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Economical and Professional Banking Services

One of the leading banks in Texas that has been operating since past many years is Nexbank. It operates through its three primary wings, namely Institutional service, mortgage banking, and commercial banking. The bank is highly active in the community banking sector and has helped in spreading the importance of community banking across Texas.

The current value of the assets it has under its management at the moment is more than $6 Billion. John Holt, the CEO and President of Nexbank said that in today’s age, community banking is essential for macro and micro level growth in the finance sector. It helps in creating a balance that will surely ensure a seamless growth in the rural as well as corporate sector.

Nexbank offers its services to primarily high-end customers, which includes institutional buyers and services, real estate investors, middle market companies, and large scale organizations. The flexible corporate and business loans offered by the Nexbank are prevalent among the companies. It helps in solving temporary liquid crunch in the finances efficiently.

James Dondero, co-founder of Nexbank, is one of the leading executives in the United States. Under his supervision, the bank has grown to become one of the most trusted banks in the state. Nexbank offers highly innovative and efficient financial services that allow the companies to get the liquidity they need along with the analysis of the market trends.

The bank hires the best of investment managers, consultants, and bankers, who ensure that the bank can offer professional and economical services to its clients. Presently, Nexbank’s presence is only in Texas, but the management is soon planning to open many new branches outside of the state of Texas. It would help the bank to get more visibility as well as the business, which is essential to sustain in the competitive business environment.