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Equities Firt Holdings Is Unique In Its Lending Approach And It Is Gaining Profitabiity

Predictions for faster and more profitable personal loans and for business loans has become a profitable virtual reality for Equity First  Holdings. They have processed over 900 security-based loans. With all appearances, they will be processing more loans.

Their present idea of security-based loans is carried forth in Europe, and Asia; and there is some success for their lending practices in North America and in other countries.

The major attraction of their lending vehicle is that the processing takes much less time than the traditional loan. The loans are backed by a portfolio of securities; and the premise behind these loans is that the profitability of increase in these portfolios is greater than the interest that will be paid out.

The idea behind these loans seems to gain momentum and attraction for both personal and business loans; and it is a competitive offering in a market that is virtually immutable in its policies.

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