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Rodrigo Terpins – A Good Role Model on the Race Tracks

Rodrigo Terpins has inherited his father’s love for sports. The only difference is that Jack Terpins used to play basketball for Hebraica, whereas Rodrigo Terpins took another bout and entered the rally racing sports. He is an excellent driver to boot and a hard one to defeat on the race tracks of Brazil.

Jack Terpins was a basketball player from the 1960s to the 1970s, and he was known by the name of Jackao in his younger years. His career in basketball also led him to occupy various positions in the sports association namely: President of the Latin American Jewish Council, and President of the Chief of Sports. After professionally playing basketball and being a community sports lead, Jack Terpins became a real estate investor.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Rodrigo Terpins also worked and had his own business before he totally got engage in rally driving. After completing his studies, he was employed for a time at Lojas Marisa as its President. Lojas Marisa is a store outlet for women’s clothing. After he served at Lojas Marisa from 1991 to 2006, he established his own business, the T5 Partipacoes, and he is the Director of the company up to the present since 2008.

During his stint with Lojas Marisa, Rodrigo Terpins was able to help the said business expand and grow. And while his schedule with the cited company and T5 Partipacoes was both quite hectic, he still managed to find time and race on the tracks where he won several titles and had the opportunity to stand on the podium to be recognized. Check out to know more.

Since joining the competitions within the Sertoes Rally, Rodrigo’s excellent driving skills often made him stand out against the other competitors. The Sertoes Rally is one of the biggest race car events in Brazil that happens yearly. It is an off-road event that could take place anywhere in the country of Brazil. Usually the rally goes through several states of the country, is divided into 7 stages and has an average road length of 2,600 kilometers.

The Sertoes Rally is joined by many competing teams, and the Bull Sertoes Team, where Rodrigo and his brother Michel are part of, is one of the finest judging by their results in every competition they take part in.

Talkspace for Your Therapy Needs

For anyone who has ever been told that they could benefit from therapy, you know the problems that come with trying to find one of these professionals. The issue that comes with this is that it’s just too expensive and hard on any type of schedule. No one has the time to go and see a therapist when they’re already busy working and running around with the family. Also, if you have no health insurance or coverage, you’re stuck paying the entire bill on your own, which can be downright expensive and invasive to your budget. This is why you need to consider an app like Talkspace that actually brings the therapist into your own home.

The way that Talkspace works is by having you download their app, creating an account and answering a couple of questions that will help them to match you to a professional. Once you do all of this, you’re going to be matched to a professional therapist who is licensed and insured. After that, you’ll get the chance to talk about all of your problems and get the help that you need and want. This is so much easier because you get to text message your Talkspace therapist from home or from work. Some people even use Talkspace while they’re on the go, such as in the supermarket, at work or on the bus.

You will enjoy Talkspace because of the amount of money that you can and will save. Instead of spending hundreds per session on a therapist, Talkspace is so much cheaper and costs just a couple of dollars a week. This saves you lots of cash and prevents you from going into debt just because you are looking to get some type of help for your problems and are unable to see a typical therapist.

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Easter Service at Mighty Fortress Church Will be Spiritual and Fun for All Ages

A special mass will be held in celebration of Easter at the Mighty Fortress International Ministries. This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 1st. Refreshments will be served before and after Mass. The Mass will be held at 11 AM, and will be followed by festivities for the entire family. Everyone is invited to attend the glorious Easter event at the Mighty Fortress Church. The Church is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many members and visitors are expected to attend. Read more on

For Christians around the world, Easter is known as Resurrection Sunday. It marks the rising of the Lord Jesus Christ, in accordance with the Scriptures. There will be prayers and worship, in addition to music and singing, at the service they have named “He is Risen.”

Music will be performed by the Bishop’s Choir and the Children’s Ministry choir. Afterwards, The Fortress Ministry Church will have an Easter egg hunt for the children. There will be beautifully colored Easter eggs and many prizes to be found. Children between the ages of 3 to 12 years you welcome to participate and have fun.

The adults will enjoy refreshments after Mass, and continuous Fellowship services. Mighty Fortress Church Ministries welcomes everyone. The atmosphere is meant to put people at ease with its friendly environment.


It is a place where people will feel they belong. Membership is made up of thousands of people, all with different backgrounds, and it will not ever matter what your race or culture is when you walk through the doors of the Fortress Church. It’s a loving and accepting place for all to visit. The special upcoming service that is planned for Easter Sunday will inspire and unite all who are able to come.

The Church is led by its Senior Pastor, Bishop T. R. Williams. He is its founder, and he serves as President of the Ministries. Pastor Williams has over 30 years of experience as a preacher and a religious leader. His powerful and insightful words teach of the Bible, and the Word of God and Jesus Christ. He believes that within the teachings of the Bible are the answers to many problems that the world faces today. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

What’s Next For Medical Extraordinaire Clay Siegall

Being an extraordinaire means that you must posses supreme knowledge, and that you must excel in a particular subject. When it comes to cancer research, there are many people who are considered to be an extraordinaire, and Clay Siegall is one of them. Clay Siegall is one of the most accomplished and celebrated individuals in this exclusive field of work. He’s a doctor, a scientist and a businessman. Siegall has simply dedicated his life to fighting cancer, and he has a proven track-record of success. Siegall is also the founder and president for one of the world’s leading oncology companies that specializes in fighting cancer.

Dr. Clay Siegall has studied at two of North America’s top higher-learning facilities. This extraordinary guy has an undergraduate degree in Zoology as well as Ph.D in Genetics. Of course, the higher-learning facilities in question are the University of Maryland and the affluent George Washington University. One of his first high-profile jobs came from working with Bristol Myers Squibb. In addition to that, over the course of 30 years, he has also worked with the National Cancer Institute as well as worked for the National Institute of Health. This guy’s resume is simply astounding to some degree, but he has remained quite humble. Dr. Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. This biotech-oncology company specializes in developing targeted-cancer therapies. These therapies are some of the most advanced cancer-fighting medications on earth today. Though starting-out as a small startup company in America’s Pacific Northwest, Seattle Genetics has grown into a global powerhouse.

Seattle Genetics earns capital in multiple ways, including from its production partnerships, from the selling of its own proprietary drugs and from the licensing of its own technologies. Overall, this article isn’t long enough to state every great deed of Dr. Clay Siegall, but should have a much better understanding of how great this man truly is.

Ricardo Tosto Is An Experienced And Reliable Business Lawyer

Are you looking for a reliable business attorney in Brazil? Do you want to enlist the services of an experienced business or corporate lawyer? Ricardo Tosto can advise or represent you effectively.

Every business, no matter the type or size, needs to have a working relationship with a corporate or business lawyer. Many business owners and organizations hire a lawyer when they’re starting out, and this is crucial to ensure that your venture is well protected right from the start.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an experienced and reputable lawyer. He has a prominent legal firm where he handles high-profile cases for entrepreneurs, organizations, multinational companies and other clients.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the top attorneys and litigation experts in Brazil, and he has been in practice for over 22 years. Clients throughout Brazil turn to him for advice on how to deal with their legal issues, and resume him.

As a business owner or organization manager, you should understand the danger of complex legal issues and have a good lawyer on retainer. Legal problems occur from time to time, and can devastate your enterprise. When you get sued or encounter any legal problem in your organization or business, you need a good lawyer on your side.

Choosing the RIGHT lawyer for your case is extremely important and needs to be done carefully. There are several ways to go about determining the best lawyer or law firm for your needs. These include checking the profiles and track record of lawyers, and what Ricardo Tosto knows.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho comes highly recommended in the industry. Ricardo Tosto knows what to do to resolve a case, no matter how tough the situation may seem. He has been catering to all kinds of business and corporate clients and he has a thorough understanding of the industry, and

Ricardo Tosto regularly represents both business and private clients and in defending issues arising under the full range of regulations and laws affecting his clients’ industry, including cases under state and federal laws. Get in touch with Mr Ricardo Tosto to discuss your case, and more information click here.

Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist, Clothing Mogul, and Real Estate Investor, Chris Burch knows how to bring success to the resort world with his 5-star, Nihi Sumba Island Resort

Christopher Burch is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, clothing mogul, and real estate investor who has accomplished quite a lot in business. Burch got his start in entrepreneurship while as an undergraduate student at Ithaca College in 1976. He invested $2,000 dollars with his brother, Bob, to found a clothing company called Eagle’s Eye apparel. Eagle’s Eye was able to grow to $164 million, before being sold to the Swire Group (

But Burch has also been involved in great things when it comes to business ventures involving resorts, especially ones like Nihiwatu. The Nihiwatu resort began as a project involving a hostel that Burch, along with business partner and hotelier, James McBride, procured on Sumba, an Indonesian island in 2012. Spending 30 Million in renovations on a hostel in Indonesian, which was once owned by a couple from New Jersey, may have been considered risky venture to some. However, in Burch’s case, it turned out to be an impressive business endeavor. Branded with the name, Nihiwatu, or “mortar stone,” it opened for business as a 5-star resort in 2015.  Over the last few years, the resort has received many accolades. The resort also received a slight name change from Nihiwatu to Nihi Sumba Island, recently.

Voted by Travel + Leisure as the best hotel in the world in 2016, and garnering a number one ranking in 2017, Nihi Sumba Island is considered an eco-friendly resort, with the “people of Sumba” receiving a great reputation by resort-goers for their “warm and wonderful” demeanors. Busch’s resort was noted as being the largest employer for the locals on Sumba Island. A percentage of Burch’s profits from Nihi Sumba go to the Sumba Foundation, a non-profit organization that finances specific initiatives that provides aid and support to the local community.

Burch noted that his investment in Sumba Island in 2015 was actually intended to be for his children (   The other intent by Burch was to make sure that a piece of the island could be preserved and that they could give back to the local community. Nihi Sumba Island consists of 20 plus private villas. One of them, Raja Mendaka, is Busch’s private living space, which contains a main house, and four additional villas, each containing a “plunge pool.” In addition to “plunge pools,” there are two-story tree houses on the resort. The main treehouse provides a private infinity pool and a large living area.

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Why Paul Mampilly Mysteriously Left Wall Street And What His Current Schedule Looks Like

Paul Mampilly has been all over the place coming from a blue collar family in India and cleaning cafeterias and pumping gas to get through college, and ultimately leading a wealthy life on Wall Street but then leaving that life as well. It was a shocking day when Wall Street realized Mampilly had left in the prime of his career at age 42 as he had been a fantastic investment advisor to some of the top fortune 500 companies and investment banks. He was also seen frequently on CNBC and the Fox Business Network where he talked about good investment trends and about where the market could be headed, but he explained after leaving that he no longer wanted this life.

Paul Mampilly’s primary reason for leaving Wall Street was that working there took away too much time with his family. He reported working sometimes as much as 16 hours in a day which brought in an enormous paycheck and a fantastic New York home, but it made spending time with his wife and growing children difficult and he didn’t want to miss their childhood. And the second was that his investment advice was only benefiting the millionaires and billionaires while leaving out the everyday working middle class people who he really wanted to help. He’s helping them now as an author at Banyan Hill, a financial advisory company that offers independent investing research at a much less price than most investment insider information would cost at big Wall Street publishers.

Mampilly’s education consists of a bachelor’s degree in finance at Montclair State University, and later an master’s in accounting at Fordham University. His entry into investment advisory services began as a researcher for Deutsche Bank, and he served in high profile account management services at ING and Banker’s Trust. He joined Kinetics International Fund in 2006 where he brought in 26% annual returns for the notable clients and even grew its AUM to $25 billion. His biggest accolade was making stock investments as part of the Templeton Foundation‘s competition that brought in a 76% gain and doing so during the 2008 recession without shorting or taking on high-risk funds. Interviews with Paul Mampilly

What Paul Mampilly is doing now is showing investors how they can start building their own portfolio and do so by finding little-known company stocks. Mampilly did the same thing when he invested in Facebook, Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics several years ago and saw those stocks boom in the coming years. Mampilly not only makes investing easy to understand for beginners, he even allows his followers to take a look at his portfolio. Extreme Fortunes by Paul Mampilly, 10,000% Marijuana Stock

Robert Ivy of AIA Is an Influential Leader

     With good leadership, corporate culture is enforced. Everyone comprehends the vision and mission of the organization. Besides, every employee grasps the basis of working hard. The impact of good leadership can always be experienced when the leader in question is influential. It thereof means that a good leader must have certain traits. From being committed to excellence and team building to finding viable solutions to challenges, Robert Ivy has proven to be an excellent leader. Ivy is not just a leader. Robert is a role model and a mentor to many.

Robert’s Leadership

Robert Ivy is the serving chief executive officer of AIA. Mr. Ivy has also worked as an editor to some of the most recognized, architectural companies in the world. Ivy has more than 30 years of experience in architecture. The Alpha Rho Chi recognized him as a leading architect in the industry thanks to his input in the community. The Master Architect award is given to the most talented as well as the most deserving workers who have primarily contributed to the growth of the industry.

AIA’s Establishment

AIA was founded by 13 experienced architects in 1957. The team’s mission was to establish an organization that promoted architecture. They also wanted to empower the individuals who worked in the field by initiating community projects. Before founding this organization, architecture barely existed. Most people pursued engineering and design. Those people claimed to be architects. AIA is, therefore, a great institution that supports architects and their contribution to the community.

Robert’s Education and Early Life

Robert Ivy attended Sewanee University for a degree in architecture. He then attended Tulane University for his master’s degree in 1976. Ivy participated in the Alpha Rho Chi, a group that honors hard-working individuals in different fields. Many participants upheld his participation in the field.

Robert’s Input as an Editor

Robert was visionary. He pursued literature and became an editor at McGraw Hill. He worked for 15 years and ascended the ranks by becoming the vice president as well as the editorial director. In his capacity as the chief editor, McGraw became the main architectural journal. Ivy’s contribution became more pronounced.

Additional Information

When he was a student at AIA, Robert joined the leadership team. He maintained a strong relationship with the organization. That contributed to his election as the president. Ivy is currently in charge of making life-changing for most architects. He has contributed to the creation of revolutionary policies for architects.

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How Groupon Is Making Neurocore’s Amazing Services More Accessible To All

As we age, the ability for our brain to remain focused on a task or even interprets new information and store it properly begins to slow down. This is most evident whenever doing a repetitive task, the muscle memory kicks in and the brain begins to drift off and stop focusing on the immediate task.

Over the course of the past two decades we have learned more about the human brain and how it works than we have learned throughout the entirety of recorded medical and scientific history. Neurocore is one example of a company that is utilizing this information and helping the human brain work optimally.

Neurocore is working with Groupon to make their assessment services more accessible to any and all who want to improve their brain function. The first option costs $99 and allows you to set up your assessment without any scheduling restrictions, normally $250.
The second option costs $49 and is almost exactly the same as the first option but with a slight difference in that you must schedule your assessment on a weekday, Monday through Friday before 4:00 p.m.

The assessment begins with a simple exam called a qEEG, Quantitative Electroencephalogram which involves a small cap with diodes that are attached to your scalp with conductive gel. This allows the activity of your brain to be monitored and measured with amazing accuracy.

The qEEG allows for a 19-point measurement of your brain, enabling precise mapping of your brain’s unique functionality. Analyzing both brain speed as well as connectivity allows neurocore’s clinical specialists to have an accurate picture of what is causing your challenges or unwanted symptoms.


The second portion of the assessment if called the HRV, Heart Rate Variability and this test measures your respiratory system and cardiovascular system to determine their functionality and whether or not they are working effectively together.

The final portion of the assessment is the IVA, Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test which is specially designed to determine the presence of any attention disorders. It measures your brain’s attention, sensory processing as well as impulsivity and gives clinicians a special insight into how your brain works.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi As The New Leader Of The Bradesco Bank

The Bradesco Bank got a new Chief Executive Officer a couple of years ago who succeeded the retired Lazaro de Mello Brandao. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was also appointed to the leadership positions of Chairman and President of the Bradesco Bank. He has been working at the bank for more than 40 years.

As one of the leading banking establishments in Brazil, the Bradesco Bank also has a long history of more than 80 years. Established in March 1943, the Bradesco Bank now has the 2nd most significant assets and equity among private banks in the country of Brazil. There are 5 314 branches of the Bradesco Bank serving clients worldwide. The establishment works primarily in banking, financing, and insurance and it offers services such as private and retail banking, insurance, investment banking, asset management, and more. There are 108 793 employees across the globe as of 2017. The Bradesco Bank also has two main subsidiaries called Bradesco Seguros, and Bradespar and each contains several companies. The headquarters of the Bradesco Bank are in Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Bradesco bank is focused on growth and has a record of successful acquisitions. Most recently, The Bradesco Bank became the new owner of Banco de Estado de Maranhao. Before that, the bank acquired Banco Ibi S. A., Banco Mercantil de Sao Paulo, as well as the Brazilian operation of the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentina, America Expres, J. P.Morgan Fleming Asset Management and many others.

Over the years, the Bradesco bak has been at the forefront in many aspects. The established started up the most prominent Brazilian education program in 1956 called The Bradesco Foundation. A few years later, it became the first company of Latin America to purchase a computer and a few years after that Bradesco was the first Brazilian bank to launch a credit card. In 2011, the Bradesco Bank was the fourth of the 500 greened businesses in the world and took first place among the Brazilian companies. The Bradesco Bank has established itself as a leader in many aspects and continues to maintain that reputation.

After the founder of the Bradesco Bank, Amador Aguiar, passed away in 1991 at the age of 86, his place as taken by Lazaro de Mello Brandao who had been working at the Bradesco Bank since he was 16. Lazaro de Mello Brandao worked as Chief Executive Officer for a few decades at decided to retire from the post in 2017 at the age of 91. He chose to appoint a successor from Bradesco’s own pool of talent an decide among the most capable executive of the bank. The Bradesco Bank decided to promote one of their own and stick to tradition.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had been at the bank for more than 40 years. He joined as a young man at 17 and worked as a clerk at first. After proving his dedication to the bank and learning from the professionals around him, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was promoted to Marketing Director after working at several positions, lower in rank. He achieved a lot, and significantly modernized the Bradesco Bank.

After eight years at the job, he became a leader of a subsidiary company called Bradesco Vida e Previdencia. As Chief Executive Officer of the establishment, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi got his first experience as an Executive. His leadership was very fruitful for the subsidiary business, and the revenue doubled.

After a few years at the post, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was promoted to serving as the Managing Director of the Bradesco Bank and then as the Executive Vice President in the following year. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was at the post for several years, continuing to receive new responsibilities during that time.