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Michael Zomber: A Collector With The True Gift Of Storytelling



Michael Zomber is a published writer, filmmaker, collector of antique weapons, and a magnificent storyteller. His passion’s in life can be seen throughout his documentary films and books. He has a production company known as Renascent Films, which he produces a large sum of his documentaries.

Shogun Iemitsu

Michael Zomber has five books available in print and one more on the way. Some of these you can find on Amazon, the site offers Sweet Betsy That’s Me, Park Avenue, A Son of Kentucky, and Shogun Iemitsu.

Recently Zomber spoke on the iUniverse podcast to talk about Shogun Iemitsu. Shogun is a book that he wrote that focuses on his love for Japanese culture. Because of his love for antique weapons and samurai swords, he is able to write elegantly and bring a light to historical events.

Zomber’s knowledge has made him a well-known expert in his field. He is popular for the documentary Bushido, Soul of the Samurai. This inspiring piece of work can only give you a glimpse inside of his passion for history.

History Channel

Zomber has collected antique arms for the last forty years and loves to share his knowledge whenever possible. He has a documentary on the History Channel that focuses primarily on his work and hobbies. Even though he is passionate about armory, he will assure you that guns are not his only focus.

He has a true gift for storytelling. On the show “Tales of the Gun” you can see the joy and appreciation he feels while talking about the armory. Mainly because he has a deep understanding and admiration for the culture behind each antique piece.  See the full playlist of Michael’s History Channel appearances here on YouTube: