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Jason Hope: Aging in a Better Way

As age progresses, metabolic processes adversely affect the molecular and cellular structures of the body. Current medicine is aimed towards crisis management thus diminishing the quality of life at old age, which is possible with rejuvenation of biotechnology. This is a therapy that targets the damaged tissues to remove, repair or replace. With this approach to the anti-aging question, the world can redefine aging, live lives full of vigor and free health from the gravitational pull of time. SENS Foundation has dedicated significant efforts towards this cause. Some of the most notable contributors are Peter Thiel of Paypal and Jason Hope, entrepreneur and Internet of Things enthusiast. The foundation is not looking to make people live forever. They just want to find ways for humans to have negligible senescence. This is the absence of the symptoms of aging.


Offering Full Support

In 2010, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. This money was geared towards building and equipping the Cambridge SENS Laboratory. The money also went a long way to implement new research into the break down of advanced glycation end products in human tissue. In simpler terms, they are known as AGE-Breakers or AGEs. They are responsible for the degradation of skin among other symptoms of aging. Jason Hope believes in the work the foundation is doing and has donated a further $1 Million for the cause. Jason finds the approach the SENS Foundation is taking fresh as it is finding ways to prevent age related diseases rather than waiting to manage them. His commitment to the entire initiative is to die for. He will not rest until the quality of human life is established, and his Linkedin.

An Eye on the Future

Jason Hope has built a reputation for his predictions in technology from studying market analytics. He holds a degree in Finance from the Arizona State University. He also holds an MBA from W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. After college, Jason Hope started a mobile communications company. Today he mentors high school students in Scottsdale, Arizona and develops grants for entrepreneurs. He is an Internet of Things enthusiast. Jason primarily oversees his businesses and projects from Scottsdale where he resides. He has an interest in politics as it pertains to business. Jason Hope is a well sought after advisor on business, finance and technology, not to mention that he is also a passionate philanthropist, and more information click here.

Talos Energy is a Significant Player in the Mexico’s Zama-1 Project

In 2015, Mexico awarded three private companies the rights to prospect oil within her borders. The three companies, Premier Oil, Talos Energy, and Sierra Oil & Gas agreed to work together to actualize their first project. In the second quarter of 2017, the three companies commenced drilling their first well, the Zama-1 oil well, located in the Sureste Basin.

The Zama well, estimated to hold somewhere between 100 million and 500 million barrels of crude oil, is the first non-Pemex oil well in Mexico in over 80 years. In 1938, Mexico nationalized her oil sector, a move that caused an international boycott of Mexican products by countries such as the U.S, Netherlands, and the U.K. However, Mexico insisted on implementing her agenda, and for eight decades, Pemex (also known as Petróleos Mexicanos) dominated the Mexican oil industry. Apparently, the state-owned Pemex failed to deliver the expected gains. In fact, in the run-up to welcoming foreign companies, the Mexico’s oil industry was under-performing.

In May, Premier oil (an independent UK oil firm) released a press statement regarding the Zama well. The report indicated that it would take three months for the Zama well to be completed. Also, the well would cost Premier, which owns 25% stake in the venture, $16 million. Talos Energy, an American company, owns 35% stake in the Zama project while Mexico’s own Sierra holds the remaining stake.

The Zama project excited local as well as international investment firms. Elaine Reynolds and Charlie Sharp of Edison Investment Research and Canaccord Genuity respectively expressed high expectations for the project. According to Reynolds, the project would likely succeed based on the analysis of the rock structure around the Sureste Basin. Sharp regards Zama as an interesting oil well to be operated in 2017.

Talos Energy, a Houston based company founded in 2012, is the operator of the Zama Well. The private company is interested in the in the exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gas properties in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Presently, the company is under the stewardship of Tim Duncan. He is the CEO and the co-founder oil Talos Energy.