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Dr. mark Holterman, One Man’s Amazing Contribution To The Medical World

All over the world, there are some truly notable causes that donate their money, effort and time to charitable endeavors. One of the most honorable among all charity work is work that aids the impoverished children of the world. One of the best organizations putting forth this kind of effort is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam or IPSAC-VN for short.


The IPSAC-VN works tirelessly to bring today’s most modern and advanced medical and surgical practices, working with medical facilities as well as schools within Vietnam to bring these services to ill children in the region. The work being done in Vietnam by IPSAC-VN is an effort to promote and create a self-sustaining the medical and educational environment, assisting in setting up the infrastructure to educate the medical professionals in the area.


Much of the work being done apart from the treatment of children in the area is to ensure an environment is created that fosters local advancement (Health.USNews). One of the largest contributors in time, energy, and financial contributions, is Dr. Mark Holterman.


Since 2011 Dr. Holterman has been a full-time professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine while also being C.E.O. and founder of Miriam Global Health ( Much of his time is spent advancing the medical health industry, specializing in research into an area of medicine that is truly taking off; regenerative medicine.


Dr. Holterman is the author of many peer-reviewed medical texts and presentations on topics like bariatric surgery which involves a range of procedures that are designed to help treat and manage obesity. His work in regenerative medicines and stem cell research have included a successful clinical trial in which a complete synthetic trachea was created using a patient’s bone marrow cells.


Much of his regenerative work has been focusing on the restoring of internal organs and other internal systems through cellular therapy. Cellular therapies can aid a patient in an extensive range of ways, every part of the body can see benefit from cellular therapies. Restoration of functionality, just one part of the amazing contributions made to the medical world by Dr. Mark Holterman.

Sentient AI – A/B Testing

Since the online retail marketing world began, the standard A/B testing has been set in place to try to determine visitors behavior in hopes of improved conversion rates. These standard traditional methods were many times time-consuming and not very effective that even subtle behavior changes were many times unnoticed.

However, the Sentient AI has replaced A/B testing with AI. Retailers can test many variants in a short period of time. And they don’t have to bother the computer developers or engineers many times. They can go into their system with their code to study visitors behavior, make adjustments quickly, and increase conversion rates quickly and efficiently.

The Sentient A/B – AI system is known as Ascend. They provide the following benefits/features guaranteed:

  1. Test more variants faster– ideas can be tested simultaneously to actively discover concepts and combine them for amazingly winning site experiences for the audience.
  2. Test total experiences– the capacity of testing a plethora of ideas among several pages is there to resonate with customers for a better experience and converting into significantly higher rates.
  3. The harness AI power– stats and algorithms are leveraged to evolve into winning site designs.
  4. Users will observe the change in action– the user’s dashboard will show his/her idea combinations to discover which are good and which are not.
  5. Users can obtain designs that adapt to their audience– each visitor will teach Ascend what works and what doesn’t. Then, this system adapts constantly to what works in that moment to allow for better experiences and evolving for better optimization.
  6. Users can start quickly– they can start as quickly and easily as adding a single line of code to pages for testing,
  7. Setting up Massive campaigns can immediately happen– once finish setting up tests, users can preview each change in one browser window before launching.


We are beyond the day of A/B testing with the use of only two variants. There is no need to bother the computer developers or engineers anymore. Users can go into their system with a single code for multiple pages to study visitor’s behavior, make adjustments quickly, and increase conversion rates quickly and efficiently, and more. To stay abreast of the competition, Ascend is the way to go. Contact Sentient today.