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Sahm Adrangi: From Wall Street to Retired at 35

Sahm Adrangi is best known for publishing research and his successful short selling, but he is also the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, having been involved in all aspects of the firm since it was founded in 2009. He has managed the firm to a valuation of $150 million as of July 2017, after beginning it with under $1 million.

Adrangi believes in considering under-followed long sales along with overhyped shorts, and has seen his success occur by understanding aspects of the market others overlook. Kerrisdale researches these misconceptions that affect companies’ most fundamental business workings, and share their research on the company website, Twitter feed, and on third party websites.

In an investment conversation with a journalist, Adrangi discussed his beliefs and his success. He cited his firmly held belief in keeping some secrets, such as the company through which Kerrisdale raised $100 million. While other stockbrokers often will hedge their bets on a certain industry foresee changing quickly, Kerrisdale and Adrangi are working silently behind the scenes to make things happen, and plan to reveal their secrets at a later date.

He teases hints, though, telling that the company involved is worth over $10 billion, and he knows that what he’s done has struck a chord within what he calls the “alternative community.”

Adrangi discusses the companies that Kerrisdale has essentially bet against in the past – including satellite company Globalstar, drug maker Zafgen, and pharmaceutical company Sage Therapeutics – and happily promotes that his company is sitting on north of $500 million themselves because of these groundbreaking sales he has led.

The businessman himself is a Canadian but was born in Iran, and his global viewpoint gives him a unique insight to the world of trade. He describes himself as generally subdued, but get him riled up and the passion spills out. He speaks one line about stock strategy, and his timeliness might speak for his general outlook on business: “Maybe it’s time for us to go nuts.” And gone nuts he has – to the tune of hundreds of millions.

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Madison Street Capital-Setting the Pace in Investment Banking

Madison Street Capital is the 2016 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards finalist. Madison Street is a Chicago-based investment banking institution with a global presence. The award recognizes companies and businesses that have achieved pinnacle success in the financial sector. They focus on excellence in making deals, financing, and restructuring. It is a celebration of the contributions and achievements of leading firms and professionals within this industry.
What the Award Recognizes
Madison Street Capital received the nomination in the category of International and Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100MM and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year). The former recognizes the company’s role in facilitating Dowco to acquire Acuna & Asociados S.A. It happened under the leadership and guidance of Karl D’Cunha, Madison Street Capital’s Managing Director.
After the announcement, Charles Botchway, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Madison Street Capital expressed his pleasure of having been a part of the acquisition process. Dowco is Madison’s long-standing client. Also, he said the company was honored to be competing for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International.
Botchway expressed his gratitude to the firm’s dealmakers who he said work tirelessly to connect clients with growing and emerging businesses. The dealmakers work across different time zones to ensure clients meet their diverse needs and stir them to success.
The process of acquiring Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco was not an easy one, since it involved cross-border transactions and with many moving parts. For this reason, this comes as a big achievement for Madison Street Capital. You will know the winner on Nov 6, 2016, during the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala. The function will take place at the New York Athletic Club.
About Madison Street Capital
As mentioned above, Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking company based in Chicago. The firm continues to show commitment, leadership, excellence and integrity in serving its clients and partners. Madison Street thrives in delivering high-end financial advisory services, valuation services to private and public institutions, financial options, and merger and acquisition expertise.
The company customizes these services to position clients to succeed in the global market. Since Madison Street undertake every project with zeal and commitment, the goals and needs of the customer play center stage in every step the company takes. The services range from the transfer of ownership to M&A transactions and successful capital raises and financial advisory.
The company looks at the emerging markets as the engine that drives the global growth of clients, and it intends to push by focusing on significant assets on the available and emerging markets. Madison Street Capital is feted across the globe as a firm that offers professional services and standards. Follow this link for more information.