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Bruno Fagali – Legal Expert After Years of Tenacity in the Industry

     Bruno Fagali is a lawyer from Sao Paulo, Brazil that has earned respect in the legal community in recent years. Bruno Fagalo specializes with administration based legal code, and has proven to hold a reputable selection of experience in the industry.

Bruno Fagali attended the University of Sao Paulo to claim his Masters in State Law. This is just another great check mark on a long list of impressive accomplishments. Experience plays a huge role in his law practices, allowing him to step to a completely higher level in terms of his capabilities within the industry.

Bruno Fagali has mastered a difficult selection of law code, including administrative law, compliance based law, corporate law and ethics, as well as regulation based laws. This wide and diverse selection of practices is enshrined within his relentless experience in the legal industry. There is no doubt that the Brazilian lawyer and legal expert has the knowledge and expertise that is required when dealing with these complicated matters.

Bruno Fagali took a major step into the legal industry around 2006 where he jumped from one law company to another. When he graduated from college, he began building experience so that he could improve his skills over the course of the next several years in the industry. After many years of hard work and significant effort, his work is incredibly respected back in Brazil, as where as other nations where his efforts have been reflected.

Bruno has even started an online blog to share some of his beliefs and ideologies on the internet. This blog will allow the public to better understand some of the things that helped him get to where he is today in the legal industry.

Robert Ivy Is Honored With The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is the EVP and Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which is an institute that as founded in 1857 to enhance and improve the field of architecture for architects and the country that they serve. In an unprecedented event, the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) decided to honor him with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, which is an award that is usually given to artists and art patrons. This is the first time that an architect has been granted the award, and the reason for this is that Ivy has achieved plenty in his lifetime.

The President of the MIAL, Nancy LaForge, commented that Robert Ivy is a Mississippi native who deserved the award due to his work with making architecture more available to the public. The President of the AIA, Carl Elefante, stated that Ivy, as CEO of the AIA and an author, is a great choice to represent the AIA and all of its endeavors. Before coming aboard with the AIA, Ivy was the Editor-in-Chief of the Architectural Record, which is put out by McGraw-Hill. That publication rose to become the most widely read journal on architecture under the careful guidance of Ivy and earned a spread of awards. He has also been recognized for his work as an author who published the biography about Fay Jones.

Robert Ivy is now expanding the AIA, which is currently enjoying an unprecedented number of members. In fact, because of the work of the AIA, architects from the United States are practicing their craft all over the globe. In the past, Alpha Rho Chi, the fraternity of architects, has honored him for his gift of communicating the worth of architecture to the public, and he was made a Master Architect, which is a distinction that the rare few enjoy.

Robert Ivy studied at Sewanee: The University of the South where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, and he continued his studies at Tulane University where he finished up his work to obtain his Master of Architecture degree. He is working, today, to move the profession of architecture into the limelight where it can help build a more sustainable and sturdy infrastructure for the United States as well as the world at large. He is happy to see that his work is paying off and hopes for a future where architects take a greater part in designing and building the world around us.

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Highland Capital Gives People a Chance for a Positive Future Through Investments

Highland Capital knows what it takes for customers to have a positive experience. They also know what it means to make things easier on all their clients. As long as they trust in the process and know that Highland Capital is doing their best to give them the most positive experience, clients will keep getting the things they need. They’ll also make sure they’re doing everything they need because Highland Capital knows what it means to keep things operating for their clients. People who use Highland Capital see the positive experiences they can get from the company and the things that will help them see all the best options they have. The company knows how people can get the right kind of help and how people can make the right choices when they’re making investments. Visit to know more.

As long as Highland Capital continues offering their clients positive experiences, they’ll make things easier on all of their clients. They hope to branch out and help more people than ever before and that means they’ll have to make some extra changes to the way they do business. If they can focus on the positive experiences that come with investing, they know what it means to give back and to show people how things will keep getting better. They also know that everything will change if people make the right choices for the business. It’s their way of giving back that allows them the chance to see that things will continue changing.

For Highland Capital, the point of doing all this is so people keep seeing positive and successful experiences. Highland Capital knows what people need and they aren’t afraid to push to get to that point. As long as others get a chance through Highland Capital, they’ll keep making things easier on their clients. They also know that everything makes more sense when they can give more people the positive experiences they need to get through the difficult types of investments they have to make. It’s their idea of helping that allows them to continue being the best in the business that can sometimes be difficult. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Mike Baur Takes Part In Fun Night At Beer Hack

A group of young innovators were recently taken to Feldschlösschen, a popular brewing company in Switzerland where they were part of a competition in creating the best beer hack. These innovators were from the Swiss Startup Factory, an organization that brings ideas to life and turns them into disruptive businesses. Also in attendance at the brewery was SSUF cofounder and chairman Mike Baur, a man who has helped fuel Switzerland’s venture capital scene. The beer hack event was all about making beer more accessible and using app platforms to simplify marketing and buying beer. There were nine teams of developers total in the hack and three winners in the digital, product and experience categories, but one of the feature winners was the team that developed “U-Beer,” an app that allows you to order beer on demand with very fast delivery.


Banking was once one of the top career choices of young men in Switzerland. Its promise of high pay and living the high life were why Mike Baur chose to go into it. A human resources manager at UBS, the bank he started at met with him when he first entered the apprenticeship program. He told Baur that he just needed to meet the written goals on a chart, and he would end up retiring comfortably. Baur did reach high status in banking later as a director at Clariden Leu, but he retired early because he had other plans. Plus being a banker had become more of a chore with long work hours instead of an enjoyable occupation.


Mike Baur believed there was so much more out there, especially with mobile technology and brand new companies the likes of which had never been seen before now coming into being. That led him to first starting ThinkReloaded and later meeting with executives from Goldback Group and Red Bull Media to form the SSUF. The SSUF has been especially invested in the internet of things and high tech startup ideas, but they also have a diverse range of financial service and auto industry ideas in their portfolio. The sessions of the SSUF last for three months, and during that time entrepreneurs learn how to make pitches and form business plans out of raw ideas. Entrepreneurs who can make it through those three months of rigorous tests can get office space for their companies that they’ll have rent-free and complete with IT infrastructure.


Helps People Own

Anyone looking for a home to buy has probably ran into one problem or another with their application. They may have thought that was it and there was no other way to get a home. That’s where Nexbank can help.

Getting Started

The biggest thing with getting started with getting a home with Nexbank is the income part of it. Anyone applying can get a copy of their tax return and use that to prove their income. This also proves that they have been working for at least a year at the same job. That is an important thing when trying to get a home loan.

Another thing to think about is credit. If a potential homeowner doesn’t have great credit, it’s possible the bank may want them to get another person to sign on their loan. They may also want to know why the credit history is what it is. If there was a major life event, they may look at it differently than if someone just didn’t pay their bills. Nexbank is one of those banks that will take everything into consideration. This way they can help more people that may not qualify for a loan in a traditional sense.

Metting With Banks

After the home buyer has gathered their items, they will want to make an appointment to see the bank. This will give them a chance to talk to the bank and give them any information they may need to make a good choice on the loan. It also will give the bank a chance to see who they are going to be working with on the loan and if they think it’s a good fit.

Nexbank is a great bank in Dallas that sees all the people it lends to. They want to make sure they are getting exactly what they need from the loans and that they feel supported with their new purchase. This helps the home buyer to feel confident in their home and that they are getting exactly what they want.

Anyone looking at getting a home loan should take their time and make sure they are doing everything they can to get the home they want for the price they want.

Robert Ivy Earns Well Deserved Accolade

Few feelings are more delightful than the feeling of realizing that one has reached the very pinnacle of their profession. As the awards begin to pile up, people feel a true sense of accomplishment. Such is the case for architect Robert Ivy. Over the course of his long career, Ivy has seen the respect he holds in his profession rise. He can now take pride in yet another feat. As a native of Mississippi, Ivy looks back to his own roots with a sense of great fondness. He realizes that many of his career ideas stem from the time he spent growing up in this part of the country.

Ivy’s career has included many important milestones and achievements. During the course of his long tenure on the scene, he’s served as the editor-in-chief for a truly important publication in he field known as Architectural Record according to While serving in this position, he’s helped shape the very definition of what it means to be an architect. His work has also helped him create and shape a truly American vision of architecture that can take its place alongside many other great schools of architectural thought. Part of his goal in his professional career has been about creating a global footprint that can serve as inspiration for both Americans and others around the world.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a membership organization of architects and designers established more than 150 years ago by 13 architects with a mission to promote and support architects and the field of architecture. AIA now has more than 90,000 architect and design members throughout the U.S. and three of its territories, Europe, Canada, and Asia. The AIA is committed to building structures that create safe neighborhoods, but it is also deeply involved in the broader global community. The AIA has as one of its goals to reimagine the role of architects and designers.

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His New Honor

As his career has progressed, Ivy has been repeatedly lauded by many organizations that follow the field closely. His newest accolade is the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is administered by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters or the (MIAL). The MIAL is a not for profit organization that is dedicated to the citizens of Mississippi. Each year, they choose to honor someone who has a strong connection to the state in some way. Previous winners include well known actors like Morgan Freeman and Shelby Foot. Ivy has been lauded for his ability to offer leadership to the field of architecture and bring it forward to the future. The official presentation of this highly prestigious award is scheduled to take place formally early in June. Those at the organization seek to recognize individuals who have spent time in life devoting themselves to the arts and thus accumulating a body of work that they feel is worthy of special recognition. CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy is highly honored to be recognized in his own beloved home state.

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Robert Ivy Leads AIA Successfully

     Robert Ivy has been the instrumental leader at the American Institute of Architects in leading the industry of architecture to become more friendly toward the environment and leave a smaller carbon footprint. He rightfully understands that the field of architecture has a direct impact on both the lives of human beings and the climate as well. If they can find ways to minimally impact nature this will begin helping America moved to become more friendly to green energy.

Robert Ivy took over as chief executive officer at the American Institute of Architects when he was promoted from the role of vice president seven years ago. Since then, he has begun implementing a vision that existed within the organization and have been growing in the hearts of their people for several years. They wanted to create a way where architects were capable of creating buildings to not only promoted public health but also sustainability for the environment.

In order for the organization the pull off this influential vision they would need to do two things. The first thing that was required was a complete overhaul of the strategic mission. This meant that their strategies, departments, and current outcome plans had to be re-aligned with the new vision. The second thing that was required to accomplish this vision was to gain public access in order to educate and teach both the young and old architects.

Robert Ivy was able to attend a dinner at the Clinton Foundation by a personal invitation from Bill Clinton. While he was present, he acquired the permission needed to announce to all those who were there what his organization wanted to do. After Bill Clinton introduced him, Robert Ivy took the podium and described to everybody his “decade of design.” The decade of design was initiative by the American Institute of Architects to begin using the next 10 years to create new techniques that architects can use to make sure that their buildings have the lowest impact on the environment possible.

Many people there were advocates for reform concerning nature and they gave Robert Ivy a standing ovation. Many of the corporations and nonprofits who were present invited Robert Ivy to come to their companies or organizations to present on how to make this happen. He also was given access to several online schools in order to continue training our architects to build with this new mindset.

OSI Group Stays at the Top for a Reason

It’s weird to think about the food industry making the drastic change to fresh and healthy. For decades, the food industry’s biggest providers have been big corporations only focused on profit. Now, many of those big corporations need to change their ways if they want to survive.

With so many people learning about the importance of locally raised and grown, organic foods, there’s a lot of pressure on corporations to change their ways. That’s not an easy task for large corporations, especially those used to running the industry and telling consumers what’s good for them.

One of the premier food providers eager to make that change is OSI Group. Over the last a hundred years, OSI Group has been an industry leader. They work with some of the industry’s biggest foodservice and retail food brands to bring consumers high-quality products in a timely manner.

Now that freshness is a bigger deal, companies like OSI Group are quickly climbing the industry ladder. If they weren’t number one before, it’s only a matter of time before they are. If a company the size of OSI Group can adapt to the new way food solutions need to be, their success will be limitless.

The one advantage OSI Group has over the competition is the will to change. They’re not the most successful company, but they’re the only successful company at that level making such drastic changes to the way their produce food solutions and what kind of food solutions produce.

OSI Group has an entrepreneurial passion that works well with their customers. They help customers bring their food ideas to life and to consumers. They love helping their customers come with next-generation food solutions that can change the world of food. It’s why they’re so dedicated to every company they work with.

The driving force behind any company is the workforce, but more so with OSI Group. At OSI Group, their employees are entrepreneurially driven and passionate about developing innovative food solutions. There’s a lengthy process to joining the OSI Group family, but if they’re passionate, anyone can get the job.

No matter how difficult a dream, if someone needs their food idea realized, there’s no better company to work with than OSI Group.

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Jeremy Goldstein – Entrepreneur And Founder Of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC,

Knockout Options Can Help Employers Explains Jeremy Goldstein


Stock options have become a thing of the past. Many companies are no longer providing it to their employees because they want to save money. Sometimes there is a complex reason for not to offering knockout options. There are three problems companies have in not providing knockout options for their workers.


Employees may not be able to use their options due to the significant decrease in the financial worth of the company’s stock. Regardless, companies must report expenses associated with the expense account, and shareholders are in danger of restricted shares. Employees are aware that many times the dive the economy takes make stock options meaningless and the benefits become worthless.


The financial loss in stock options may become an accounting strain, making it more costly than the financial gain. Employees believe that getting the employer to increase their salaries is more valuable than stock options.


Are There Advantages To Stock Options?


This kind of compensation benefits can be better than getting a higher salary. Stock options can be understood by employees because they give employees the same value. When a company’s stock option value increases, it increases individual earnings.


Some rules by the IRS, it makes it hard to give equities to employees. This holds true when a corporation gives benefit packages to their executives. Stock options given to workers provides no added burden.


Giving Options To Workers And Cutting Down On The Negative


A company that desires to give employee options can increase benefits outlined above and escape great costs by following the correct strategy. Measures should be taken to cut down on the overhang and the original costs.


A good solution is to accept a kind of barrier option which called a knockout. This is a stock option that has term limits and vesting condition. If the stock value goes beneath a certain amount, employees will lose them.


Who Is Jeremy Goldstein?


Jeremy Goldstein is a business attorney with over 15 years experience in the legal field. He attended the New York University School of Law, where he received a J.D. and M.S. from the University of Chicago. He graduated cum laude from Cornell University. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder and a partner at a boutique law firm named after himself. The company is dedicated to giving advice to reimbursement committees, CEO and other types of corporations. Jeremy Goldstein is the go-to person when companies need legal counsel about workers’ benefits.

Dr. Mark McKenna Is A Renowned Medical Doctor That Is Making Waves In The Business World

Dr. Mark McKenna is a highly professional medical doctor that works in the United States. Today, he has a strong focus on combing his knowledge in medicine with various ideas in business. So far, he has done this to extreme success, starting up various companies which have made him millions over the years. One of Mark’s latest companies, OVME, is already finding success as well. Operating in Atlanta and Nashville, OVME is a health company that delivers products and treatments that can typically only be found by going to the doctor’s office. OVME can do this because clients are able to consult with doctors right through the company’s app to get the information they need.

Dr. Mark McKenna has also started up other successful companies, including ShapeMed and McKenna Venture Investments. McKenna Venture, Mark’s first company, was a real estate company that he started up in New Orleans. This company was majorly successful at first until the hurricane struck his hometown in 2005. Mark lost a lot of his assets very quickly, but he was able to rebuild at the same time he was rebuilding the community. Mark went on to found ShapeMed in 2007, a company dedicated to cosmetic health. Finding quick success, the public was extremely happy with this company, so much so that Life Time Fitness wanted to buy it from Dr. Mark McKenna in 2014.

Today, Dr. Mark McKenna is focused on research and making improvements to the medical field wherever he can. Mark believes by mixing his expertise in medicine with successful business ideas, he can help thousands and maybe even millions of people around the world through his ideas. OVME is currently helping bring medicine to people who won’t or can’t find any time to go to the doctor’s office, and Mark believes he can continue bringing this business to cities all over the country in the near future. According to Mark, self-fulfillment is the only thing that will bring happiness and the money that comes is just more opportunity to follow his dreams and bring his ideas to the community at large.