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Whitney Wolfe Becomes a Social Media Heavy Hitter

There is a ton of talk going on when it comes to social media apps. Whitney Wolfe is part of the community that is starting the buzz about dating and friendship building apps. Her company, Bumble, has become a leader when it comes to helping people build matches for friendships and dating possibilities. She initially started Bumble as a dating app company, but it has grown into so much more than that. People that are interested in Bumble are now seeing that she is expanding with Bumble BFF.

Whitney Wolfe has really changed the game with Bumble BFF. This has become one of the most interesting apps for people that are trying to build friendships and connect with others in their local area. It doesn’t matter if the person is local or further away. It is still possible to develop friendships based on the radius that you put in for the areas where you would build a friendship.

Bumble BFF has become a very valuable part of Bumble for one reason: it shows that Whitney Wolfe is someone that is serious about the possibility of expanding company. She is not going to pigeonhole herself into a place where she is only known for a dating app. That is the thing that has made her so popular over the years. More people are becoming accepting of Whitney Wolfe and all that she is able to do when it comes to dating apps. What this shows is that Whitney Wolfe is able to transition and maximize the amount of exposure that she is getting with social media. A lot of people are going to be impressed with her because she is naturally building a much greater audience with her expansion into other areas outside of dating.

Whitney Wolfe is definitely changed the way that people look at the concept of social media because she represents a feminist movement. This is something that had not been conceptualized before in the dating community because more apps have been dominated by older males. Whitney Wolfe shows that women have a place in app development.

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The wave of Athleisure

Kate Hudson is a well-known actress, in which she has starred in movies such as, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bride Wars, and Almost Famous. She has won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Now, Kate Hudson has taken a step into the fashion world, with a new Athletic clothing line and is one of the co-founders of Fabletics TM. On an interview with Marie Clare Magazine, Kate Hudson has mentioned about an Athleisure dress, in which not only has that sporty or athletic look, but also has a conservative touch to wear to work. Kate Hudson through Fabletics TM has made a huge twist, combining athletic attire and leisure attire all at an affordable price. Her new line, which she has launched, has changed the athletic attire to not only going out for yoga, or a jog in the beach, but to be worn during leisure time, or a night out on the town.

Fabletics TM is an online retail, selling men and women’s active wear and accessories since 2013. Founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson, the Fabletics TM official site, shows a huge assortment of stylish active wear of all sizes. The Fabletics TM website makes it very convenient to search for particular attires by specific size, shape and favorite colors. The makers of Fabletics TM use the same performance materials as in their active wear for their new Athleisure wear. Women can be active in them and have a more mobile experience. This Athleisure including other items through Fabletics TM line is at a very affordable price of $25. It gives opportunities to those who cannot afford high fashion prices, a chance to look Fabulous and live a more active life. See:

Athleisure Has A Few Rules Every Woman Can Try

All the women who are wearing athleisure need to know what the new rules are as they start wearing their clothes. Fabletics does not even necessarily conform to these rules even though they started the trend, but some people will want to have some rules just to be sure that they are doing something that looks good and feels good. All women have a lot of choices when they are getting dressed, and they can test out the rules on their own.

The basic idea is that women are wearing workout wear in the real world, and that means that they have to make sure that they are wearing it in a stylish way. Fabletics is a brand that made a lot of extra pieces for women who want to pair their athleisure with other clothes, and it also helps women look great. Kate Hudson wanted Fabletics to be as simple as possible, and now she in the middle of the athleisure revolution.

Every woman can follow the rules easily because they make sense for everyone. Women are asked to keep it seasonal, go with neutrals when needed, accessorize well, dress for the occasions the right way and make sure to get as much function out of all the pieces. The form and function of athleisure is very important to people like Kate Hudson because she made the brand to be easy for women to wear. Women should not make things hard on themselves, and women should have a lot of pieces to mix and match.

The runs are just guidelines that might be helpful, and people who look into other parts of athleisure will find out that they can wear anything they want like Kate Hudson or other stars. There are only basic rules that people think women should try, but there are not hard and fast rules there are for other things in the fashion industry and that’s Fabletics stands for according to Marie Claire.

All women can look their best, and they can wear something that is really simple. Perhaps start with the rules before moving on to more daring designs and ideas for wearing athleisure clothes.