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Why Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Beacon for Change in Venezuela

When a country is going through a rough patch economically and politically due to poor governance, it is the responsibility of the citizens to speak up for their sake and that of the nation. In the case of Venezuela, Jose Manuel Gonzalez serves as one of the top outspoken individuals in the country on matters pertaining proper governance, agriculture, and the economy.

Manuel’s Views on Agriculture

Jose gave an insight into the poor agricultural situation in Venezuela through his observations. According to Manuel, Venezuela has ceased the production of its usual 300,000 and 500,000 tons of corn and rice respectively due to mismanagement of the agricultural sector. This situation has lowered the amount of foreign currency earned from exporting the surplus agricultural produce. Consequently, it is difficult for the country to import agricultural produce from other nations to meet the deficit due to inadequate foreign exchange. Jose Manuel strongly believes that the agricultural status of Venezuela can be resolved only by eliminating various distortions such as smuggling and mismanagement of the sector.

Venezuela’s Political Situation

According to Jose, there is a dire need to solve the results or consequences of internal debates and regulations that are designed to promote harsh dictatorship in the National Assembly. He views the National Assembly as a territory that is governed through harsh dictatorship by the president of the National Assembly. As such, Diosdado Cabello has seized the sovereignty of parliament whereby all decisions rest in his hands. By doing so, he has left the representatives of the states with a hard task of exercising their duties on behalf of their respective constituents.

Jose claims that the country is tired of searching for messiahs to liberate the country from its troubles. He also added that Venezuelans are tired of political parties that act as the sole owners of the entire country.

Who is Jose Manuel Gonzalez

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a prominent Venezuelan agricultural entrepreneur. In the past, he held a key position in one of the country’s largest chamber of commerce, the FEDECAMARAS. Jose currently serves the people of Guarico State in Venezuela as the Deputy to the National Assembly. He highly enjoys this position as it gives him an opportunity to advocate for change in his state and the entire country.