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Thor Halvorssen is an Enthusiastic Human Rights Activist

Thor Halvorssen has defended human rights for several years and has achieved a lot through his Human Rights Foundation. Despite being half-Venezuelan and half-Norwegian, Thor speaks a fluent American English. He descends from a family of veteran activists and war champions. For instance, Oystein (his paternal grandfather) served as the Norwegian King’s ambassador in Venezuela throughout the World War II. His mother is a descendant of Venezuela’s President, Cristobal Mendoza and Simon, the great military leader who steered Latin America to its independence.

Thor believes topics such as individual liberty and human rights should serve as the basis in which other important matters are discussed. His knowledge on human rights issue is not only theoretical but also practical. Upon revealing government corruption while serving as drug czar for Venezuela, his father was arrested and imprisoned in a Caracas prison. His mother participated in an Anti-Hugo Chavez protest and ended up being shot. Additionally, his first cousin is still serving his prison term in a Venezuelan jail.  According to Huffington Post, Thor remains committed to the cause despite going through several nasty experiences. Until 2011, the late Vaclav Haves served as the Chairman of HRF and Vladimir Putin replaced him.

Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is an acclaimed human rights advocate and a top film producer. He started championing for human rights at a tender age back in 1989 by planning a demonstration against the tyrant South African apartheid. He has Venezuelan and Norwegian roots. He ventured into active activism after his father was arrested in Venezuela. Following the shooting of his mother in the course political protest in 2004, Thor established Human Rights Foundation, which is headquartered in New York.

Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is an established independent nonprofit organization that supports and safeguards human rights across the globe. It unites people who are passionate about protecting human rights and supporting liberal democracy. Under his leadership, HRF has managed to liberate political prisoners and support democracy, especially in Latin America. Thor established Oslo Freedom Forum, and he presently serves as its CEO. The Economist named the forum a “spectacular human-rights festival”. The goal of HRF is to make sure freedom is not only preserved, but also promoted across the globe.