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How Sussex Healthcare Helps Elderly People In Its 20 Homes

For the past 20 years, Sussex Healthcare has been providing a home for elderly people and other adults unable to care for themselves.

They operate a chain of homes along England’s southern coast where people with age-related conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can find a place with a caring staff and plentiful opportunities for leisure activities, socializing, and learning opportunities.

Sussex Healthcare opened a gym in early 2018 which is available to the residents in all of its homes. It’s a good sized gym with elliptical trainers, treadmills, medicine balls, stationary bikes, and other equipment. It also includes a pool to exercise in as well as a spacious hot tub to relax in. The staff is comprised of experienced specialists who can develop exercise programs for each individual based on what they need and are able to do. They can customize the speed of the treadmills, for instance, and help people on the elliptical trainers enhance their flexibility and strengthen their joints.

Sussex Healthcare offers its residents swimming classes where the pool is set to predetermined currents. This helps the residents increase their stamina and become more flexible in their movements. Additionally, they have an underwater treadmill that the residents can use to increase the strength in their hamstrings, stomach, calves, and quadriceps.

One of Sussex Healthcare’s homes is called Forest Lodge. This is located just outside of the village of Uckfield on an estate that is eight acres in size. The home is surrounded by a picturesque garden and fountains. The people that stay at this home are elderly people, many with age-related mental conditions. In order to help these people the staff lead several indoor cognitive activities designed to help them mentally. There is also a cafe and country store for the residents and visitors to enjoy.

Horncastle House is another home Sussex Healthcare operates, this one outside of East Grinstead. This home is located on 15 acres and has a large orchard, a huge lawn, gardens, and fountains. 28 people can stay at this home at any time and both shared and private rooms are available.

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Herbalife Provides the Tools for a Healthy Body

Herbalife has many different products to help you get the most out of your workout. They have a complete line of products for before, during and after your workout routine that will help you to build muscle, stay energized and to help replenish the fluids that your body needs.


Formula 1 Sport is a product designed to help you maintain muscle mass, sustain energy, and it also supports the immune system. Prepare is a unique formulation that supports fats twitch muscular contractions, supports healthy blood flow, and maintains performance and focus.


Restore helps to alleviate inflammation caused by exercise and supports a healthy immune function. Rebuild Strength tastes great and helps to rebuild lean muscle. It supports a healthy immune function and delivers sustained amino acid. Achieve is a high-grade protein bar that delivers protein on-the-go.


It contains 20 g of milk and whey protein and long-lasting energy. It is also derived from whole ingredients. CR7 Drive will fuel your workouts as well as keep you hydrated. It has 320 mg of electrolytes and has glucose which helps to fuel the brain. It contains carbohydrates which are easy to digest and helps to fuel muscles as well as keep your energy high. It does not contain artificial sweeteners and is lightly flavored.


All of Herbalife products provide nutrition to even the hardest working athletes throughout the entire day, and their products have undergone exceptional industry standards to guarantee high-grade and high-quality products. Their product line is customizable to meet the different needs and training levels of different people.


Herbalife products have been developed in a lab and have been tested in real life to ensure their high-quality standards are met. Their products have been analyzed and have gone through testing t ensure that they do not contain any banned substances and are in compliance with the standards set by the USADA, NCAA, and NFL.


Their products are naturally derived and do not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. It is important to feed your body when you exercise or live an active lifestyle so that it can replenish itself and thrive.

Dr. David Samadi is Doing His Part for No Shave November

Though menopause is a transition that every woman will experience at some point in their life the affects of the “change” is different for each individual. It may happen sooner in some and later and others. Some may be fully aware that they are going through the change after experiencing strong signs like hot flashes, weight gain, and vaginal dryness. On the other hand, this phase of life can be a bit of a surprise for those experiencing minor symptoms.

Menopause is the reason many single women in their late thirties and forties begin to think about their biological clock as it means the end of their reproductive years. The most definite sign of menopause is the absence of a menstrual cycle for a full year.

Though menopause may seem pretty simple there are many variables and many things a woman should know about the transition. Asking healthcare professionals questions about it can make adapting substantially easier. Dr. David Samadi made a list of questions every woman should ask.

The first of which, is when will I begin to show symptoms? While there is currently no fool proof answer as every woman’s body differs, it usually occurs between 45 and 55 with an average age of 51.

Another important question is, how is perimenopause different from menopause? Perimenopause is the foreshadowing of menopause. A strong symptom of perimenopause is an irregular menstrual cycle.

The last question is, what about nonhormonal options for managing menopausal symptoms? There are multiple ways a woman can manage symptoms. Consistent exercise, over the counter lubricants, and and acupuncture are just a few.

About Dr. David Samadi

Dr David Samadi has chosen to exclusively focus on men’s health issues for the month of November. Many men grow out their facial hair as a way to raise awareness for diseases and other health issues that affect men. The movement began in 2004 and has grown in popularity, becoming known as “No Shame November.” Dr. David is more than qualified to deal with these issues as a board certified urologic oncologist who has performed numerous surgical procedures including laparoscopic surgery and robotic prostate surgery.

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