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Venezuelan Singing Sensation Norka Luque Has A Unique Latino Sound

When Emilio Estefan, the music genius behind the success of the Miami Sound Machine, first heard Norka Luque sing, she brought back memories of the first time he heard Gloria Fajardo sing in the late 1970s. There was something about Norka’s voice that made Emilio remember how he sat and listened to Fajardo, and how he eventually fell in love with her and her unusual voice. That was almost 40 years ago. Today Gloria Fajardo is Gloria Estefan, the Grammy0award winning singer, actor, director, and playwright. Estefan knew he was in the presence of a future superstar when Norka sang her versions of a popular Latino song. Estefan didn’t hesitate. He signed Norka and began producing her first album. But Emilio didn’t want her first album to go unnoticed, so he asked legendary Latino composer Archie Pena to collaborate on the album with him. The result of that collaboration was the release of Norka’s first album and the two hit singles that quickly soared up the dance charts.

Norka Luque’s voice has a range that few singers have. She took voice and piano lessons most of her life, so she has methodically fine-tuned how she moves through a song. Her music isn’t the typical Latino sound. Norka’s music is a combination of reggae and pop, with a Mediterranean flair that she developed while she was singing in France with a band called Bad Moon Rising. Shakira was a big influence on her when she was growing up in Venezuela. Norka got a part in a musical when she was eight. The musical was a composite of Shakira’s music, and that experience made a deep impression on Norka. But her years in France singing while she completed degrees in fashion, marketing and the culinary arts really changed her and how she approached her music. She knew she could sing, but the response she got from the dance crowds in France convinced her that she had to move to the United States and cut a record.

Miami was the city where Latino music comes alive, and Norka decided it was going to be the city where she could shine, and that’s what she did. Singing in clubs on South Beach became her new home. She was comfortable in the clubs, and her audiences loved her and her music. It didn’t take long for Emilio Estefan to hear there was a new Latino singer in Miami that was tearing up the dance scene on South Beach. Estefan helped Norka Luque break into the music scene, and cut her first album. Norka is considered one of the top female singers in the music industry. Find Norka Luque on Vimeo to learn more and hear more of her music.