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Stephen Murray: Legacy After Death

Stephen P. Murray was born on August 2, 1962. He graduated Boston College with a Bachelor’s in economics. He then went on to graduate Columbia Business School with a Master’s in business administration. His career began while also attending school for his Masters.

He worked at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as a trainer in their credit analyst training program. After graduating with his Master’s in 1989, Manufacturer’s Hanover Corporation cobined one if its private groups and its finance unit.

The entire company was then sold in 1991 to Chemical Bank. MH, the company formed from two of Manufacturer’s Hanover Corp., became one with Chemical Venture Partners. That company became Chase Capital Partners after Chemical Bank was boight and merged into Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1996.

Murray’s career then took a huge upwards turn in 2006 when he became head of JP Morgan Partners and founded CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was related to JP Morgan Chase, ehich had been bought out by Chase Manbattan Corporation. That meant that CCMP Capital contained JP’s buyout and growth equity.

Finally in 2007, he was named CEO of CCMP. Yet not only dod Murray work his way up from the bottom to the top into such an illustrious career as CEO, but he also served on many companies’ boards and did philanthropic work. He supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the twocolleges he attended, a food bank in his area, and the Stamford Museum.

Unfortunately, Stephen Murray passed away at the age of 52 in 2015. Murray had already taken leave of CCMP in early 2015 due to health concerns, according to company statements. There is no cause of death listed, but it is assumed to be natural causes. Murray was taken from his family at an early age, but the ethics, determination, and ambition through which he ram the compamy make his touch shoes to follow.

His successor because, however, that the company can successfully follow in Murray’s footsteps and keep the same level of success it once held under Murray.

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