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CVC Tour Operator Chairman And GJP Group Owner, Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus serves as the Chairman of CVC tour operator. The firm based in Brazil is known to be one of the most prestigious tour operators in Latin America. Since its inception, the firm has created a valuable number of employment opportunities in Brazil hence raising their standards of living.

The firm has been instrumental in transforming Brazil’s economy. He launched the company in collaboration with his partners and friends. They founded the firm to improve the quality of services offered in the tourism industry. He was later appointed to a senior position at Forbes Group due to his remarkable success at CVC.

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most influential and notable people in Brazil. He commands a high reputation from his business partners, political leaders, and clients. Due to his hard work and dedication, CVC tour operator has grown its market value over the years.

Besides his passion for tourism, he has several businesses in the hospitality and hotel industry. He is the Co-founder of GJP Group in Brazil.

The firm controls a chain of first class hotels and restaurants in Latin America. The subsidiary hotels are fitted with ultra modern features to satisfy the needs of-of its customers.

Guilherme Paulus insists GJP Group’s mission is to provide high-quality services to its clients. The group has developed its hotels and resorts to become one of the most sought in South America. The group has sent the benchmark for other resorts in Brazil.

He has also incorporated network building in his operations. He has developed various networks including Linux, Saint Andrew Premium network and Five Star network.

Due to his immense efforts in transforming the hotel industry in Brazil, Guilherme Paulus has received prestigious significant awards.

He recently won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He is also a renowned philanthropist who has committed part of his funds to charitable organizations. He is interested in developing the health and education sectors in Brazil.

He spends his typical day holding indoor meetings with his business partners and the executive of his companies. He spends his holidays traveling with his family on vacations.

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Guilherme Paulus and his Entrepreneurial Journey.

During the 2017 Top Seller Event, the organizers set the theme as Entrepreneurship. The annual event is organized by RCI Brasil. The sponsor of the event aims at empowering more entrepreneurs. Due to his vast experience in the business world, he was qualified to talk about the topic. Guilherme Paulus is the pioneer of a tour operator popularly known as CVC. At first, it was a partnership between him and another Brazilian national before the partner left to focus on other business interests. He also chairs the board meetings of the company. The travel firm is the most popular in Latin America. It is viewed as a market leader in the tourism industry due to the innovative travel packages that the management led by Guilherme Paulus has developed over the years. Visit to find out more.

The new packages have led to the growth of the tour operator’s earnings. Most of the hoteliers in Brazil still offer the traditional travel services despite the fact that the customer needs keeps changing from time to time. He is also the head of the GJP Hotel Networks. The group is considered as one of the most developed in the country. He manages several hotels. At the Top Seller Event, he talked about how he came up with the ideas behind CVC and the GJP network of hotels. He explained to the attendees how he has managed to run the two organizations and transform them into some of the best in the industry.

Guilherme Paulus started his career as a trainee in IBM. According to him, the opportunity to work as a marketer for tourism products gave him the exposure and experience to start and run his company. He pointed out that by reading the newspapers, he realized his dream career. He got the idea from a trip he went where he realized that most of the services offered to tourists do not guarantee the value for their money. The trips were boring to most of the travelers. Therefore, Guilherme Paulus set out to come up with better products that all the tourists would love. He is an inspiration to many new entrepreneurs in the tourism sector. Learn more:


Entrepreneur – Malcolm Casselle

OPSKins is considered to be the number bitcoin distributor in the world and a leader in the sale of in-game virtual assets. Malcom Casselle is the CIO of the organization. OPSKins has worldwide users of followers who make cross-border micro-payment, the firm is also a prime candidate when it comes to size and user demand for a localized rule. OPSKins and their founders are recently launching a new blockchain platform for the virtual asset which they named Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). WAX can well be described as a P2P market area for trading virtual asset and it is founded upon a decentralized smart contract which allows buyers and sellers to trade the virtual asset together as well as blockchain.

The Worldwide Asset eXchange was established to solve the two major problems which are fraud and fragmentation. The method has a technology which allows their buyers and sellers to buy virtual goods by clicking a widget without clicking off their game. With the widget buyers and Sellers will be able to freely trade without any friction. WAX will also solve the fragmentation problem. When a buyer or seller use a token which does not use a common token utility they are not able to trade with other traders who do not use goods with a common denomination in differing cryptocurrencies without using middlemen. WAX will do away with forex problems which are common in the virtual market because of its character of being a common currency for all gamers.

Malcom Casselle is an American entrepreneur and the current CIO for OPSKins. Mr. Malcom is also the President of Worldwide Asset eXchange. Prior to joining OPSKins Malcom was the President of New Ventures at tronc inc which was formally known as Tribune Publishing. Digital Media of SeaChange International is another organization which Mr. Casselle worked for as the Vice President and the General Manager. Mr. Malcom is a recognized leader who has also led several start-ups in the digital sector which include Xfire, and MediaPass among many others. Malcom Casselle joined MIT and he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

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Dr. mark Holterman, One Man’s Amazing Contribution To The Medical World

All over the world, there are some truly notable causes that donate their money, effort and time to charitable endeavors. One of the most honorable among all charity work is work that aids the impoverished children of the world. One of the best organizations putting forth this kind of effort is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam or IPSAC-VN for short.


The IPSAC-VN works tirelessly to bring today’s most modern and advanced medical and surgical practices, working with medical facilities as well as schools within Vietnam to bring these services to ill children in the region. The work being done in Vietnam by IPSAC-VN is an effort to promote and create a self-sustaining the medical and educational environment, assisting in setting up the infrastructure to educate the medical professionals in the area.


Much of the work being done apart from the treatment of children in the area is to ensure an environment is created that fosters local advancement (Health.USNews). One of the largest contributors in time, energy, and financial contributions, is Dr. Mark Holterman.


Since 2011 Dr. Holterman has been a full-time professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine while also being C.E.O. and founder of Miriam Global Health ( Much of his time is spent advancing the medical health industry, specializing in research into an area of medicine that is truly taking off; regenerative medicine.


Dr. Holterman is the author of many peer-reviewed medical texts and presentations on topics like bariatric surgery which involves a range of procedures that are designed to help treat and manage obesity. His work in regenerative medicines and stem cell research have included a successful clinical trial in which a complete synthetic trachea was created using a patient’s bone marrow cells.


Much of his regenerative work has been focusing on the restoring of internal organs and other internal systems through cellular therapy. Cellular therapies can aid a patient in an extensive range of ways, every part of the body can see benefit from cellular therapies. Restoration of functionality, just one part of the amazing contributions made to the medical world by Dr. Mark Holterman.

How Louis Chenevert Left a Legacy at UTC

Louis Chenevert’s time at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as the chief executive officer was one that was marked by phenomenal success. He established high standards that exceeded what other CEOs could do. One of his largest successes was the acquisition of Goodrich, which, amounting to an 18.4 billion deal, was one that built a huge synergy within the company and what they could supply in-house to their clients.

When Airbus chose Pratt & Whitney, one of UTC’s subsidiaries, for their new engine supplier it was largely due to the efforts of Louis Chenevert. He had pushed for development of new materials which would allow the engine to burn hotter and thus more efficiently. One of the other concepts of this engine that has had longlasting impact is that it decoupled the fan. This change has paid off since as Pratt & Whitney builds even more advanced and larger engines using this technology.

It was at Pratt & Whitney Canada that Louis Chenevert had first joined UTC in 1993. In 1999 he was named as the companies president and in 2006 he was elected as chairman of the board of UTC. He was eventually named CEO and served in this position until he decided to leave UTC on December 8, 2014. After taking some time off he joined Goldman Sachs where he was an advisor in their Merchant Banking Division.

Louis Chenevert is from Canada. He attended HEC Montreal and earned a bachelor’s degree in production management. After earning his degree he found a job at General Motors where he stayed, rising to higher levels of responsibility, for 14 years. Once he started his career at Pratt & Whitney he quickly familiarized himself with their production management policies and how to grow both sides of their business which includes both civil and military aviation.

Over the course of his professional career, Louis Chenevert has been honored several times. He was presented with an honorary doctorate by HEC Montreal, his alma mater, in 2011. It was also in this same year that he was named by Aviation Week & Space Technology as their Person of the Year.

The success of IDLife Under the Leadership of Logan Stout

IDLife is a health and wellness company which was founded by Logan Stout. Logan Stout is an accomplished entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and best-selling author. He is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers due to his distinguished track record of leadership, team-building, and success principles. IDLife has grown and developed since its foundation and has partnered with celebrity trainer Jen Widerstorm, Troy Aikman and the billionaire Darwin Deason and many others. The company recently ventured into health and wellness and has taken an initiative to educate the general public on the importance of health and wellness through partnering with internationally recognized health authors and fitness ambassadors to provide the best quality of nutrition products. IDLife was ranked amongst the top 100 Solid Top MLM Companies worldwide.

Logan Stout has undertaken many philanthropic activities due to his passion for helping others. In order to empower and inspire people, he authored the book Stout Advice; Secrets to Building yourself, people, and teams. The book was published in 2013, and it was recommended by successful entrepreneurs such as Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s Sharks Tank. Logan is the founder and CEO of Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization which is now one of the largest worldwide. Through this team, he mentors and leads youths, therefore, giving them an opportunity to play college baseball. Logan together with his wife Hayley are patrons and chairs of several charitable organizations such as American Heart Association, the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County and they founded the Youth Athletes Foundation.

On the 30th of August, after the Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Logan Stout woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning, closed all his offices and went to help the hurricane victims. He gathered all the supplies that were required for the cleanup activities. He turned his offices into storage for pellets which were later taken to the cities of Houston and Tomball. He gave his warehouse out for any purpose it would be needed for by the victims, and then he took his trucks and filled them with boats and supplies for transportation to any required destination in order to assure safety and survival for everyone affected by the hurricane. He was joined by other entrepreneurs in the area. He believes that it is imperative to do something good for someone who is in need as it is a special gift and it makes people feel loved.

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Fashion and technology industry working together

Christopher Burch may be best known for helping his then wife, Tory Burch, launch her iconic fashion label. Along with helping her get the company started, he used to serve as the Co-Chairman. Chris started his career when he was an undergraduate at Ithaca College when he and his brother started Eagle Eye Apparel with only a two thousand dollar investment. They would purchase sweaters and then resell them at a fifty percent profit. From this small, college business venture, he was able to grow the company to earning over one hundred and forty million in sales. He eventually was able to sell the brand and the company for sixty million dollars. Along with his fashion companies, he started Burch Creative Capital to help launch new brands and manage his own investments.


Mr.Chris Burch has stated that he believes the technology and fashion industries are closely intertwined and have seen many changes and innovations in the past few years. Using technology, fashion designers have created airbags for cyclists, that are not only more fashionable than helmets but may protect cyclists head as well, if not better, than helmets. Plus, when not deployed, it can offer better visibility of a cyclists surroundings, something that a helmet can hinder. Fashion using technology to help save lives.


Designers are also using recycled materials and technology to help save the environment. Using recycled bicycle inner tubes to make jackets and t-shirts or using recycled radiator copper to create a gown are just a few examples. Technology is being used in fashion to try to capture the kinetic energy that people naturally generate as they move. New fashions are created to capture this energy to power phones, mp3 players, watches, the possibilities are endless. There are many ways that technology and fashion can work together to benefit each other and make like easier, safer, and more economically friendly.


Technology also uses assistance from fashion to gain popularity. Google Glass is an example of this. There can be a bias about wearing glasses. Fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg had her models wear them on the catwalk. These types of fashion shows can show people what the latest trend and styles are, but also help to show what new technology is around and can be integrated fashionably into your style. Fashion and technology can go hand in hand and work together to help each other out and to make each other better