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Jason Hope Supports Anti-Aging Research With A Donation Of $500,000

Jason Hope has been working closely with an organization known as SENS Research Foundation. This organization is working on rejuvenation technologies aimed at coming up with an anti-aging drug. Every year, this organization is holding Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference that brings together experts in different fields to share ideas on how they can create an anti-aging drug. With an anti-aging drug, experts are hoping that they will manage to tackle the negative effects of aging.

Most of the ideas which are shared during this conference include how to develop a treatment for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson disease, molecular damage, and cellular damage. Also on the agenda of this conference is how they can develop preventative strategies. SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that depends on donations from various philanthropists to meet their goals. Among the philanthropists who have supported this organization to date is Jason Hope.

Jason has partnered with the SENS Research Foundation since 2010. In this year, he gave out a donation of $500000 which went to the construction of the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. The remainder of the funds went to the research activities. In an interview, Jason revealed that he donated to this organization because he felt that they had superior methods of fighting aging with could finally lead to the invention of an anti-aging drug. The company has been finding a cure for the degenerative diseases that negatively affect the body as one age. According to Jason Hope, most old age diseases affect more than the mind or the lungs by bringing a total shutdown of human body activities.

Through the assistance of Jason Hope, SENS Research Foundation has initiated a program called the AGE-Breaker. This is a program that aims at coming up with a drug that will reverse or stop the aging process in human beings.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an investor. He was born in Arizona and holds masters in business administration from W.P Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University. Currently, he resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where he engages in different business and social projects. Most of the time he is researching what is likely to happen in the tech industry in the coming days.

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About A Businessman, Wes Edens

Wesley Robert Edens, as known as Wes Edens is a businessman, investor a chairman, and a board member of different organizations including Nationstar Mortgage Holdings and Springleaf Holdings. Wes Eden attended Oregon State University graduating in 1984 with a bachelor of finance and business administration. He then ventured into the field of business and economics as a consultant in the advisory board, marketing, and branding. More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

Career and Achievements

Wes Edens started as a managing director in Lehman brothers in 1987 where he later left and joined BlackRock. He later cofounded different companies including Milwaukee Bucks and own basketball team. Since 1999, he has led different financial and marketing companies as a chairman and a board member. The holding of different positions in various organizations has made Wesley acquire adequate knowledge that has kept him in the business industry for over twenty years.

Some of the companies include Drive Shack Inc. chairman since 2002, Mapeley Limited, chairman since 2004; Florida East Coast Holdings Corp., chairman and a board member since 2008; Springleaf Finance Corporation, chairman of the board since 2010; and New Media Investment Group Inc., chairman of the board of directors since 2013. His exerience in executing his leadership roles in various companies has resulted in success in most positions he holds at any firm.

Wes Edens also associates with other companies as a consultant, shareholder, and board member or as a co-owner which include Global Signal, Drive Shack Inc., and Eurocastle Investment Limited. His investments involve different sectors including the media, healthcare, infrastructure, finance, and the transport industry. He has, up to date, invested in over fifty companies including private and public organizations.

Personal Life of Wes Edens and Other Ventures

Wes Eden got married to Lynn with four children where the younger daughter, called Mallory, remains recognized as a basketball team representative. Wesley loves horse jumping during his leisure time and also mountain climbing. He also possesses the league of legends team FlyQyest and also bought large shares in the English Championship club, Aston Villa, hence becoming the largest shareholder in the club. He also involves in charitable organizations, making donations and impacting life by helping the less advantaged individuals in the community.



Richard Liu Qiangdong Wealthy Chinese Business Tycoon And Founder Of JD.Com

With so many e-commerce companies trying to make a mark in the retail sector, JD is the company in China that has grown to become an undisputed leader. Undaunted by the competition, JD has emerged as one of the most important and biggest e-commerce companies in China and has pushed its founder, Richard Liu Qiangdong, in the Forbes list of wealthiest Chinese in the world. The net worth of Richard Liu Qiangdong is approximately $47 billion, and it is consistently reaching new heights of success. Richard Liu Qiangdong has made some bold strategic moves that have helped the company achieve new heights of success.

Richard Liu Qiangdong did his graduation from the People’s University of China and did a Masters in Business Administration from the China Europe International Business School. It is what helped him gave the knowledge about business and commerce sector. The interest of Richard Liu in computer coding also helped him when he took his retail business from brick and mortar business to online portal. One of the biggest reasons why he started JD was that his offline retail business was failing during the SARS outbreak. It called for him to take measures that would secure the future of his company and help his business sustain.

Starting JD is what helped his business thrive and grow, and it immediately became a household name all over China. The marketing strategies that the company implemented gave the business an edge over others. If you are shopping in China, rest assured you would find just about anything you want at JD, which has grown into China’s second largest online shopping platforms. People go online for just about everything these days, and if you are in China, you can be sure that you would get authentic and high-quality products at reasonable prices at JD. The company is publicly traded in New York Stock Exchange and the last few years, two giant companies, Tencent and Walmart, have taken a stake in the company. Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to find new ways to take JD to new heights of success through his business acumen and skills.

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Paul Mampilly Has Synthesized His Various Wall Street Experiences Into A Knowledge Base That He Now Shares With Average Investors:

With an impressive background in investment that goes back to his days after attaining his MBA from Fordham, Paul Mampilly has used the investment field as a vehicle to bring great personal financial success to himself. He has now become notable for taking that expertise and using it as a vehicle to help other investors to obtain their financial goals as well. A major outlet that Paul Mampilly is making use of to accomplish this is through a respected publishing house known as Banyan Hill Publishing. Paul currently holds the title of Senior Editor with this firm. One of the major activities that Paul engages through his work at Banyan Hill is his own newsletter know as Profits Unlimited.

Over his career, Paul Mampilly has gone from success on Wall Street to success in helping the average investor to become successful. He has seen a major series of changes in the stock market over his many years and this has taught him much about the kinds of mistakes that investors often make. Paul takes very seriously the task of helping investors to avoid these kinds of issues.

Paul Mampilly has proven his value as an investment expert due to the fact that his track record really speaks for itself. Throughout his Wall Street career, Paul took on many roles that range from serving as an analyst to managing money and working on trading desks. Throughout all of this, he has consistently added to his arsenal of knowledge and now that knowledge is shared with his loyal readers. Working on Wall Street provided Paul with insight that average investors do not have access to, but now he takes a great deal of pleasure in sharing that knowledge.

Counselling investors against making bets of an all-in nature is a big thing that Paul Mampilly works hard to do on a daily basis. He stresses the fact that diversification is critical and that it is a bad bet to put all available money into one investment. The consequences can be significant if the bet turns out to be a bad one. This is just a small part of the information that Paul’s readers get from him on a regular basis and he truly enjoys helping.

Edwin Miranda: The Performance Market Expert.

Currently being the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of KOI IXS in Miami, Florida, Edwin Miranda is proving to be a creative and a developer to be reckoned with in the advertising and marketing world. He also focuses on the performance marketing analytics as well as the predictive advertising.

Edwin Miranda niches also incline towards social and digital media. His LinkedIn profile speaks volume of his work as well as his involvement in technological innovation that uses the power of data to drive up sales and study consumer behavior.

Edwin Miranda states that he believes in pushing brands to deliver faster and having a team that is passionate and full of designers believing in the same dream is quite the recipe for marketing technology his company is trying to create. His passionate about business wanting to incorporate new advertising technology and he says that it is his goal to ensure there are client engagement and acquisition of customers for businesses.

He also gives insights on brand identity for studios and start-up businesses. He provides online solutions in relation to online marketing and advertising too. Edwin Miranda already has the performance Marketing Expert predictions for the year 2019. This adds to his portfolio of how an established brand strategist he is.

He states that business is more than just creativity as businesses want, are calculated and measurable quantities; Return Of Investments known as ROI. The Chief Executive Officer puts in strategy that to drive sales is more than just advertisements and the likes and the views an individual or company gets. However, the data analytics and technological innovation to acquire data are useful in the end to develop a strong message for users out there in the market and also is very vital in trying to establish the market niche.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Mastermind of the E-commerce Giant

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a visionary entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of He is a highly regarded internet celebrity in China who is prominent for his insights and aggressive personality. Richard Liu is a renowned billionaire and features on the Forbes list of billionaires with a net worth of $11 billion.

In early 2018, Davos Klosters interviewed Richard Liu Qiangdong during the World Economic Forum that took place in Davos, Switzerland. In the interview, Richard Liu with the aid of interpreters shares his success story touching both personal and professional life. Richard Liu Qiangdong narrates that he came from a humble background, and his parents transported coal from North to South China to sustain their family.

Richard Liu’s love for politics drove him to pursue a course in sociology in the Renmin University of China. He later attended the China Europe International Business School and attained an EMBA. In college, Richard Liu engaged in freelance coding work to improve his skills in computer programming and raise money to cater to his grandmother’s medical condition and treatment expenses.

Richard Liu Qiangdong started his career at Japan Life where he worked for two years in various roles. The company gave him the skills and expertise to propel his professional life. In 1998, Richard Liu left formal employment for entrepreneurship. He started a business in Beijing that specialized in the sale of optical products. Richard Liu merged the last letters of his name and his wife’s name to come up with a unique business name- Jingdong. Jingdong was successful and by 2003, had grown to 12 physical stores.

Unfortunately, the 2003’s SARS outbreak affected Jingdong enormously because its staff and customers had to stay indoors. This epidemic was a blessing in disguise because it helped Richard Liu to rethink his business model of having physical stores. Richard Liu Qiangdong started in 2005, a purely online shop that focused on the sale of electronics and other consumer goods.

Currently, has experienced tremendous growth to become among the e-commerce giants in China. It is worth approximately $60 billion and offers a broad range of products to consumers. provides fast and reliable delivery services for its products of between 6hours and 15 days. Click here

Paul Mampilly Takes His Investment Skills From Wall Street To Main Street

Paul Mampilly is a man from India who has worked in America throughout his professional career. He is a former hedge fund manager who left Wall Street behind and started Capuchin Consulting in January 2013. He offers his unique investment ideas to professionals on Wall Street.

He also publishes his writing and investment ideas through Banyan Hill Publishing. His publication is Profits Unlimited which had its first issue in June 2016. His stock picks had a return of 47 percent in his first year while the S&P 500 returned 17 percent. Some of his biggest winners were Nvidia, Coeur Mining, and the Mining Vectors ETF.

Paul Mampilly can often spot money making opportunities before anyone else has. He was an early investor in Netflix when he saw that people would rather watch streaming videos than whatever is on a television station. When he sold its stock he had managed a 634 percent gain. Sarepta Therapeutics was another one of his big winners. When he invested in this company it was in its early stages of developing a treatment for muscular dystrophy. He sold this company’s stock for a return of 2,539 percent.

Just about everyone who works on Wall Street eventually gets sick of it. The hours are very long and the stresses are high. When Paul Mampilly said he had enough he was 42 years old. He was happy that he could start spending more time with his family and had the opportunity of providing financial advice to regular investors.

While on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly went through both the stock market crashes of 1999 and 2009. He says that he got out before the bubble burst in 1999. Everyone and their brother was buying technology stocks, including that of companies that had flimsy business plans at best. He made the drastic decision to yank everything he had invested and sit on the sidelines until sanity returned. He tried to convince some friends to do so as well but they wouldn’t listen and one, his friend Tess kept throwing more and more money in as the tech stocks crashed, ending up losing everything.

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Shervin Pishevar: Why Aloha Construction Is Committed To Ethics In Business

In today’s business world, many people often believe companies have lost sight of the important role ethics plays in customer service and other related areas. However, based on the recent Better Business Bureau award given to Aloha Construction, Shervin Pishevar knows this company is still very dedicated to honesty and integrity.

As a family-owned and operated construction business, Aloha Construction has made its reputation as a company customers can count on to be honest every step of the way. In addition to this, the company also regularly helps its community in numerous ways, demonstrating time and time again that helping others in need can still be easily incorporated into the plans of a very successful company.

By receiving the BBB Torch Award, Shervin Pishevar and Aloha Construction realize the hard work that is done by numerous people to gain such recognition. In many of these areas, ethics is the centerpiece of what leads to success. In fact, to even qualify for the Torch Award, six specific criteria must be met, the majority of which deal with a company demonstrating its commitment to ethics. As Shervin Pishevar and Aloha Construction know, company leaders must be able to not only explain what specific tasks need to be done, but also inspire and motivate employees and others to do their very best each and every day.

Along with this, businessmen such as Shervin Pishevar realize companies like Aloha Construction are a vital part of not only local economies, but national ones as well. By helping to strengthen others who are in need, companies such as Aloha Construction can in fact play a key role in making a nation’s economy stronger in many ways. Whether this involves giving people the hope and inspiration needed to follow their dreams, or in some instances helping individuals gain the job training needed to begin new and successful careers, local companies like Aloha Construction lay the groundwork for success in many important ways.

Determined to continue giving back to its community, Aloha Construction will no doubt prove those who gave it the Torch Award made the best decision.

How Has Sheldon Lavin Helped Osi Group Become Successful In Its Industry?

Many young entrepreneurs in the world market believe that they can revolutionize the markets through the introduction of brilliant products. Many of these entrepreneurs have failed in their markets due to lack of managerial abilities or knowledge. Therefore, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to consider the advice of successful CEOs such as Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon is a renown professional for his expertise in leading and building business empires.

Sheldon Lavin the chair and CEO for OSI Group. He has a high profile when it comes to meat and food processing business. Through his effort, OSI Group grew from being a domestic food manufacturing company to an international food processing company. He has helped the company win many awards such as the Global Visionary Award, and the environmental and sustainability awards. Below are strategies that Mr Lavin used to help the company grow.

Sheldon delegates his work to the skilled individuals within the organization. Through delegation, he manages to consider various variable while conducting minimal research, which provides him with an opportunity of making wise decisions concerning the company.

He has invested the funds of the company into environmental sustainability measures. This is because the OSI Group’s reputation is poor in North America and Europe although it is the leading provider of food processing and meat-packaging services in the world market. The ethical practice by Sheldon Lavin will let OSI build on its reputation, thus attracting more customers.

Finally,Lavin believes in technology. He believes that technologies are vital in guiding all the aspects of the future such as governance, and business. For him, this aspect has become relevant for marketing because he depends on advanced technologies to reach out to many clients. This includes social media advertising and internet marketing. He also ensures that he maintains a team that understands technological trends.

There are a lot more than you can learn from Sheldon Lavin, but the above strategies used by him will help you start and rum and successful business.

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Wes Eden’s Train

Wes Edens entered the professional world by graduating from Oregon State University with a degree in Finance in 1984. After many years of working in the area of finance, Wes Edens and several colleagues co-founded Fortress, a private equity and hedge fund firm. He made his fortune through Fortress and continues to lead it. In 2014, Wes Edens became a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. In 2017 Fortress was sold to SoftBank for several billion dollars. The top leadership of the company remained the same. In recent years, Wes Edens has attempted to solve the notoriously bad traffic of South Florida by constructing the Brightline railroad line between Miami to Fort Lauderdale.

The high-speed train takes only 30 minutes to travel from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. All the while, passengers can enjoy comfortable seating, food services, and free Wi-Fi. A one-way ticket only costs these passengers $10 or $15 depending on the chosen coach. The two coach options are Smart Service and Select Service. All seats of both coaches are equipped with free Wi-Fi, multiple USB outlets, and tables. The train is equipped to carry and store most carry-ons including bikes, wheelchairs, and strollers.

In addition, both coaches have access to food and drinks. The bathroom facilities are all state-of-the-art. The Brightline project was seen as very risky since Floridians are famous for loving to drive their cars. Brightline currently operates every day of the year with adjusted schedules during some holidays. The completely American-made train cars were designed by the architectural company, Rockwell Group. Edens plans to extend the track to other Florida cities. As he does so, ticket prices are also expected to increase. He also has future plans to do the same thing in other states throughout the country. The next non-Florida train line project will likely extend one from Chicago to St. Louis.

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