

With an impressive background in investment that goes back to his days after attaining his MBA from Fordham, Paul Mampilly has used the investment field as a vehicle to bring great personal financial success to himself. He has now become notable for taking that expertise and using it as a vehicle to help other investors to obtain their financial goals as well. A major outlet that Paul Mampilly is making use of to accomplish this is through a respected publishing house known as Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul currently holds the title of Senior Editor with this firm. One of the major activities that Paul engages through his work at Banyan Hill is his own newsletter know as Profits Unlimited.

Over his career, Paul Mampilly has gone from success on Wall Street to success in helping the average investor to become successful. He has seen a major series of changes in the stock market over his many years and this has taught him much about the kinds of mistakes that investors often make. Paul takes very seriously the task of helping investors to avoid these kinds of issues.

Paul Mampilly has proven his value as an investment expert due to the fact that his track record really speaks for itself. Throughout his Wall Street career, Paul took on many roles that range from serving as an analyst to managing money and working on trading desks. Throughout all of this, he has consistently added to his arsenal of knowledge and now that knowledge is shared with his loyal readers. Working on Wall Street provided Paul with insight that average investors do not have access to, but now he takes a great deal of pleasure in sharing that knowledge.

Counselling investors against making bets of an all-in nature is a big thing that Paul Mampilly works hard to do on a daily basis. He stresses the fact that diversification is critical and that it is a bad bet to put all available money into one investment. The consequences can be significant if the bet turns out to be a bad one. This is just a small part of the information that Paul’s readers get from him on a regular basis and he truly enjoys helping.

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