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What’s Next For Medical Extraordinaire Clay Siegall

Being an extraordinaire means that you must posses supreme knowledge, and that you must excel in a particular subject. When it comes to cancer research, there are many people who are considered to be an extraordinaire, and Clay Siegall is one of them. Clay Siegall is one of the most accomplished and celebrated individuals in this exclusive field of work. He’s a doctor, a scientist and a businessman. Siegall has simply dedicated his life to fighting cancer, and he has a proven track-record of success. Siegall is also the founder and president for one of the world’s leading oncology companies that specializes in fighting cancer.

Dr. Clay Siegall has studied at two of North America’s top higher-learning facilities. This extraordinary guy has an undergraduate degree in Zoology as well as Ph.D in Genetics. Of course, the higher-learning facilities in question are the University of Maryland and the affluent George Washington University. One of his first high-profile jobs came from working with Bristol Myers Squibb. In addition to that, over the course of 30 years, he has also worked with the National Cancer Institute as well as worked for the National Institute of Health. This guy’s resume is simply astounding to some degree, but he has remained quite humble. Dr. Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. This biotech-oncology company specializes in developing targeted-cancer therapies. These therapies are some of the most advanced cancer-fighting medications on earth today. Though starting-out as a small startup company in America’s Pacific Northwest, Seattle Genetics has grown into a global powerhouse.

Seattle Genetics earns capital in multiple ways, including from its production partnerships, from the selling of its own proprietary drugs and from the licensing of its own technologies. Overall, this article isn’t long enough to state every great deed of Dr. Clay Siegall, but should have a much better understanding of how great this man truly is.