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Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation Sponsor the State Theatre’s 2016 Free Summer Movies

In combats, snipers usually go by a motto which is to reach out and touch someone’s soul. Currently, businesses and to entrepreneurs have also taken the same course. Most of the successful companies understand the importance of a society hence do all that it takes to give back to the community in the best way they can.

Over the past few decades, Boraie Development has remained on the front line in transforming New Jersey into a world state of the art. However, a few months ago, the renowned firm did the unthinkable and supported the entertainment sector, precisely the movie sector. For the film lovers, we all know of the State Theatre and their Free Summer Movies Series. Well over the summer, Boraie Development played a significant role in ensuring that the most-loved event went through as expected.

Boraie Development worked in close collaboration with The Provident Bank Foundation to ensure the program was well funded for the sake of smooth running. According to, this particular session featured amazing sets of movies that meant nothing but happiness to the people of New Jersey from the young to the old. The free summer featured an array of favorite movies which include; Frozen, The Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2, Babe, Monsters University, and Aladdin, a majority’s favorite.

The Free Summer Movies Series airs at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm, perfect timing for both the children and the old in the community. Amazingly, all the tickets were free of charge hence adding happiness to every resident of New Jersey. For the parent, the free summer movies provide a perfect time to bond with their young ones and vice versa. While addressing the media, Sam Boraie, Vice President at Boraie stated the Boraie felt dignified for having the chance to sponsor the fantastic series in the iconic theatre. Jane Kurek also mentioned on that The Provident Foundation was so excited to play a great role in bringing the great theatre experience to the people of New Jersey.

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The Life Of Stephen Murray And His Developments At CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray was a prominent investor in the equity markets who was born on August 2, 1962. At the prime of his life, Stephen Murray was engaged in philanthropic work on various levels of the society. He gave financial donations and moral support to a Metro New York-based charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Boston College, Columbia Business School, the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank and the Stamford Museum also received moral and financial support from the philanthropist Stephen Murray. His moral support went as far as him being appointed the vice chairperson of Boston College’s board of trustees. Later he became a member of the Metro New York-Make a Wish Foundation chairperson’s council.

At the prime of his career, Stephen Murray was not only the president and chief executive officer at CCMP Capital but had also lead this hedge fund firm to great success. CCMP Capital is a private equities hedge fund firm that was founded by Stephen Murray as a spinout of the famous J P Morgan Chase. This firm specializes in market transactions that involve growth equities and buyouts. Stephen Murray took leadership of CCMP Capital in 2007, approximately a year after its formation. Having worked with the predecessor firms of CCMP Capital throughout his career, Stephen Murray understood well the operations of this firm. He also knew its strongholds and weaknesses. He used the firm’s strongholds to accomplish a lot of success in the business sector and minimize on its weakness.

It was under Stephen Murray’s leadership that CCMP Capital managed to establish itself as a top global hedge fund firm. This was after this firm’s operations expanded beyond the United States to new regions around the globe. Through this remarkable step, under Stephen Murray CCMP Capital as the top executive was very prosperous. He helped the company also grow internally by improving its professional levels. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital helped the firm’s staff build on their knowledge and experience to enable them to provide their clients with the best customer services. Through this improvement, most of the clients in the market started favoring hedge fund services that provided by CCMP Capital. This led to the firms further growth into the market.

This staff uses their good hedge fund market understand and experience to pride their clients with the best services in this sector. As CCMP Capital operates worldwide, it also has been able to help its clients understand the global markets as they undertake their business endeavors. Stephen Murray greatly brought all this success that CCMP Capital enjoys currently. On March 12th, 2015, Wall Street Journal reported on the death of Stephen Murray after a short time of illness.