Recent Posts The Only Betting Website You Will Need

It is rare to say that a person will only need one betting website in their life when it comes to football odds, NFL odds, and Super Bowl odds. However, sites like don’t come along every single day. They are one of a kind and they are unique in their approach. That is why they have been so successful and why so many people rely on them, count on them, and trust them. They have earned the trust of the public by giving it to them straight and always being upfront with them. They are not in the business of misleading anyone or leading them down the wrong path.

There are many things that stand out about, but I’ll start with their experts. Experts are always needed in regards to Super Bowl odds. It is very much needed in order to get the required result on a particular game. When someone is called an expert, they don’t call themselves that. They have earned that title because they have been right way more than they have been wrong. That is not an easy task to accomplish, but has done it. They are proud of what they have done and they stand behind it.

They also have videos on their website which are incredibly interactive and break things down in a fun and exciting way for bettors on the website. Today, there are so many various ways of tech and video that is important to use all of them, as they come in handy and really deliver the goods. They give a new touch on the betting game that was not there before. Now that it is there, people want more and more of it. They can’t get enough of it and they love how it makes things much more fun for them.

After all, this is supposed to be fun and the more fun it is, the more that people will get out of it. The worst thing that someone can do when it comes to a website like is overthink it. It is important to have fun with it, enjoy it, use, and don’t be afraid to use your gut as well. If you have a strong feeling about a game and the way it is going to turn out, don’t be afraid to run with that and let it ride all the way until the finish line.

Billy McFarland and the Real Story of Magnises

Whenever someone comes up with a great business idea, people wonder why they didn’t think of that. The truth of the matter is that it takes a visionary to incubate that idea and to transform it into a workable solution.

According to Crunchbase, that is exactly what Billy McFarland has done with his new company called Magnisess. McFarland is not a rookie either when it comes to dreaming up new and fruitful business ventures. At age 13 he started a company that found customers for a local business.

As a freshman computer engineer student at Bucknell, he began a company called Spling which is still a going concern with McFarland at the helm as CEO. Spling takes the URL of a company and transforms it into a graphic design which brands the company and makes for an attractive logo. Customers today include Universal and Discovery.

In 2013 while still in his 20s, McFarland put together Magnises which is a means for millennials to come together by using Magnises to receive discounted goods and services from local New York City restaurants, clubs, bars, events, and venues.

The target demographic is entrepreneurs, professionals, management of the fashion and IT industry, and other similar jobs between the ages of 21 and 35. These folks like to congregate to share ideas, mingle and make business contacts.

For the reasonable annual fee of $250, members are able to access businesses who have agreed to offer discounts and perks. It all happens through the “Black Card” which has become a prestige item among the millennials. The information on the member’s debit or credit card is transferred onto the Black Card, which is then used to pay for services, only at an attractive discount.

At the end of 2015, Magnises had over 10,000 members and growing. Even though there is a loose screening with the online application form, there seems to be no problem in obtaining new members. Businesses are anxious to come aboard as it means increased business for them.

With a recent venture capitalist’s investment of $3 million, Billy McFarland is thinking of expansion. Other cities which are ideal for Magnises include Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London. Billy McFarland sees a bright future, and why not. Millennials are everywhere.

White Shark Media Makes A Difference Regarding Online Sales

The business world has changed significantly over the past two decades. One of the biggest changes has been that the business world has transformed into a digital world. Many things that are done regarding business are now handled online. People go to company websites to conduct business with companies on a daily basis. In the past where people had to go visit a company or call to conduct business, people can now just click a mouse button.


With the current digital age, companies must be able to meet customers on the Internet to handle a lot of business tasks and needs. One of the biggest tasks that customers go to company websites for is to purchase products and services. Many companies earn a significant amount of sales through the company website. However, getting people to a company website is not easy. There is a lot of competition for online sales in every business market. As a result, many companies look for professional help regarding online sales. The companies go to digital marketing agencies to help with tasks such as increasing website traffic and website sales.


One of the digital marketing agencies that is helping many companies increase online sales is White Shark Media. One of the leading digital marketing agencies around, White Shark Media provides online marketing help primarily for small and medium size businesses. White Shark Media offers digital marketing services that include Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


What sets White Shark Media apart from other digital marketing agencies is the level of customer service that the agency provides along with the success rate the agency has with improving conversion numbers for clients. Many companies that come to White Shark Media have seen a significant improvement in company sales and PPC conversion rates.


Regarding online marketing, conversion success is very important. Just a slight change in a conversion ratio can mean the difference in thousands of sales for a company. White Shark Media has proven that the agency can deliver great results on PPC campaigns at major search engines such as Google and Bing.


One of the reasons why White Shark Media is able to provide outstanding sales results and conversion rates is the amount of detail the agency goes into concerning every PPC campaign or search engine marketing campaign. White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that cares about its clients, and works hard to produce the best results for every client.

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Josh Verne On Overcoming One’s Own Doubt

Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur is a big goal to accomplish for anyone that tries to take it on. One thing that it takes for people to become successful as an entrepreneur is belief in what he is doing. For one thing, it takes a lot of work from within to be a successful entrepreneur. One also has to develop a work ethic that surpasses that of a regular employee. There is one thing that one has to work on when it comes to being an entrepreneur, and that is taking the time to do the research.


Part of researching is learning from others what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Among the people that aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from is Josh Verne. He is someone that has taken the time to start his business and bring it to successful levels. He has also learned a lot of lessons along the way when it comes to supervising and managing employees. One thing that he has come to understand is that it is better to be a leader than a boss. This is especially true for people that are looking for jobs these days. The world of the employer and employee is changing for people that are realizing that there are alternatives.


One good thing about Josh Verne is that he does not keep his success to himself. He is someone who is willing to share his secrets with others so that they can know what it takes to succeed in the business world. Among the things that one has to do is overcome his doubt.


When it comes to facing doubt, there are a lot of things that people have to address. Among the different things to address is the fear of failure. However, one thing that is important to understand is that people will fail. Failing is inevitable. The most important thing is to learn from failure. This is so that they will actually move forward. A lot of people have been taught to look at failure as the end of the world. However, the best way to overcome doubt is to just do it and become comfortable with what one is doing.

Kevin Seawright Wants Everyone in a Home

Everyone hopes one day to achieve the American dream. What exactly is that dream and why do so many work long hard hours to achieve it? The American dream is the idea that every U.S. citizen has an opportunity to achieve prosperity and success through hard work and initiative. You know the dream has been achieved when you are able to buy a home. In fact, homeownership is the most frequently cited symbol of having attained the dream because a home symbolizes financial success and independence.

The American Dream, for some, no longer shines with light of attainment that it once had. For many people it has become an impossible dream. One man, however, still sees the beauty of the dream, and if he has his way as many people as want it in the Baltimore area will be able to have it.

Kevin Seawright, a graduate of the University of Notre Dame- Mendoza College of Business, is the founder of RPS Solutions, LLC. He is a man who is passionate about home ownership. Kevin Seawright is a project management professional based in the Baltimore area. He has been described as a result oriented, creative, and innovative motivator who for over thirteen years has provided cost effective property management. He is a well respected member of the community, and he has spent his career working in local government sectors, in education, and in real estate.

Mr. Seawright believes home ownership when achieved is a benefit for all involved. It helps build healthy and stable communities by giving people something to be proud of, it helps them achieve their potential, and it improves the socioeconomic environment of communities.

Recently on the Larry Young morning talk show Kevin Seawright sat down and shared the vision of RPS Solutions, LLC. RPS Solutions is a joint partnership that constructs and renovates housing in Baltimore and surrounding areas. The company’s goal is to grow the rate of home ownership in the city. Everyone needs a home; RPS Solutions and its founder Kevin Seawright are busy looking for and providing affordable alternatives to make it happen.

Improve Hair Health Today With The Help Of WEN Cleansing Conditioners By Chaz Dean

Many women from all over the world have tried out the WEN cleansing conditioner products by Chaz Dean, and rightfully so since it has been formulated to bring results to all hair types for all women. Chaz Dean is a well known hair stylist that has been in the industry for many years, and today he has worked with many different celebrities. His main goal in creating WEN was to create a product that could help women tame unruly hair, and breathe new life back into each strand, regardless of the hair type. Even damaged hair that has become dry or brittle can benefit from Wen cleansing conditioners. For the health conscious women out there, WEN is also an all natural product, containing no chemicals for styling or cleaning.

Chaz Dean has made many hair care products to help women, but WEN cleansing conditioners are by far the most popular. The amount of effort he put into perfecting the ingredients in WEN was worth the effort, especially for consumers, as every bottle of WEN was made to be affordable for women. Each bottle of WEN cleansing conditioner is $40 dollars or less, and can be ordered online thru and other sites from anywhere in the world. The unique formula that Chaz created is also gentle enough to be used daily along with other hair care or styling products, though they could change how effective WEN will be, especially if they contain chemicals.

Chaz went through many different ingredients to get the formula just right for his cleansing conditioners. He went through all this work so that women didn’t have to, which is why WEN cleansing conditioners can stand in for deep conditioners, detanglers, and even regular shampoos and conditioners. This saves space, time, and allows women to get the results they want in the comfort of their own homes.

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InnovaCare Health Enters A New Season Of Hiring To Further Boost Performance

InnovaCare Health is among physician practice services providers across the U.S. that have come up with customized approaches to serving customers. The company has been applauded for introducing new technology in the provision of services to their customers. Unlike before, it now takes few minutes to serve one customer and they have seen an increase in the number of subscribers for different services.

With great performance and a promising future, InnovaCare Health has invested in the upgrading of its network. All the sections of the company are integrated through a strong network that ensures the delivery of services is a continuous process that does not bar the execution of duties. One can also send requests for certain services remotely and the professionals tasked with handling different duties will prepare the required information in time.

One of the challenges InnovaCare had to deal with when the company invested in new technology was training their employees on how to use the system. Currently, all workers are familiar with the system and can serve as many customers as possible. Some of the programs of InnovaCare that have seen an increase in users include Medicaid and Medicare, which have more than 250,000 subscribers.

Hiring new executives
To make the implementation of different plans possible and timely, InnovaCare Health has hired new executives, who are experienced and knowledgeable on different matters. The first professional who was appointed to the company is Jonathan Meyers on, who holds an executive position as the head of actuaries. Jonathan will be a big asset to InnovaCare Health since he previously worked in the Medicaid and Medicare programs.

Mike Sortino, an accountant whose professional career is a reflection of dedication and the zeal to grow, was hired to fill the chief accountant’s office. Mike boasts of experience spanning over 20 years and he worked with established companies like HCC Specialty.

About the managers
One cannot mention the achievements InnovaCare Health has made without acknowledging the effort the management team has put to the company. Dr. Richard Shinto, the current President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, is one of the leaders who have overseen the growth process of the company.

Rick Shinto sits in a council that drafts the strategies the company uses to push for the development of a strong system. With support from the Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, he has elevated InnovaCare Health from a struggling state to the current strong position the company holds.

Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire Jpay, Inc.

Securus team and Jpay are up to provide the ultimate platform for the digital payment system for entertainment, communication, and education in the correctional market. According to Securus Technologies announcement, they have signed a stock purchase agreement to acquire Jpay. Jpay is a leading technology that introduced the email, electronic payment system, and a host of educational and entertainment and educational-related apps to the correctional market. The company is currently operating in over 33 state prisons in North America.


This transaction propels Securus into one of the fastest growing segments in the correctional market through email, payments, and correctional tablets. CEO Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says that the company can offer anything that is high-tech or software-based to correctional agencies that need to remain at the high-end modern prison. He says that the company admires Jpay as one of the most innovative forces in this industry. For years, they continue to watch their success. For the good purpose of business, this was the best tie to have their products and forces combine. There is now a clear choice if you want the best products at the most affordable price.


The company is ever eager to have its footprints expanded. Jpay CEO, Ryan Shapiro, also said that their products deliver an enormous amount of value to the world. Prison staff, friends, family, and the inmates will benefit from their services for an extended period. Their primary focus is to develop their groundbreaking products which, on a massive scale, gain proper adoption. While Securus backs us up, payments will happen in a fraction of a second.


Jpay team is always vigilant. They keep on pursuing the company’s mission to develop products that will see safer payments in prisons. They also provide efficient payment methods. Securus values their business culture and management system. For this reason, they will collaborate and achieve a common goal.



Myths Or The Truth

Sometimes, you might believe something that just isn’t quite true. These myths could be related to everything from your hair to your makeup. Many of these myths are things that you’re friends or your parents have told you in life that you shouldn’t have been told in the first place.


One of the common myths is that if you shave your hair on your legs or your arms, it will grow back thicker. Shaving simply cuts out the thinnest parts of the hair in the tapered point, making it grow back uneven and with a choppy edge. This is why it seems like it’s thicker and why some people have to shave every other day instead of shaving every few days.


You have probably heard that you should never wake up someone who is sleepwalking. It can be disorienting for the person to be woke up while they are sleeping, but there’s nothing that you can do to harm that person. Sometimes, you might be saving the person from being harmed, especially if they have a tendency to go outside. You’ll also find at times that it’s more dangerous for the person who wakes up the sleepwalker if the sleepwalker begins to hit the other person.


According to Wengie, there are people who have always said that if you use more of the brain, then you can have some kind of supernatural power. This isn’t true. You might gain more knowledge, but the idea of having super powers just isn’t there as you probably already use as much of the brain as possible during the day.



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Michael Zomber: A Collector With The True Gift Of Storytelling



Michael Zomber is a published writer, filmmaker, collector of antique weapons, and a magnificent storyteller. His passion’s in life can be seen throughout his documentary films and books. He has a production company known as Renascent Films, which he produces a large sum of his documentaries.

Shogun Iemitsu

Michael Zomber has five books available in print and one more on the way. Some of these you can find on Amazon, the site offers Sweet Betsy That’s Me, Park Avenue, A Son of Kentucky, and Shogun Iemitsu.

Recently Zomber spoke on the iUniverse podcast to talk about Shogun Iemitsu. Shogun is a book that he wrote that focuses on his love for Japanese culture. Because of his love for antique weapons and samurai swords, he is able to write elegantly and bring a light to historical events.

Zomber’s knowledge has made him a well-known expert in his field. He is popular for the documentary Bushido, Soul of the Samurai. This inspiring piece of work can only give you a glimpse inside of his passion for history.

History Channel

Zomber has collected antique arms for the last forty years and loves to share his knowledge whenever possible. He has a documentary on the History Channel that focuses primarily on his work and hobbies. Even though he is passionate about armory, he will assure you that guns are not his only focus.

He has a true gift for storytelling. On the show “Tales of the Gun” you can see the joy and appreciation he feels while talking about the armory. Mainly because he has a deep understanding and admiration for the culture behind each antique piece.  See the full playlist of Michael’s History Channel appearances here on YouTube: