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How Life Line Screening Can Help People Catch Health Issues In Their Early Stages

Life Line Screening is a national company that provides preventative health screens. The best time to catch a health problem is in its early stages when it is much easier eliminate or at least mitigate the effects of it. The screenings are held in very accessible locations all over the United states such as community centers, religious buildings, corporations, and senior centers.The health screens that Life Line Screening provides are performed by licensed healthcare professionals who have been highly trained in using their equipment. The equipment, which are the same as those used in hospitals, can detect many health issues such as high blood pressure, heart murmurs, bone density testing, and chronic kidney disease. These tests are painless and don’t require any preparation in order to take. Life Line Screening also prices these health screenings at an affordable price for their customers.

Once a person has been screened the results are looked at by board certified doctors. One type of screening, the Life Health Assessment, is run through a predictive program which scores the person’s health risks. All of the results will be available within three weeks of the health screening. The results are shared with the customer which allows them to share the results with their primary care provider.

In order to further help patients maintain healthy lifestyles, Life Line Screening runs a health oriented blog. On the blog, they post articles about health issues such as how stress can affect health and the best ways to exercise. They also post healthy recipes as diet is one of the main factors in how healthy a person is.Life Line Screening is headquartered in Independence, OH. It is led by Dr. Andy Manganaro who serves as the company’s Chief Medical Officer. They have been providing preventative health screenings for over 25 years.


The Stem Cell Therapy of Lung Institute

The primary objective of the Lung Institute is to enhance the quality of life for those patients who are in distress from chronic lung diseases. For the patients diagnosed with a respiratory illness such as pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial lung disease amongst other chronic diseases, their quality of life can be drastically affected, both physically and mentally. When suffering from the lung diseases small tasks such as taking a walk to the back yard can be tough, challenging the idea of an ordinary life. The Lung Institute has come up with a treatment option with the aim of treating the lung disease not just affecting the symptoms.

The traditional treatment option often came with adverse side effects, the primary goal of the traditional treatment is to relieve the symptoms, rather than address the progression of the disease. It is for the reason that motivated The Lung Institute to develop the stem cell therapy, a mechanism for treating the lung diseases with the aim of treating the chronic illness, not just the symptoms.

What is a stem cell? According the Baylor College of Medicine, a stem cell is the foundation of life and an essential to every living organism. They have the capability to renew and replicate and form any tissue in the body. Through the quality known as plasticity, the cells from one part of the body have the ability to transform their core functions to another type of the tissues this is because they are undifferentiated. Plasticity is the essential characteristic of the stem cell to enable regenerative medicine.

The treatment of the lung disease starts by acquiring the autologous stem cells, cells that are derived from the patients owns body. These adaptable cells are retrieved from the tissues such as blood and bone marrow. The adult cell can form various types of the differentiated cells, such that when they are returned to the patient, they can facilitate healing of the lung tissue potentially enhancing the lung disease. Stem cell treatment is a new form treatment of the lung disease, it is inventive, and is meant to revolutionize the way we view the treatment of chronic illness. The patient’s quality of life is enhanced as result of better treatment options.

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Within Fifteen Months Bernardo Chua Expands Organo Gold to Seven Countries

Before the Organo Gold office opened in Turkey, the gourmet coffee company had expanded to 38 international countries. In March 2015, Turkey became the 39th country to open a branch. The country now joins other countries with Organo branches in Africa, United Kingdom, and Asia continents. Since the branch opening, Bernardo Chua, Organo’s CEO & Founder has opened offices in Columbia, Hong Kong, Romania, Scandinavia, Slovakia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE location is the latest office opening, which was announced on March 21st, 2016.

Mr. Chua named Dave Almarinez as the Regional Vice President at the Organo office. He is responsible for managing the daily operations of the regional location. Bernardo Chua said on Twitter that the Organo opening in UAE and offices opening in Dubai is a “strategic statement because the city is the entry point into the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.” He continued by saying that Organo Gold continues with growth initiatives by making a presence in the country’s market.

Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold in 2008 as a company that offers products to health conscience and active consumers for consumption and personal use. The products are known for its Certified Organic Gandoderma Lucidium, an ancient mushroom used for centuries to help promote life longevity and to treat certain ailments. The organic mushroom is incorporated into gourmet coffees, teas, personal care essentials, and nutraceuticals.

Organo Gold products are available through Independent Distributor Network, retail, and preferred customer programs. Retail and preferred customer programs offer products to consumers in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The Organo Gold Branch in UAE markets gourmet black coffee, mocha, hot chocolate, green teas, and latte. UAE branch is among the seven branches that opened within the last fifteen months.  See why Bernardo is so qualified to be at the forefront of OrganoGold at LinkedIn.