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How to Avoid Holiday Depression – Neurocore

Neurocore is an incredible company here to provide new technology to better treat depression and other similar mental health issues. The most common types of depression they see is a holiday driven depression. This is where your life takes its toll hard during the holidays. Everything from buying gifts, to staying on a budget, to managing work, and to trying to live an ordinary life among the season, it can be tough and can cause stress and depression.

First, you need to take a step back. Take a walk. Take a break. Breathe. These are things you need to do to help you get away from it all. The season goes by quick. There’s pressure to do so much and be stressed out about a lot. When you take a breather, you’ll be better able to catch your breath again. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Sometimes we focus so much on ourselves and the family, we need to take our minds off of us and focus on other people. Try spending time volunteering and giving back. It could be a donation of either your money or time. Give back to the community. Step away from ordinary life and do good.

You should also consider working with a team of experts who can help you succeed. Neurocore is such a great company who provides incredible treatment using the most up to date technology. With their med-free neuro treatments, they can find solutions without medication. Their program and treatment is safe and easy to consume, not to mention are perfect for anyone struggling with depression. Their neurofeedback program after undergoing proper research on your current situation, they will help you get back on track to living your life to its fullest. Read more about Neurocore at

Sometimes, it can be tough to succeed and achieve that normal life again when you aren’t depressed. Neurocore can give you the solution to feeling good about yourself again and really find that happy place. Neurocore is very results-driven where they care deeply about your progress and how you move forward. They can give you the solution to grow your health the right way and and get yourself going.


Elysium Health Aims to Improve People’s Lives through Innovative Science

MIT’s Leonard Guarante co-founded Elysium Health to give agency to consumers regarding their cellular health. Elysium Health is a company that focuses on proactive health. Founded in 2014, Elysium Health is a privately-held biotechnological firm. The organization works directly with the best clinicians, health practitioners, and scientists throughout the world in translating the latest technology and scientific breakthroughs into scientifically potent and effective health products that elicit their actions at the cellular level.

Elysium Health dedicates itself to the identification and development of the most promising and innovative natural ingredients into an effective dietary supplement. Elysium Health envisions longer and healthier lives through the application of extraordinary science. The company’s mission is to provide solutions to the most complex challenges in the health sector through the use of science and technology.

Elysium Health employs a unique approach to achieving their mission. Elysium’s model develops compelling health products from nature to assist their clients in promoting their health in a proactive approach.

Elysium’s supply chain involves multiple quality checks before shipping their products to the consumers. For instance, during the manufacture of Basis, their premier supplement, a total of five purity and quality checks form the foundation of quality control before shipping the product. All of their manufacturing plants are within the United States. The facilities are compliant with the FDA regulations. Therefore, the company releases products of desired purity and quality for human consumption.

Elysium’s scientific advisory group comprises of leaders in technology and science who advocate for better and innovative approaches to health. The highly experienced board members guide the scientific way of the company. The network of scientists and health professionals that are on this board provide practical advice and guidance on the identification and development of products, ongoing studies, and clinical trials. The team uses scientific literature on proactive health to advise on research and clinical trials, as well as maintaining the integrity of the products. The group also actively participates in areas such as aging, biochemistry, and neuroscience to provide Elysium Health with the intellectual resources to build clinically validated products. Furthermore, collaboration with other top-achieving institutions helps them achieve partnerships in clinical studies.

Basis is the first product marketed by Elysium Health. It consists of a clinically-validated combination of two key components that help support cellular well-being. Nicotinamide riboside in the Basis acts as the precursor of NAD+. NAD+ is the coenzyme involved in many metabolic functions within the body.