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Todd Lubar’s Significant Contribution in Baltimore Development

Baltimore is commonly referred to as the Charm City because of the charming young professionals residing in it. While it may appear that this city is experiencing population reduction, it is actually increasing in terms of younger demographic expected to continue rising. As a result, the demand for extra apartment options is high, and real estate developers are refurbishing older buildings into hip living options for Baltimore residents. There is also a need to improve and expand public transportation to make the city friendlier to those who wish to live in downtown while working. Similarly, the business sector is thriving as the demand for human needs is increasing.

Todd Lubar; the President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments is one of the leading real estate developers in Baltimore. He has been in this industry for decades and is continuously consulted for his industry perspective. His experience in the credit and financial sectors is a major contributor to his valuable perspective. This also makes him a top priority to for home buyers looking to make a fortune from their personal financial gain. Check out his page for more.

After graduating from Syracuse University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech Communication, Lubar began his career by serving at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He joined Legacy Financial Group in 1999 where he helped grow its Maryland office to a production unit of multimillion dollars per year in loan volume. He later joined Charter Funding; a division of First Magnus Financial Corporation in Arizona where he served as the Senior Vice President until 2007. While Lubar’s primary focus in his entire career has been mortgage banking, he also has several personal companies in the recycling, real estate development, and night club industries. He has ranked in the top 25 mortgage founders in the country for several years and also dedicates resources to helping the needy in the society. Follow his Twitter page and Facebook account.

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A New Approach by Equities First Holdings

Advisory and investment firm, Equities First Holdings, was established in 2012 in London, United Kingdom, where it is still headquartered today. Since its inception, Equities First Holding has been focused on providing accurate information discovered by their expert team, to companies in need of financial advice, particularly when faced with potentially traded stock. Despite not arriving until the last decade, Equities First Holding is now one of the most prominent advisory and investment firms in the world, providing its services to a wide range of clients. As the company has continued to develop over the years, it has worked with companies ranging from small independents to multinational investment and custodian banks across the world and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

Equities First Holdings was initially known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited before its merger. Several teams of investment leaders were involved in the deal, Morgan Lewis, Chris Harrison, and William Yonge. The merger between the two companies was much more than just a name change, as it has allowed for significant expansion. Equities First Holdings is now an international company, with five new offices around the world that have been acquired since the merger. Equities First Holdings now has locations in Europe, Asia, and Australia, as well as additional offices in the United States. It was recently announced that the shares used for collateral have been returned to Paysafe Group PLC as per the original agreement. In total, a number of shares returned to Mr. Joel Leonoff, of Paysafe Group PLC, would be 9,786,580, with 1,500,000 included as a part of his reimbursement and more information click here.

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Executive Chairman Mike Baur Has Prime Knowledge for Expanding Startup Investments

Three years ago, Mike Baur co-founded the Swiss Start Up Factory in Switzerland. He is now the Executive Chairman of the company, and oversees the company’s accepted startup investments.


Swiss Start Up Factory, located in Zurich, Switzerland, is a prominent resource company for young entrepreneurs who are looking to build a new startup, and for investors looking to add capital for growth and expansion. Mike founded the company with the mission of bridging the gap between those who are talented with limited resources and those who have the sturdy business structure to support the risks involved within new startup companies.


Mike has 20 years of successful experience within the baking industry, and he’s been an executive board member for one of the leading private banks within Switzerland. He has an MBA which he earned from the University of New York in Rochester, and he earned an additional Executive MBA while attending the University of Bern. Mike saw his business experience as a grounding platform to take a calculated risk within the startup industry. After two decades, Mike had already achieved more than most business leaders at 39 years old, when he made the decision to leave the banking industry to form the Swiss Start Up Factory.


Mike designed an outstanding program for Swiss Start Up Factory which encompasses preparation towards building companies that alter the traditional business models. The three-month program is an accelerator opportunity that offers early stage financing, coaching, and mentoring, as well as office space which entrepreneurs are given full access for navigating business dealings.


Additionally, Mike engages with successful investors that have the level of capital to bring into the process for pivoting the company at the opportune moment. Swiss Start Up Factory has a large network of investors and an advisory board to position each entrepreneur towards the most-lucrative business dealing.


In 2016, Mike was appointed as Deputy Managing Director to Swiss Startup Invest as one of the companies Executive Board Members. Swiss Startup Invest is the leading nontraditional financial platform used by Swiss high-tech startup companies. Mike’s area of expertise for the company is as an investment strategist and developing the financial infrastructure necessary for supporting startup companies.


With Mike’s various board member roles with several Swiss companies, he remains as the principle fundraiser and subject matter expert for financing investments for Swiss Start Up Factory. In 2016, the company received more than 1,500 startup applications for the accelerator program.


Bumble BFF Making It Easy To Make Friends

Whitney Wolfe is the woman who has helped craft and build from scratch the beauty behind the dating app, Bumble. Bumble is the epitome of the success found in dating apps today because of the different ways it is connecting people in their dating lives. However, it’s slowly becoming one of those apps that is trying to change the game.

Aren’t you tired of going on endless amounts of dates? Want to meet someone actually looking for friends instead of “friends?” The truth is that there are some people out there looking for that kind of friendship, and you are more than welcome to experience that with the help of the new app Bumble BFF. It’s just an extension of the original Bumble app and can be accessed within the app itself. Just a quick click on the app can open the door for you and give you that initial chance to start swiping on new friends within the area. When you want to hang out with somebody for the weekend, start swiping and you’ll meet some cool new people.


Whitney Wolfe loves this idea to help separate the industry by giving those looking for friendship related connections a place to mingle without having to go to parties and meet people there.

Whitney Wolfe thinks this part of the app is cool and fun, not to mention a great way to make friends. Bumble BFF is such an easy way to connect if you’re visiting a new location for a few days and you want someone to show you around. This is such a fun way to do that because you can just chill and make a new friend in this place and also have someone who knows the area bring you to places.

Bumble BFF is going to change the game and also bring more people together. Social media is always focused on connecting people who are already friends, but this new addition to Bumble is going to engage and connect people to find new friends. If you want to make a connection with somebody, this is the way to do it.

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The Associates Program to CEO at Capital Group

Timothy Armour is the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group as well as for Capital Research and Management Company (part of the Capital Group). Timothy Armour has 34 years of experience in investments and works as an equity portfolio manager. Armour’s career has been spent at Capital Group – starting as an equity analyst in The Associates Program and now working as the chairman of the company that has provided him with so much opportunity for growth and development and learn more about Timothy.


Armour received his bachelors from Middlebury College with a major in economics. Along with his role as CEO of Capital Group, he serves on boards for the Capital Research and Management Company and the AMCAP Fund. Armour is based in Los Angeles and more information click here.


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A Look Into The Contribution Of Mike Baur To Building Startups

Businesses based in various specialties experience challenges especially in the initial stages of establishment. A startup needs a lot of support from professionals who understand how to nurture an idea and someone who is skilled enough to overcome the many market forces that bar a business from progressing seamlessly. To allow startups in Switzerland to grow well, Mike Baur launched a facility that offers creative entrepreneurs a space where they can build their ideas with support from experienced individuals.


Mike Baur, having exited banking in 2014, launched the Swiss Startup Factory. Through this facility, many people have been getting massive support to steer their businesses and to manage their startups. His target was to help talented startups to achieve their dreams and this seems to have worked out quite well.


As many as 100 startups have benefitted from the incubation program that runs across three months. Mike Baur also celebrates the fact that the Swiss Startup Factory is currently the biggest incubation facility in the entire country. Impacting the lives of many entrepreneurs and bringing to the market revolutionary products is a dream that has come true within less than five years.


Legal and accounting support

Apart from having a perfect idea that is aligned towards growing and offering great returns, entrepreneurs have to also understand about legal and accounting requirements that they should fulfill to avoid getting into issues later while running the business. To make this process easy, Mike Baur approached several universities in the country and was offered a deal to partner with them. These partnerships availed resources and the tools needed to lead the businesses and to help manage the ideas that were presented by the entrepreneurs. Accounting and legal support has helped the startups to enter the market fully prepared.



Another problem many startups suffer is lack of funds to push for the development of the idea. The Swiss Startup Factory offers an opportunity to startups to get finding from successful investors, who can also offer advice regarding the management of the idea.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur, born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland, is a renowned entrepreneur in the country. He is the brain behind the creation of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is a facility devoted to offering upcoming entrepreneurs an avenue through which they can manage their ideas. He quit his job as a bank executive to join entrepreneurship and this seems like the best decision he ever made.



Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Want To Change The World

It’s about time the world had a company like Talk Fusion. This company is a business opportunity and a means of creating positive change within the world and its communities. The company works to help others. People want to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. This is why Talk Fusion exists. The company is dedicated to assisting its associates in achieving their goals and aspirations. With Talk Fusion, people have been able to change their lives by taking the reigns and creating the level of success they have always wanted.

Founded in 2007, the company has built a reputation for helping others. People have proven themselves with the business opportunity. A great majority of the success that Talk Fusion and its Associates have had comes from a desire to help others. Helping others is one of the primary functions of the company. In fact, the helpfulness of the company is a direct reflection of the personal philosophy of its founder.

Bob Reina

Talk Fusion Founder and CEO Bob Reina believes in helping others as much as possible. He even goes so far as to say that the DNA of his company is comprised of desire to help those in need. Helping others be the best that they can be is the primary model for the Talk Fusion business opportunity. It is truly a one for all and all for one situation. This drive to help people create a better life for themselves comes directly from Reina.

With a goal of learning the most effective ways of empowering individuals and teaching others to pay it forward, Bob Reina has created not only a company and a business opportunity, but a movement. A movement that has proven effective at helping people to change their lives for the better.

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Sam Tabar’s Successful Turn at FullCycle

Mr. Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and a prominent attorney. Despite having been trained as a lawyer, Tabar is well known for his achievements in the financial sector. Throughout his career, he has worked in several organizations in various nations. As a result, Sam has learned many languages. He is fluent in French, Japanese and English, according to

Sam’s career journey
After his graduation from Oxford University with honors, he joined Columbia Law School. He was as an associate editor of the Columbia business law review. After his graduation, he worked as an Associate at Skadden, Arps Slater Meagher & Flom LLP, which is one of the most prestigious law firms in the world. He worked at the company until 2004. During his stay at Skadden, he counseled clients on investment management agreements, Hedge fund formation and structure, employment issues, private placement memoranda, side letters, and other regulatory requirements.

After leaving Skadden, he joined PMA Investment Advisors, which is a division of Sparx Group Co, based in Hong Kong. After some time, Sam was promoted to the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. He was in charge of all aspects of the international marketing and investor associations for a $2 billion hedge fund. He also managed to create a strategic marketing idea that was designed for institution investors, ultra high net worth clients, and large family offices. Another achievement was that he assisted the firm to raise $1.2 billion worth of assets under management.

Tabar joined Merill Lynch Bank in the position of director and head of strategy for Asia-pacific region. While at the bank, he counseled clients and was in charge of all capital allocations cycle between investors and fund managers. In September 2012, Sam left the firm and joined Adanac LLC, BVO as the director. In September 2013, he went back to law practice. Tabar joined as the Senior Associate Catering to hedge funds in Schulte. While at Schulte, he counseled clients on capital formation and structure, private placement memoranda, investment management agreements, employment issues, and other compliance and regulatory issues. He left the company in March 2014 after a successful career at the enterprise. Currently, Sam is working with FullCycle Fund.

Brazil’s Economy Needs Urgent Measures Against Inflation

Since the national economy has shown undesirable results in the monthly rate of inflation, it is imperative that the government urgently enact measures to stave off the withering economy. Otherwise, the Brazilian economy will not be able to recover its purchasing power, which helps feed new investments back into the market. Flavio Maluf, CEO of Eucatex, is particularly concerned about the current situation of the Brazilian economy.

Maluf explains that the current economic conditions are very troubling, and made even more serious by several months of political uncertainty. The strong measures that the government needs in order to turn the economy around are non-existent. Flavio Maluf believes that if the recent political turmoil with the government’s lack of credibility continues, the economic perils of inflation will erase any purchasing power that the average Brazilian had. Drastic measures need to be taken in order to stem the rise in inflation.

Eucatex is fortunate enough to offer a very diverse family of products for several industries, which gives it an additional measure of certainty in an uncertain economy, and Eucatex has a good perspective on its industry sectors. Flavio Maluf has been the CEO of Eucatex since 2005. Production costs end up passed on; currency fluctuation and rising inflation further erode an already-limited purchasing power that the average Brazilian has. Flavio Maluf knows that the production sector of the country needs the government to adopt measures which will meet the challenge of the current economy and restore Brazil’s image in the international market, as well as restore the purchasing power of Brazil’s citizens.  Flavio is also known for his stance on taxes, as well as talking about the future of Brazil’s young entrepreneurs.

Laying Out How The Russian Economy Can Be Jumpstarted

Alexei Beltyukov has his own vision on how to put the Russian economy back on the right track. As one of the founding members and top advisers of the Skolkovo Foundation, Alexei Beltyukov works with Russian startups and businesses across his country. He and the foundation’s efforts have helped create tens of thousands of jobs. They have also guided thousands of small businesses and startups to success.

Russia’s weak economic growth have been a cause for great concern recently. Forecasts of already weak growth in GDP are becoming even smaller. A drop in oil prices and the plunging of the ruble have hit the Russian economy and lowered people’s buying power. All of this is troublesome, but it does not mean that Russia is without hope and bound for a recession or worse.

While international sanctions involving politics and increased competition can be unavoidable, investing in your own country and people can prove to be an antidote to these calamities. Alexei Beltyukov believes that the Russian government should invest in its own people and help startups in Russia to be able to stand on their own two feet. This will counteract the effects of job loss to the removal of foreign investment in Russia. It will create new jobs and new revenue for the government.

Alexei Beltyukov was born and raised in the Soviet Union where all businesses were controlled by the government. There was no support or framework for entrepreneurs in the USSR. By contrast, now the Skolkovo Foundation, among others provides aid to help jump start businesses. The Skolkovo Foundation primiarly focuses on helping technology companies through advisement, funding and networking.

Russia is still a developing economy and is thus still much more prone to shocks in the economy based on fluctuation in oil prices and the value of the ruble. Adding jobs through new businesses, especially in technology and business is a way to strengthen the Russian economy and make it more resilient to such shocks. Diversification, investment in people, jobs and technology is always a recipe for success. And this is what Alexei Beltyukov, a successful businessman, investor and adviser at Skolkovo Foundation is advocating for.  With an education from INSEAD, nobody is more qualified than Alexei.