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Jason Hope Supports Anti-Aging Research With A Donation Of $500,000

Jason Hope has been working closely with an organization known as SENS Research Foundation. This organization is working on rejuvenation technologies aimed at coming up with an anti-aging drug. Every year, this organization is holding Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference that brings together experts in different fields to share ideas on how they can create an anti-aging drug. With an anti-aging drug, experts are hoping that they will manage to tackle the negative effects of aging.

Most of the ideas which are shared during this conference include how to develop a treatment for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson disease, molecular damage, and cellular damage. Also on the agenda of this conference is how they can develop preventative strategies. SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that depends on donations from various philanthropists to meet their goals. Among the philanthropists who have supported this organization to date is Jason Hope.

Jason has partnered with the SENS Research Foundation since 2010. In this year, he gave out a donation of $500000 which went to the construction of the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. The remainder of the funds went to the research activities. In an interview, Jason revealed that he donated to this organization because he felt that they had superior methods of fighting aging with could finally lead to the invention of an anti-aging drug. The company has been finding a cure for the degenerative diseases that negatively affect the body as one age. According to Jason Hope, most old age diseases affect more than the mind or the lungs by bringing a total shutdown of human body activities.

Through the assistance of Jason Hope, SENS Research Foundation has initiated a program called the AGE-Breaker. This is a program that aims at coming up with a drug that will reverse or stop the aging process in human beings.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an investor. He was born in Arizona and holds masters in business administration from W.P Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University. Currently, he resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where he engages in different business and social projects. Most of the time he is researching what is likely to happen in the tech industry in the coming days.

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Brian Torchin Gets Results for Medical Staffing Agency’s Clients

Brian Torchin serves as President of HCRC Staffing, a medical recruiting firm that Brian Torchin founded to address worker turnover in the healthcare industry. The staffing firm is based in Philadelphia, however, the company can serve clients in Europe, Australia, Canada, Asia, and throughout the United States.

Brian Torchin runs a results-driven business. The firm is available around the clock every day for client inquiries. The company is committed to providing its clients with candidates for employment within 72 hours of initial contact. Since Torchin’s company does not charge upfront fees, HCRC Staffing only gets paid if they refer a candidate who the client hires. HCRC staffing works with its clients on a nonexclusive basis, which means the client may choose to make a concurrent candidate search. More about of Brian Torchin at

Torchin and his team can refer candidates in any healthcare role from office support staff to various medical specialities. The medical professions that Torchin recruits include but are not limited to the following:

  • Dentists
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Physical Therapy Assistants
  • Chiropractors (DC)
  • Medical Doctors (MD)
  • Osteopaths (DO)

Within the 24 hours prior to this writing, Torchin had posted many positions on his Twitter feed. He is recruiting for nurse practitioners and physician assistants in three cities. Torchin also seeks to fill positions for a chiropractor, a licensed massage therapist, an x-ray technician, a medical office manager, and a physical therapist.

Torchin’s clients speak highly of his professionalism, ability to get results, and affordable fees. Torchin has eight clients who have recommended him on LinkedIn.

Brian Torchin earned his undergraduate degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware. He completed his studies for his Doctor of Chiropractic in 1995 from New York Chiropractic College.



Getting the Most Out of Your Renew Youth Products

There are a lot of reasons so many people have made use of the line of Renew Youth products. This is simply because the products work and help to replace and supplement the natural hormones within the body. As a person ages, these levels of hormones can and will begin to fluctuate, causing a cascade of different problems that can take over a person’s life. Some of these issues involve weight gain despite dieting, lowered sex drive and an increase in mental issues such as anxiety and depression.

For these reasons, a lot of people have chosen the Renew Youth line of products. When you visit the Renew Youth website, you will notice that they have solutions for both men and women. This makes it effortless for you to pick and choose the option that is right for you and that is going to help you to feel good about yourself. You can find out more about Renew Youth option and know that it is something that is going to assist you in all that you need for yourself.

Be sure to take a look at what the Renew Youth line of products can do for you and why you need to make use of this for your own needs. As with any other type of product that you might use, you may want to talk about what Renew Youth is going to do for you with your doctor. They can suggest different products and which hormones are best suited to your needs if you need to be on hormone replacement therapy. From there, you can finally feel better about aging and will not have to worry that you are doing something that is difficult to maintain or take on a routine basis thanks to the convenience of using Renew Youth products.

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Reasons Why MB2 Dental Opted Jackson Hildebrand as the New Financial Officer

Jackson Hildebrand is arguably one of the best financial officers of our time. In his career life, Hildebrand has demonstrated a high level of commitment to better financial systems. Earlier last year (2018), he made one of his major moves in the recent times by joining entity. According to pundits, this move will have a major influence in the future of MB2 Dental regarding efficiency and pushing the entity’s agenda forward. The entity’s decision to bring this professional in this body, however, was due to some issues. These factors include the following.

First, the main reason why MB2 Dental brought this professional to the company was the need to have more experienced professional regarding financial matters. One of the main reasons why the organization has been one of the best medical bodies in the world is their strict adherence to efficiency. Jackson Hildebrand was, therefore, the perfect person to fill this position because he has illustrated in all his previous positions that he can handle job descriptions of this magnitude. In addition to his experience, Jackson Hildebrand has a better understanding of private practices in relations to financial interactions. Experience and his understanding of these factors in MB2 Dental make him the best candidate.

MB2 Dental structure is also one of the most interesting structures in the world of private practices. First, the entity is unique in the way its members interact with the body. MB2 has a major interest in making dentists, specifically practicing in the private sector; enjoy some benefits that are only available in large practices. This aspect makes the entity have both private and public aspects of practicing dentistry. Second, as much as the entity helps, individual professionals enjoy some benefits that could otherwise be impossible in private practice; MB2 Dental is founded on autonomy to individual professionals.

Just many other entities in the world of professionalism, this body has its ways of holding members together. MB2, for example, has some of the best and innovative activities that help in keeping members together. The organization has been keen on holding professional meetings, retreats, and other similar professional meetings. In these meetings, each professional is given a chance to interact with other professionals in the world of dentistry. It is through these meetings that innovative approaches to better ways to practice dentistry are realized. MB2 number of active members has also been on the rise, thanks to the futurist approaches the entity has on the dentistry profession.

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About A Businessman, Wes Edens

Wesley Robert Edens, as known as Wes Edens is a businessman, investor a chairman, and a board member of different organizations including Nationstar Mortgage Holdings and Springleaf Holdings. Wes Eden attended Oregon State University graduating in 1984 with a bachelor of finance and business administration. He then ventured into the field of business and economics as a consultant in the advisory board, marketing, and branding. More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

Career and Achievements

Wes Edens started as a managing director in Lehman brothers in 1987 where he later left and joined BlackRock. He later cofounded different companies including Milwaukee Bucks and own basketball team. Since 1999, he has led different financial and marketing companies as a chairman and a board member. The holding of different positions in various organizations has made Wesley acquire adequate knowledge that has kept him in the business industry for over twenty years.

Some of the companies include Drive Shack Inc. chairman since 2002, Mapeley Limited, chairman since 2004; Florida East Coast Holdings Corp., chairman and a board member since 2008; Springleaf Finance Corporation, chairman of the board since 2010; and New Media Investment Group Inc., chairman of the board of directors since 2013. His exerience in executing his leadership roles in various companies has resulted in success in most positions he holds at any firm.

Wes Edens also associates with other companies as a consultant, shareholder, and board member or as a co-owner which include Global Signal, Drive Shack Inc., and Eurocastle Investment Limited. His investments involve different sectors including the media, healthcare, infrastructure, finance, and the transport industry. He has, up to date, invested in over fifty companies including private and public organizations.

Personal Life of Wes Edens and Other Ventures

Wes Eden got married to Lynn with four children where the younger daughter, called Mallory, remains recognized as a basketball team representative. Wesley loves horse jumping during his leisure time and also mountain climbing. He also possesses the league of legends team FlyQyest and also bought large shares in the English Championship club, Aston Villa, hence becoming the largest shareholder in the club. He also involves in charitable organizations, making donations and impacting life by helping the less advantaged individuals in the community.



How Dan Bethelmy-Rada Remains So Successful As A Businessman And Family Man

Thriving where innovative thinking and enlightened ideas collide, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is an inspired creator of notable prestige. A man with various definitions of beauty, Bethelmy-Rada is a valued contributor to French personal care company, L’Oreal. Bethelmy-Rada’s adoration for beauty and its various components was born during his European travels. Upon relocating to Paris at the tender age of 16, Bethelmy-Rada discovered his deep-seated interest in the diverse outlooks on what’s considered beautiful. According to Bethelmy-Rada, the concept of beauty is ever-shifting and seemingly elusive. In essence, Bethelmy-Rada finds the varied perspectives on beauty a beautiful notion itself.

While traveling abroad, Bethelmy-Rada acquired a flair for photography. It’s now one of his favorite pastimes and serves as an outlet for “finding beauty in undervalued and underestimated places and subjects.” Bethelmy-Rada maintains that without photography, his open-minded approach to the world likely wouldn’t be so evident. What’s more, he attributes his success as a DMI general manager to the vast experiences he participated in as an adolescent. AFS-USA, for example, is a study-abroad program that allowed Bethelmy-Rada to assimilate into diverse cultures. Rife with opportunities abound, the AFS-USA program armed Bethelmy-Rada with “life-changing intercultural learning experiences.”

Given his success in the beauty industry, Bethelmy-Rada is often asked to share his tenets of success. Bethelmy-Rada subscribes to the notion that innovation, work-life balance, and ambition are fundamental to success. Perhaps the most essential principle is allotting ample time to family. Bethelmy-Rada states that this was something he often grappled with during the early stages of his career, but now he’s managed to strike a happy medium between work and personal life. When he’s not pioneering big ideas at L’Oreal, Bethelmy-Rada relishes the time he gets with his husband of 13 years and two precocious children.

The Many Inventions Of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant provided services to many companies over the years, and built up the reputation of Net1 Technologies. Serge was able to become CEO by making his Blockchain technology popular. In 2005, Net1 Technologies was listed as a public company on the NASDAQ in New York. The accomplishment for Serge Belamant also help him become chairman.

By using smart card technology, Serge Belamant was able to create an invention. This invention could be used on or off-line. It was called the first electronic purse. Serge was able to create the electronic purse using his UEPS. As an innovative inventor, Serge Belamant would become confident in taking on tasks that other companies would reject. One of these tasks included building yet another new invention.

This new invention would pay all social grants in the RSA. When Serge and Net1 Technologies accepted the contract from South Africa Social Security Administration in 2012. They accepted the challenge to pay nearly 10 million beneficiaries on a monthly basis. The construction of a 1:N Bio-metric Comparison Engine was one of the technologies that needed to be created. Morphing and a Variable PIN were also technological creations that were included.

These new innovative technologies created by, Net1 Technologies and Serge Belamant, helped to achieve the task of paying 10 million beneficiaries. The purpose of the 1:N Bio-metric Comparison Engine was to check 1 to 200 million requests for verification in less than 1 second. The 1:N Bio-metric Comparison Engine could also prevent scammers, or illegal customers. These type of individuals came in the form of duplicates, or ghosts.

The purpose of Variable Pin was to be used one time, and one time only. Once a customer would verify there voice through a phone call for identity verification. The voice was confirmed through the voice’s bio-metrics. This method was created to make a transaction at an ATM.

The purpose of Morphing was to allow smart cards to operate world wide by providing the SASSA with specific items needed for security. An example of these smart cards would be Master card and Visa. These smart cards are used with electronic money devices such as, an ATM or POS system. These type of smart cards function in UEPS.

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Investing In Real Estate through JHSF

JHSF Participacoes is a Brazilian real-estate company which was founded in 1972 in Sao Paulo by Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo. This global company operates in several countries such as Uruguay and the United States. In the US, the company was responsible for the construction of building 815 in New York as well as the condominium Las Piedras in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

JHSF specializes in the high-income segment by focusing on recurring income activities. Originally, the company specialized in construction and incorporation services this company was also the first real estate company to prioritize recurrent income assets through shopping malls, hotels, airports and hotels, and other real estate properties.

When the company split in 1990, Fabio Auriemo took over the operations of the company. He managed to maintain the initial focus of the company which was real estate investment. By 2001, the company had branched out into constructing shopping malls such as Shopping Metro Santa Cruz in Sao Paulo. Today, this mall is recognized as the first Brazilian mall that is integrated with a subway station. In 2006, JHSF launched the Cidade Jardim complex which houses Shopping Cidade Jardim, the main luxury market in Brazil. This complex also has nine residential towers and three commercial towers.

In 2007, JHSF became the major stakeholder of the Fasano Group Hotels. Moreover, the company also acquired Fazenda Boa Vista, a residential condominium in Sao Paulo. In 2008, the company inaugurated Horto Bela Vista Complex in Salvador, Bahia. In addition to this, JHSF is the parent company of Shopping Ponta Negra in Manaus, Amazonas.

Over the years, the company has received several honors and awards. Most recently, in 2014, the company was awarded the Catarina Fashion Outlet wins “Featured in other formats” award at the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers. That same year, the company was also elected by the PINI Award for the best incorporator of Brazil. In 2012, the company won the Best Environmental Seal if Aqua Award as well as the PINI award in the category “Planned daring.”

Richard Liu Qiangdong Wealthy Chinese Business Tycoon And Founder Of JD.Com

With so many e-commerce companies trying to make a mark in the retail sector, JD is the company in China that has grown to become an undisputed leader. Undaunted by the competition, JD has emerged as one of the most important and biggest e-commerce companies in China and has pushed its founder, Richard Liu Qiangdong, in the Forbes list of wealthiest Chinese in the world. The net worth of Richard Liu Qiangdong is approximately $47 billion, and it is consistently reaching new heights of success. Richard Liu Qiangdong has made some bold strategic moves that have helped the company achieve new heights of success.

Richard Liu Qiangdong did his graduation from the People’s University of China and did a Masters in Business Administration from the China Europe International Business School. It is what helped him gave the knowledge about business and commerce sector. The interest of Richard Liu in computer coding also helped him when he took his retail business from brick and mortar business to online portal. One of the biggest reasons why he started JD was that his offline retail business was failing during the SARS outbreak. It called for him to take measures that would secure the future of his company and help his business sustain.

Starting JD is what helped his business thrive and grow, and it immediately became a household name all over China. The marketing strategies that the company implemented gave the business an edge over others. If you are shopping in China, rest assured you would find just about anything you want at JD, which has grown into China’s second largest online shopping platforms. People go online for just about everything these days, and if you are in China, you can be sure that you would get authentic and high-quality products at reasonable prices at JD. The company is publicly traded in New York Stock Exchange and the last few years, two giant companies, Tencent and Walmart, have taken a stake in the company. Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to find new ways to take JD to new heights of success through his business acumen and skills.

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Equities Firt Holdings Is Unique In Its Lending Approach And It Is Gaining Profitabiity

Predictions for faster and more profitable personal loans and for business loans has become a profitable virtual reality for Equity First  Holdings. They have processed over 900 security-based loans. With all appearances, they will be processing more loans.

Their present idea of security-based loans is carried forth in Europe, and Asia; and there is some success for their lending practices in North America and in other countries.

The major attraction of their lending vehicle is that the processing takes much less time than the traditional loan. The loans are backed by a portfolio of securities; and the premise behind these loans is that the profitability of increase in these portfolios is greater than the interest that will be paid out.

The idea behind these loans seems to gain momentum and attraction for both personal and business loans; and it is a competitive offering in a market that is virtually immutable in its policies.

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