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How Securus Technologies is Making a Prison Safer

When I show up for work as a corrections officers in our state prison, I know that I am putting my life on the line. These inmates would welcome any opportunity to take out their frustration on an officer, and many do. Those who are affiliated with a gang or have life sentences have nothing to lose, so they will often try to hurt an officer to gain respect with the other inmates. This doesn’t even include inmates who overdose on drugs and have violent outbursts, it is all part of the job.


To try and keep things from getting out of control, me and my fellow officers will start the day by searching inmate cells for any types of contraband. We then move to the visitor center, where we take each inmate and guest and search them for anything illegal. This year we were given a new resource that has increased our overall ability to make the jail a safer place to work. Securus Technologies was asked to install their call monitoring system in our prison, and it allows officers to carefully monitor inmate telephone calls more easily than ever before.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas, has one-thousand employees, and their CEO says that the company objective of making the world safer is something all employees are striving to meet. Once the LBS software was installed, we got down to work. It was hours later we got to see the full potential of this system. One inmate was describing how to hide drugs in a letter to be mailed to him. One inmate was talking about how to conceal prescription drugs at the visitor center. We even heard an inmate bragging to his family how he does drugs in his cell when the other inmates are sleeping.


Securus Technologies – Highly Sought After Technology Firm in Crime Prevention Arena

Securus Technology has for years been the pioneer in the inmate communications field. The company offers many different types of communication services to the inmates and the law enforcement agencies. The company started in 1986, and in the past few years have made rapid advancement in the field of technology, especially in the correctional sphere. It also provides services to the government agencies and provides services for parolee tracking.


The inmates have a hard time staying in isolation, but thanks to the numerous communication services offered by Securus Technologies, it has become easier for them to remain in touch with their friends and relatives. The company also recently launched the video visitation service that would help the families to visit their loved ones in the jail more easily through virtual devices. It makes it more convenient and cost-effective for families too because they do not have to travel all the way to the prison.


Securus Technologies believe in transparency, and it is because of this reason the company decided to publish part of the many letters it received from the law enforcement officials online. The press release showcased what the law enforcement officials feel about the company and its services, and the impact these services have on the field. Securus Technologies is known as the pioneer in the field of prison communication and law enforcement world, and the press release helped strengthen their market position in a comprehensive manner. It is because it helped showcase to the world how Securus Technologies is contributing to making our communities safer and more secure.


I have worked with the police authorities for over two decades, but have never seen such useful services as the ones provided by the Securus Technologies. It helps in getting the information beforehand that helps the police officials to act quickly and catch the offenders. Moreover, it also helps with parolee tracking and ensuring that no culprits get out of the hand of the law enforcement agencies.



Securus Technologies Bringing Christmas Joy to Those Incarcerated

Christmas is a holiday meant to be a festive and special family occasion. It is an emotional time of the year for many of us who are distant from our families. Some of us suffer tremendously from being a great distance removed from our families and the festivities of Christmas. Unfortunately, those within the confines of prison facilities have had no chance to connect with their loved ones at this very festive and special time of year. This condition of being completely isolated from friends and family may have been true years ago, but now Securus Technologies has changed Christmas for the better for those physically disconnected by prison walls by bringing audio and video visitations and a real chance to share Christmas with their families. Watch a short but heart-wrenching video on YouTube here: Securus Family Communication During Xmas – YouTube

Securus Technologies has been able to develop communication systems that use the advances made possible by the Internet. Now secure and recorded video calls can take place between those isolated inside the walls of state, local, and federal institutions with friends and family on the outside. Securus has revolutionized the obsolete, face-to-face visitation system that was costly, time-consuming, and depressing for those family members who were obliged to travel great distances, consuming many hours, and costing hundreds of dollars. Securus has thankfully changed all that with its audio/video communication system, saving families time and countless dollars and most importantly allowing prisoners to stay in touch with vital family members.

Securus Technologies has been a leader in developing new processes and technologies that further enhance this complex telecommunications system. The company is dedicated to pursuing the development, refinement, and simplification of the system and its component parts to provide better quality, faster, and less expensive audio and video communication to all those incarcerated and their friends and family members. Securus is providing a vital function to keep families connected to those serving time, and by this connection Securus, in no small way, is allowing prisoners the chance to see the benefits of a life outside the facility. This positive view of family and society will encourage the prisoners to serve their time and make a full return to society.

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Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire Jpay, Inc.

Securus team and Jpay are up to provide the ultimate platform for the digital payment system for entertainment, communication, and education in the correctional market. According to Securus Technologies announcement, they have signed a stock purchase agreement to acquire Jpay. Jpay is a leading technology that introduced the email, electronic payment system, and a host of educational and entertainment and educational-related apps to the correctional market. The company is currently operating in over 33 state prisons in North America.


This transaction propels Securus into one of the fastest growing segments in the correctional market through email, payments, and correctional tablets. CEO Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says that the company can offer anything that is high-tech or software-based to correctional agencies that need to remain at the high-end modern prison. He says that the company admires Jpay as one of the most innovative forces in this industry. For years, they continue to watch their success. For the good purpose of business, this was the best tie to have their products and forces combine. There is now a clear choice if you want the best products at the most affordable price.



The company is ever eager to have its footprints expanded. Jpay CEO, Ryan Shapiro, also said that their products deliver an enormous amount of value to the world. Prison staff, friends, family, and the inmates will benefit from their services for an extended period. Their primary focus is to develop their groundbreaking products which, on a massive scale, gain proper adoption. While Securus backs us up, payments will happen in a fraction of a second.


Jpay team is always vigilant. They keep on pursuing the company’s mission to develop products that will see safer payments in prisons. They also provide efficient payment methods. Securus values their business culture and management system. For this reason, they will collaborate and achieve a common goal.



Video Visitation Makes Communication A Breeze

Staying in contact with a loved one who is incarcerated can be challenging. Thankfully, Securus Technologies offers us the solutions we need to stay in touch during these difficult times.

I love the new video visitation software that Securus released. This software allows me to quickly and easily contact my family whenever I like. I am able to initiate a video call from the comfort of my own home. I only need an internet connection and a quiet room to start my call.

Securus recently released two mobile applications that make this process even easier. They have an Android application as well as an Apple version. They are proving to be quite a success. The Android app has already been downloaded 60,000 times. The Apple version has only been released for a few weeks, and it already has over 5,000 downloads. I have used both the applications and have had positive experiences. They allow me to chat from all my mobile devices while on the go. Download the Google Play app here to get started on your video calls today!

Securus provides communication solutions for over 2,200 facilities across the nation. They provide a wide range of services such as inmate phone calls services, email services and video visitation.

Securus also provides excellent customer service. They have been prompt in answering any questions I had about my account. Another nice thing about Securus is their convenient payment programs. The offer direct bank debit as well as various credit card payment options.

Securus has proven to be an invaluable service. The flexibility their products offer and excellent customer service make them my top choice. Don’t let incarceration impact how you stay in touch. I strongly recommend you check out Securus video visitation today.