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Family Remains A Major Part Of The Work Of Duda Melzer

The work of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as Duda Melzer when using his popular nickname, has often been seen in terms of the successful family the Chair of the RBS group has undertaken in recent years. Unlike many business leaders who come from successful families, Duda Melzer has never shied away from the fact his family name is a major part of his life and has been a major factor in the success he has achieved across many different aspects of his life; Duda has actively embraced the family history of the RBS Group and works with many leading business experts to make sure the company remains a success in the future.

According to Dino, Duda Melzer made his way to the U.S. in a bid to make sure he was more than prepared for the role he would later take up as the head of the RBS Group and completed an MBA in Business Administration at Harvard; the Harvard Professor John Davis remains a close ally of Duda Melzer and has worked alongside him to develop new ways of maintaining the family history of the RBS Group, which includes the opportunity to develop the eBricks investment company in an ethical way with the aid of the American professor.

Success for Duda Melzer is not solely located in achieving a large profit for the company in the future, but also seeks out an ethical approach to business that leaves the RBS Group of media companies and the owning Sirotsky family in a positive position in the future. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer believes in the development of new technologies and nontraditional investment opportunities that are located across the world, which is why he has remained the chair of the eBricks company at the same time as he has taken control of the RBS Group from his retiring uncle, Nelson Sirotsky.

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