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Talk Fusion Launches New Products in the Market

A good business is one that covers all bases – its profit margins and most importantly, the growth of the people that make it up. An organization should be able to grow with its people. Talk Fusion is an exciting video marketing tool that offers a multitude of products that are mostly accessible by its vibrant and daring clientele.

Talk Fusion is in the business of making products for broadcasting, conferencing and social networking. Its main use is the sharing of video communication. It provides a platform for its clientele to upload and save their videos and send the same to others without necessarily providing a link to that video like is the norm. The video is embedded in the email.

To cater for its associates, Talk Fusion has since launched an amazing new website . The point of this new website is to integrate Talk Fusion’s associates into the company in a way that is more fulfilling and filled with incentive. This is a new feature in direct selling companies because Talk Fusion is the first of these to pay its associates instantly through its Instant Pay Compensation Plan.

The new website, together with the launch of Talk Fusion’s newly redone website cater for more than the pay of the associates. It is a personal growth forum. The new website provides associates with an opportunity to access a highly motivating video by CEO and founder Bob Reina where he gets to share his experience and vision for the company. The video presentation helps associates also learn more about Talk Fusion, the ground breaking features, how Talk Fusion operates and how the Company is beneficial to a world full of technology.

Talk Fusion has helped grow ordinary people, small entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes. It is innovative and it is functional. It is kind to its associates and aims to grow them as well. That is just one of the features that make Talk Fusion a company that is worth its while.

George Soros cares a great deal

George Soros is one of an untold number of educated individuals around the world who are coming to believe without a doubt that President Trump has the spirit of a manipulative person and who consider him to be a childish tormenter on Of particular note is the rapid accumulation of many thousands of ordinary people around the world who are also declaring this point of view. They are fretful that contentious and self-centered individuals like Trump have no interest in supporting the people that they are elected to represent, and quite the opposite, they crave only personal aggrandizement. Soros is totally familiar with such dictatorial people as Trump, and with individuals who will unwaveringly seize the opportunity for political supremacy. Mr. Soros was determined as a young man to flee from his home and to travel towards America, evading Nazi-dominated Hungary. George escaped from the Nazi-lead Holocaust and he possesses an insightful appreciation of how wicked people can achieve domination over a nation and cause serious problems with their contemptuous attitudes over the rest of the populace.

Mr. Soros, and many other people who have dealt on a personal level with Mr. Trump, know conclusively that Mr. Trump has no inkling of the Constitutional limits of power on the President, and that in essence Mr. Trump is attempting to assemble an effective dictatorship, granting benefits and government positions on only to those he considers loyal. Nevertheless, bearing in mind that Trump is the President for the moment, nobody is assured of what he may play a part in doing. This is because Trump is famous for being easy to manipulate, unable to articulate a coherent thought, and on the whole, one who rambles incessantly, seemingly from a clouded mind.

Soros, in contrast, has an illustrious record of humanitarian behaviors. George Soros donated billions of dollars to take care of conglomerates that were bankrupt, while additionally contributing to those who were extremely poor. George is driven to providing financial assistance to people who do their best to surmount unfairness, to form equal opportunities, and to keep an eye on the people’s rights when facing radicalism. George Soros is on record as being against the “War on Drugs” initiative. This is primarily because he has witnessed how cannabis has provided relief for many health problems.

Soros also compassionately provided a very large amount of money, many millions in fact, to the support of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential race. Mr. Soros approved a $1 million fund to support the campaign of Barack Obama as President during his run for re-election. Mr. Soros is noted also as a fighter for LGBT acceptance and is on record as a benefactor to same-sex organizations.

Soros is also noted for his support of the beneficial work undertaken by a variety of legal firms on Forbes. His economic assistance has aided in the liberating of a many unduly jailed citizens, and he is firm in his objective to assist people want an education, yet find themselves unable to pay for one.

A Look Into The Contribution Of Mike Baur To Building Startups

Businesses based in various specialties experience challenges especially in the initial stages of establishment. A startup needs a lot of support from professionals who understand how to nurture an idea and someone who is skilled enough to overcome the many market forces that bar a business from progressing seamlessly. To allow startups in Switzerland to grow well, Mike Baur launched a facility that offers creative entrepreneurs a space where they can build their ideas with support from experienced individuals.


Mike Baur, having exited banking in 2014, launched the Swiss Startup Factory. Through this facility, many people have been getting massive support to steer their businesses and to manage their startups. His target was to help talented startups to achieve their dreams and this seems to have worked out quite well.


As many as 100 startups have benefitted from the incubation program that runs across three months. Mike Baur also celebrates the fact that the Swiss Startup Factory is currently the biggest incubation facility in the entire country. Impacting the lives of many entrepreneurs and bringing to the market revolutionary products is a dream that has come true within less than five years.


Legal and accounting support

Apart from having a perfect idea that is aligned towards growing and offering great returns, entrepreneurs have to also understand about legal and accounting requirements that they should fulfill to avoid getting into issues later while running the business. To make this process easy, Mike Baur approached several universities in the country and was offered a deal to partner with them. These partnerships availed resources and the tools needed to lead the businesses and to help manage the ideas that were presented by the entrepreneurs. Accounting and legal support has helped the startups to enter the market fully prepared.



Another problem many startups suffer is lack of funds to push for the development of the idea. The Swiss Startup Factory offers an opportunity to startups to get finding from successful investors, who can also offer advice regarding the management of the idea.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur, born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland, is a renowned entrepreneur in the country. He is the brain behind the creation of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is a facility devoted to offering upcoming entrepreneurs an avenue through which they can manage their ideas. He quit his job as a bank executive to join entrepreneurship and this seems like the best decision he ever made.




Ohio’s housing had 2016 among its most remarkable years as they experienced record gains in sales and average prices. December sales were 2.8 percent higher than in 2015 while the average sale price was $159,531, 4.8% higher. The median sale price for an existing home up by 4% was $232,200 in December. Price growth and supply shortages have been a main concern lately. Experts attribute this to solid job creation and low mortgage. Based on December’s numbers the pool of available properties would sell out in fewer than four months. Analysts believe that 6 months supply of listings would reflect an unbiased market, fair to both buyers and sellers.

From Ohio, Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate expert. She began her career in the industry first as a secretary for The Edwards Realty Company .Tammy then moved to Scotland Yard Condominiums where she was licensed to work as a real estate agent. Ken Cook the Owner of Cook Realty and also the general manager of Scotland Yard is the one who had advised Tammy to venture into the real estate as a licensed agent, this was in the mid 1990s.

Tammy later joined T&R Properties in the capacity of a multi-site property manager for a two apartment complexes and an office warehouse complex which was under the company where she worked for a few months. In 1998 Tammy moved to Victorian Village area of Columbus to become a licensed personal assistant for Joe Armeni. Joe is a top RE/MAX producer. By 1999, Tammy had now developed passion for the real estate industry and she decided to venture into the industry fully. She joined Judy Gang & Associates a company in real estate where she worked as a real estate sales agent. Mazzocco sells residential real estate in Franklin, Delaware and Fairfield all in Ohio, among other counties.

More information on Tammy Mazzocco available on her and agent page.

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EOS – The Beginning of Flavor Fusion

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, is one of the greatest and leading companies of lip balm currently on the market today. The awesome mixed fruit and traditional flavors gives this lip balm extra punch when they are combined together, as they are in most EOS flavored lip balms. Honeysuckle Honeydew, Blackberry Nectar, Vanilla Mint, Blueberry Acai, Summer Fruit and Vanilla Bean are just some of the amazing flavors provided by EOS. And the smooth, spherical round shape of the lip balm is fantastic and fun, not to mention a bright pop of color The products are available on Lucky Vitamin and Target stores nationwide.

How did Evolution of Smooth get into the top of the marketplace? The shape, flavor, and pure organic awesomeness of their products, of course! EOS lip balm founders, two innovative gentlemen who thought outside of the box (and the chap stick tube), got together and designed a highly streamlined manufacturing process in a building they own and oversee. This cuts down on manufacturing costs being outsourced and it guarantees instant delivery of all of their orders. It’s a great win for them! And, due to their focus on keeping the cost of manufacturing low, they transfer that onto the customers who also pay very low cost for their flavorful, colorless lip balm (although they now offer two sheer sparkly shades, as well!).

EOS founders pretty much guaranteed their own job security by designing a well made lip balm, in a well made container, and simplifying their manufacturing process down to a highly distilled operation, making them cheap for the rest of us. What are you favorite flavors? Personally, Pomegranate Raspberry is my favorite, but that changes depending upon the day and upon my mood. For the full report and interviews with the founders on EOS’s rise to power and success, here is the full article from Fast Company right here.



Richard Shinto and Penelope Help in Boosting The Medical Industry

InnovaCare Health runs its healthcare procedures in Puerto Rico Healthcare Inc and PMC Medicare Choice Inc (PMC). It I one of the quickest growing companies in the area of healthcare services.

The system of Innovacare Health is managed by more than 7,500 providers and membership consists of more than 200,000 people. Delivering magnificent health care to the members is what the company is devoted to doing. This is done by creating sustainable models which are of benefit, innovative and completely unified with enhanced technologies.

In this current era there is always a difficult health care environment, therefore the main aim of the company is to modernize healthcare administration so that they can deal with such circumstances. Furthermore, the company has certain principles that they adhere to.

These principles include; patients are their first priority, excellent medical care is their goal, the association of patients and the people attending to them is stable, further medical networks and roles and lastly growth of the company that requires qualified leadership.

According to Business Wire, the company’s CEO is Richard Shinto who is also the president of the firm. Prior to InnovaCare, Dr.Shinto was a member of the management team of Aveta Inc from the year 2008 to 2012. At Aveta he served as the CEO as well as the President of the firm. Another related company that he worked in was NAMM California where he was appointed Chief Medical Officer.

Richard Shinto has an experience of more than 20 years in working and clinical healthcare. He earned a B.S from California University as well as an MBA from the University of Redlands. Apart from being an expert in the medical industry, Richard Shinto is also an author of several books on healthcare medicine.

One of the new members of InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. She has in fact rejoined the company since she was part of the company sometimes back. She is now appointed as the Chief Administrative Officer of the organization. She was also at Aveta Inc as the Chief Operating Officer and in InnovaCare she served as the Chief Operating Officer. Like Richard Shinto she has an experience of over 20 years in the industry.

Furthermore, she has been an administrator Centerlight Health Care where her job was to be in charge of handling strategic direction of the care position. Her achievements in the university include a degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University and a master’s degree from New York University in Social work.

Currently InnovaCare has associated itself with the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) that was launched by HHS for the purpose of enhancing the payment approaches. Richard Shinto trusts that the collaboration will assist boost the organization to a better level.

4 Ways OSI Group Built The World’s Meat Industry

Where The World Finds Its Meat
OSI Group’s is the largest meat processor in the world. Wherever you find fast food franchises, you will find OSI Group’s meat in their restaurants. Giving the world its meat supply isn’t an easy thing to do either. OSI Group pulls it off thanks to a smart business strategy and a dedicated workforce. Although meat is the most important portion of the company’s business, it provides other products for its consumers as well.

Branching Out Into New Territory
Outside of meat, OSI Group provides its clients with frozen vegetables and frozen dough. Most fast food chains sell products that require more than meat. Obviously, a sandwich needs tomatoes, a pizza needs a crust, and most people want fries with their burgers. In an effort to expand beyond its control of the meat market OSI Group gives its clients just about everything they will need in order to operate. Providing this much assistance is never an easy task, and OSI Group is only able to succeed thanks to the excellent business strategies of the company’s management.

The Inner Workings Of An Empire
One of the biggest reasons OSI Group has seen the amount of success it has seen over the years is the acquisitions of so many smaller companies. An international meat processor needs to have the ability to provide regardless of the country it conducts business in. It simply isn’t efficient to try to transport meat from America into other countries. Instead, OSI Group helps its partners by using the services of existing meat processors. When OSI Group needs to deliver meat in Scandinavian countries, for example, it relies on the services of Baho Foods, a regional deli meat supplier, to finish things.

Living The American Dream
OSI Group is one of the world’s most prosperous corporations. According to Forbes, it is one of the 100 most profitable privately owned companies in America with more than $6 billion in revenue. However, that success can’t be understood unless you put everything in perspective. This company started out as a meat deli in the suburbs of Chicago. Over the course of 100 years it slowly built itself into the leader in the meat processing market. OSI Group isn’t just another corporation making a dollar. It is an example of what the American Dream looks like when it comes true.

Fashion and technology industry working together

Christopher Burch may be best known for helping his then wife, Tory Burch, launch her iconic fashion label. Along with helping her get the company started, he used to serve as the Co-Chairman. Chris started his career when he was an undergraduate at Ithaca College when he and his brother started Eagle Eye Apparel with only a two thousand dollar investment. They would purchase sweaters and then resell them at a fifty percent profit. From this small, college business venture, he was able to grow the company to earning over one hundred and forty million in sales. He eventually was able to sell the brand and the company for sixty million dollars. Along with his fashion companies, he started Burch Creative Capital to help launch new brands and manage his own investments.


Mr.Chris Burch has stated that he believes the technology and fashion industries are closely intertwined and have seen many changes and innovations in the past few years. Using technology, fashion designers have created airbags for cyclists, that are not only more fashionable than helmets but may protect cyclists head as well, if not better, than helmets. Plus, when not deployed, it can offer better visibility of a cyclists surroundings, something that a helmet can hinder. Fashion using technology to help save lives.


Designers are also using recycled materials and technology to help save the environment. Using recycled bicycle inner tubes to make jackets and t-shirts or using recycled radiator copper to create a gown are just a few examples. Technology is being used in fashion to try to capture the kinetic energy that people naturally generate as they move. New fashions are created to capture this energy to power phones, mp3 players, watches, the possibilities are endless. There are many ways that technology and fashion can work together to benefit each other and make like easier, safer, and more economically friendly.


Technology also uses assistance from fashion to gain popularity. Google Glass is an example of this. There can be a bias about wearing glasses. Fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg had her models wear them on the catwalk. These types of fashion shows can show people what the latest trend and styles are, but also help to show what new technology is around and can be integrated fashionably into your style. Fashion and technology can go hand in hand and work together to help each other out and to make each other better

EOS Innovates Lip Balm Market and Rattles Rival Chapstick

Stale and predictable, the lip balm trade, dominated by products like Chapstick, was standard fare relegated to the medical supply shelves of most stores. Bland packaging and ingredient lists filled with pharmaceutical jargon, these lip balms were just about the only lip care choices available. It was a market that was certainly ripe for innovation.

It was this market, begging for innovation, that the founders of Evolution of Smooth (EOS) seized upon nearly seven years ago with its revolutionary EOS lip balm products. Rocketing to number two in the lip balm category, EOS took on a stagnated industry by creating a lip balm that attracted a legion of female followers with its alluring flavors and brightly colored cylindrical containers. Using the tagline, “The lip balm that makes you smile,” the founders of EOS created of lip balm that gave its admirers an emotional experience every time they used the product.

Moving their conceptually unique lip care products onto store shelves was a challenge for the new company. Designed specifically for the female audience, EOS initially struggled to define their product to male buyers. They were finally able to connect with a female buyer from Walgreens, who instantly saw the product’s potential and gave them their first entry into the market space. Other big box chains which includes Target followed suit and women everywhere embraced and bought this unique new lip balm,, choice to the tune of approximately 1 million units weekly.

Having defined their consumer audience early on, EOS created a social media fire around their product by targeting millennial women and their avaricious use of social media. This, in turn, created a captive audience, propelling their product into the conscientiousness and purses of millions of Facebook fans.

For a more definitive read on the EOS Company and their founders, please click here. Visit the website: for more information.

Securus Technologies Bringing Christmas Joy to Those Incarcerated

Christmas is a holiday meant to be a festive and special family occasion. It is an emotional time of the year for many of us who are distant from our families. Some of us suffer tremendously from being a great distance removed from our families and the festivities of Christmas. Unfortunately, those within the confines of prison facilities have had no chance to connect with their loved ones at this very festive and special time of year. This condition of being completely isolated from friends and family may have been true years ago, but now Securus Technologies has changed Christmas for the better for those physically disconnected by prison walls by bringing audio and video visitations and a real chance to share Christmas with their families. Watch a short but heart-wrenching video on YouTube here: Securus Family Communication During Xmas – YouTube

Securus Technologies has been able to develop communication systems that use the advances made possible by the Internet. Now secure and recorded video calls can take place between those isolated inside the walls of state, local, and federal institutions with friends and family on the outside. Securus has revolutionized the obsolete, face-to-face visitation system that was costly, time-consuming, and depressing for those family members who were obliged to travel great distances, consuming many hours, and costing hundreds of dollars. Securus has thankfully changed all that with its audio/video communication system, saving families time and countless dollars and most importantly allowing prisoners to stay in touch with vital family members.

Securus Technologies has been a leader in developing new processes and technologies that further enhance this complex telecommunications system. The company is dedicated to pursuing the development, refinement, and simplification of the system and its component parts to provide better quality, faster, and less expensive audio and video communication to all those incarcerated and their friends and family members. Securus is providing a vital function to keep families connected to those serving time, and by this connection Securus, in no small way, is allowing prisoners the chance to see the benefits of a life outside the facility. This positive view of family and society will encourage the prisoners to serve their time and make a full return to society.

Sources:Video Visitation Services